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Every Deicide items are available for enchanting, enchant cards are currently only available to be collected by killing monsters.
Enchant cards usage
Drag your enchant card on to the item you want to enchant, and the system will proceed.
* Enchant will be cancelled if you choose inappropriate item.
* Auto enchant will be done only until +3 for armors, +5 for weapons.
Enchanting window
In order to proceed the enchant system, you need choose one card between success and failure. Process will start when you choose the card to enchant with.
After success enchant process, the cards will disappear and item will be formed as +(Enchant success number). Enchanted item will get more additional attack or defense rate, but it won't be showed in character information window.
When the enchant fails, cards will disappear item will either stay same /-1/-2/ or disappear in random probability.
Success / Failure card images
Option enchant card (Soon to be updated)
From some monsters, it is possible to collect some items with slot in them. In order to plus option to item with slot, you also need certain option enchant cards. When success enchant with option enchant cards, random option will added into your item slot.

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