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Basic attack
Put your mouse cursor on to the monster you want to kill, the cursor will shape into sword.At this point, click on the left mouse button to perform basic attack to the monster. Close and range attack will perform until the monster is dead.Auto attack system will stop when character moves.
(Dark and White magic not available for auto attack system.)
Magic usage 1
You need to register your magic to quick slot row before using that magic.
Open skill/magic window, and drag your desire skill/magic icon to empty quick slot section.
Quick slot magic can be used by number key 1 ~ 8.
Magic usage 2
Clicking the magic registered quick slot will activate the magic.
Put your mouse cursor to the opponent, and click the left mouse button to start perform magic skill.
Magic usage 3
Advanced skill has different direction than normal skills. In order to use Advanced skill, click the monster first, and then click the shortcut key of the skill. Except for skills which are not attack skills, you can use the skill right away by clicking the shortcut key of the skill.
Tip) For those Advanced skills have duration, skill icon will be displayed on the top of game playing screen. With this displayed icon, you can identify which skills is being used.
Party system
When party master leaves the party, master position will passed to other party members by the order of joining the party.
Experience points will be given to party members equally with party bonus experience points. Item and shild collecting : Member who gave highest damage to the monster will get the right to collect the item.
Party invitation
Choose the user to join your party, and use party invite living skill to invite the user.
When the user accepts the invitation, the one who invite will be the party master.
Party withdrawal
Disband party

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