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Trade with NPC
In order to purchase from NPC, you need to open the "NPC talk/Shop message" window.
Click the desire NPC button to open the NPC shop.
Item purchase
When the shop window is open, you can get the "Item purchasing" window by double click on the item you want to purchase. Disposable items like potions can be purchased by typing the amount of items you want to purchase.
Click on the "OK" button below the purchase window to complete the shop purchase, and the item you've purchased will go into your inventory.
Selling item
Double click, or drag the item you want to sell to NPC to shop window in order to open the "Item selling" window.
At the "Item selling" window, you can see the price for the item you are about to sell.
Click the "OK" button on the bottom of shop window to complete the item selling, and Shild will automatically go into your inventory.
Shild deficiency
"Need more Shild" message will appear when you need more Shild to purchase the item.
Window will close by click on the "OK" window.


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