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Open trade window
Choose the user to trade with, and double click on "Trade request" skill, or register "Trade request" skill on to quick slot and click on the number of slot will open the trade request message.
If the user accepts the trade request, then the trade window opens.
Double click on the item, or drag the item to trade window will register that item to trade window.
Trade Shild
Click the shild image on the inventory window will open the number typing window.
On this window, type the amount of Shild for trade and click the "OK" button.
Completing trade
Confirm the trade item and click the "OK" button will bring up the trade completing window.
On this window, click the "OK" button to complete the trade.
Confirm finished trade
Clicking "OK" from both side of trade participant will bring up the trade finishing message, and click the "OK" button to finish the trade.

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