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Character creation
After log into our Deicide Online, you will go through the character creating process.
At this step, you can make or delete your character to play our Deicide Online, also can choose the character you will play with. In order to make new character, click on "Create" button on the right bottom part will leads you to character creating process.
* Currently, maximum character creating number is three.
Character name selecting
In order to create character's name, simply type the name on to left empty space.
Character name should be no longer than 16 byte English and numbers.
Status set up
Basic status points are set up for 10, and you will get 5 bonus points for creating a new character.
With power status, you will get more health(HP), and with dexterity points, you will gain more health(HP) and Mana(MP). With intelligence, you will get more Mana(MP).
Power status is related with close attack ability, and dexterity has a lot to do with the range attack ability. Intelligence is related with dark/white magic ability.
Please be careful since these starting bonus points addition cannot be changed.
Gender and appearance set up
At the appearance set up menu, you are able to choose your desirable Gender / hair / face / upper / bottom by using each [ < ] [ > ] button.
Face zoom-in method
Click on the bottom "Zoom-in" button in order to view bigger and detailed face texture, also click on "Zoom-out" menu to come back to whole body view.
After deciding your character, go ahead and click on the "OK" button to go back to main character create/selecting menu.
Starting Deicide Onine
Click on one of your character, and you will see the basic information about that character.
Click that character one more time with your left mouse button or click on "Select" button will connect you to the Deicide Online, and finally the exploration of Estansia starts.
Character deletion
If you want to delete any of your characters, choose your character to be deleted, and then click on the "Delete" button to open the character deletion window.
Click on "Yes" will completely delete that certain character and take you back to character selecting menu.

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