Deicide Online Total War
Game Event

DeicideOnline new version "The LOSTWORLD" has been released.

The ultimate evil monsters in Deicide have finally been released.

The server celebrates the tenth anniversary of Deicide and will be open for 2 years. New sets of equipment will be released every 8 months.

To commemorate "The War Against Evil" and bring back the fun of the Enchant system, this version will be an old school version, access to the blacksmith has been removed.

The version of the tenth anniversary promises that all items and gear are produced in-game dropping and cashshop. No other way.
Please check the “Update Notice” log for details.


Info Game
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 16 September 2008 03:58

Welcome to Total War.
This Deicide was built for all Deicide fans.
"No bugs, no hackers, just players." This is the promise made by Boyod. He has worked on this game for 10 years and fixed hundreds of problems on Total War, as he do in the future.
All resources come from player donations. The game server that stores player data comes from a Hosting Service and it is also paid for by the donations from the players. So everyone should thank those who pay in this game. Without them, this game can't continue.
Ubiport is one of publisher companys, it was authorized from2005-2008. Deicide is developed by Temaaey Inc. in korea.
DeicideTotalWar was authorized from 2003 in China. China TotalWar is version in the DeicideOnline series and has full copyright and authorization with complete contracts and all the necessary formalities.

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Total War Tips
Written by boyod   
Sunday, 25 January 2009 11:44
1.For security, game account is not same as website account.
2.The way return from Barter Square: click npc and select TradeMap on the menu.
3.Players will get double exp when training secondary skill.
4.War will start at GMT Wed. and Sat.
5.Bosses respawn: every 3 hrs Blood Demon, every 6hrs IKK and DimensionWorm.
6.Boss Drop R4 +5-+7, R5 , vl120 skills , other skills ,Cash Items.
7. All from +0 to+20 is open, but after +12 is hard.
8.When ur total lvl is over 220 or pure level 160, u can apply a white horse for free.
9. After ur total lvl over 150, exp will reduce to 50% in the map out of PZ.
10.Gourse, Zils, Robitan and the maps till reburn, It's closed because less using.
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Deicide Online Lost World
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 07 November 2019 11:07
LostWorld is version celebrating the DeicideOnline series. Compared with any old version, it has the following advantages:
1. New Maps open, Deicide's ultimate monsters have finally been released!
2. To commemorate "The war against evil" and guarantee the fun of the Enchant system, this version will be an old school version, access to the blacksmith has been removed. Enchanting starts being a perchance process from +3 for Armor and from +5 for Weapons.
3. The Experience System will be the same as it was in "The war against evil".
4.New GE and PK systems, all PvP will be allowed after level 150, for endless PvP & killing fun.
5. Armor and weapons will no longer have a rank or level requirement, making it easier for newcomers to get started.
Produced by boyod.
Just Enjoy!
Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 November 2019 06:04
How to use commands in Game
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 14 November 2019 12:09
1.Type ]TIME to see Server time (GMT).s.
2.Type ]PAY to see information about the cash items in use on current character.
3.Type ]POINT while at war to see how many points your Guild has.
4.Type ]HOME while having 'Homeward Ring' equipped to go back to the nearest town (if no town is present on current map, the previous one will be selected.).
5.Type ]FIND 'playername' while having 'Tracking Amulet' equipped to see the coordinates of the respective player.
6.Type ]REVERSE 'playername' while having 'Reincarnation Amulet' equipped to resurrect a player.
7.Type ]HELP while wearing 'Summoning Amulet' and 3 of your guildmates will be summoned to your side.
8.As Guild Master, you can set a Guild Notice by typing “+” followed by your message. Example: “+I like Pandas.”
Last Updated on Thursday, 14 November 2019 12:14
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