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Deicide Online Total War
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DeicideOnline TotalWar get new licence.

New server will open soon.



    Fix BOSS to drop more cards.
    Let GM can kick off the player who has a name with blank.
    Fix dex point limit to 200 bug.
    Fix flying trademap directly bug.
    BOSS is relive every 3 hours.
    Add some new notice informations.



    Map "Marsh Land" and "Gourse" was opened .<Br>
    Some new drops was enabled.


  • Language Package to support  Korean :


Install this patch package AFTER all update is finished.
The target folder is the root directory that the game has been installed


Release Note: 02/10/09

     Please go to download page to get Full Game Client.
  Release Note: 02/10/09
    Rule of G/E update
    When killer is higher than the died player equal to or more than 30 levels,
    killer would lose 300 G/E, died player would not lose  or gain G/E
  Release Note: 02/09/09

    1. Fixed function of "item look"
    2. migrate BOSS from Mozard into map Bygone(Jungle of stekelon)
  Release Note: 02/08/09

    1. Fixed bug that type %d will disconnect.
    2. Fixed issue that players can't login in Saudi Arabia
  Release Note: 02/07/09


    1. Fixed Exp diplay error when value>65000;
    2. Exp adjust back to nomal level.
    3. Shild Exchange Cash open.
    4. Fixed War point command bug, type ]POINT when war time.
    5. Pet system Disable for development. All Pet data clear.
 PS: Pet will be add PK function.
  Release Note: 02/01/09


    Rule  of War was updated.
    Camp VS Castle War Time: Gmt Wed. 2:00-4:00 (period of Point: Gmt Sat. 23:00 - next week Gmt Wed. 2:00)
    Castle VS Castle War Time: Gmt Sat. 19:00-21:00 (period of Point: Gmt Wed. 4:00 - Gmt Sat. 19:00)
    Make Camp Time: Gmt Sat. 21:00-23:00
    Limitation of Guild member:  50 members per guild
 PS: type ]TIME in game, can get Gmt time.
  Release Note: 01/30/09


    Item Shop Opened
  Release Note: 01/19/09

    Internal test woule be finished before GMT 01.14.2009, 10:00.
    Thx for all.
    Full version would be open in GMT 01.15.2009,12:00.
  Release Note: 01/13/09


    Fix font size.
    Fix horse +1 bug.
    Fix 150 lvl req issue for skill "Shock Lightning Pierce".
  Release Note: 01/06/09

    Fix font.
    Fix Personal Shop bug.
    Fix item +0 bug.
    Add tip commment for skill item.
  Release Note: 01/05/0


Rule of War was updated
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 24 January 2009 17:47

    Rule of War  was updated

    (Type ]TIME will get the GMT time of Server.)

    Camp VS Castle War Time: Wed. Gmt 2:00-4:00 (Period of Point: Sat.  Gmt 23:00 - next Wed. Gmt 2:00)
    Castle VS Castle War Time: Sat. Gmt 19:00-21:00 (Period of Point: Wed. Gmt 4:00 - Sat. Gmt 19:00)
    Make Camp Time: Sat. Gmt 21:00-23:00 

    Limitation of Guild member:  50 members per guild



Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 August 2012 08:18 )
Info Game
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 16 September 2008 03:58

Hello deiciders,

Welcome to Total War.
This Deicide was built for all Deicide fans.

"None hack, None bug, Just for playing."

All resource come from player donations. All GMs is players(No one know who is him in game, this is rule for GM).

Forum  Moderator was enabled to apply now.

Deicide started from 2003 in China. China Deicide is a game in the DeicideOnline series and has full copyright.



Last Updated ( Tuesday, 27 January 2009 15:54 )

Deicide Online 
----Total War

Total War is a game in the DeicideOnline series,Compared with any old version, it has the following advantage

  1. Eight times exp more than old version, it make level up easy and fun.Its playing the game, not played by the game
  2. Serperated the level requirement for each piece of armor and weapon, it makes easy even just before a new rank
  3. Improvement of item enchant system, it makes easy to be + 12 in weapon and armor,The highest enchanted are 20
  4. New GE and PK system, all pvp are allowed after level 120, just for killing and killing


GO GO GO ,Just Enjoy it






Total War Tips
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 25 January 2009 11:44


  1. Player will get double Exp when training with skill of avocation.
  2. Type ]TIME will get the time of Server.
  3. Type ]PAY will get information of Cash item on yourself.
  4. Type ]POINT in War time. You will get War point of your guild.
  5. War will start at GMT Wed. and Sat.
  6. Every BOSS refreshes per hour.
  7. Type ]HOME when you take 'Homeward Ring', you will back start point of map.
  8. Type ]FIND 'playername' when you take 'Tracking Amulet'. You will get position of the player you typed.
  9. Type ]REVERSE 'playername' when you tack 'Reincarnation Amulet', you will reverse the player you typed.
  10. Type ]HELP when you tack 'Summoning Amulet', System will move 3 your guild-mate to your side.
  11. If u r guild master and want to release a guild notice, plz Type + before ur sentence.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 01 February 2009 06:45 )

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