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This is the information of basic game playing interface when you log in to Deicide Online.
Character status window
Character status window is on the top left side of the game playing screen.

01. Current character's face
02. From the top, character name, health(HP), Mana(MP)
03. Current using skill
04. Total level
Mini map
Mini map section on the top right side of the game playing screen.
MIN - Turn on and off the mini map [Shortcut key : Tab]
MAX - Showing bigger map of character's current location.

- Red triangle : Character's current location
- Green circle : Portal
- Blue circle : NPC
- Green dot : Party member
- Big green dot : Portal
Quick slot
Menu on the bottom side of the game playing screen used for register and using skill / magic / item(potion).
01. Quick slot rolling : Changing quick slot into other row. [Shortcut key : F1 ~ F8]
02. Quick slot usage : Number key 1 ~ 8

Quick slot registering process : Open skill or inventory window, and drag your desirable skill, magic or item on to the quick slot row.
Quick slot usage : You can utilize registered skill, magic, or items by clicking the number of correct quick slot spot. (You can register total of 64 orders into whole quick slot)
Chatting window
01. You can chat with other certain player with this chatting section. (Trade, party, guild, and ?? chat will be updated soon)
02. Chatting window size adjusting available. (None, 8, 16, 24 rows)
Skill experience bar
Showing the current skill experience saved. Skill's level will go up as the bar reach to the end.
(Skill experience will remain still even if you change the skill before leveling up.)
Menu button
Small menu bar on the bottom right side of game playing screen, showing the status for character, inventory, skill, and system.

01. Character : Indicates the status of current character [Shortcut key : C]
02. Inventory : Indicates the inside of your inventory [Shortcut key : I]
03. Skill : Indicates the available list of skills [Shortcut key : K]
04. System : System setting menu [Shortcut key : O]

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