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History of Deicide
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here was the "Absolute one" who rules gigantic universe, and below were many Gods called the "Balancer". Balancers were actively working through the whole universe for the Absolute one, and one Balancer who directs the birth of planets was "Araim". Araim always goes through numerous planets, and working on creating proper lives and plant the tree of life to devise their growth and development..

Then suddenly someday planets given life from Araim started to get destroyed, and Araim went on searching for the cause of the destruction. Short after, Araim heard the news from other Gods that unknown creature is grazing the tree of life. Where the outraging creature was the 127,200th planet "Adum" got life from Araim, and there Araim finally meets the devil "Kairak" from other dimensions.

Araim had fought with Kairak for 13 days and nights by universe time, and won at least. However, most of planet Adum's parts were already torn apart, impossible to continue its part as a planet. Araim had worried for a while, and finally decided to tear apart Kairak's body to fill up the those parts for planet Adum. Kairak's blood became the ocean, and the backbone had became range of mountains, its leather shaped into the land, and lastly its veins had became valleys and rivers.

With Kairak's body part fasten with the broken planet, planet Adum once again found its own shape again. Since it was impossible for any life can survive there with wicked body of Kairak's, Araim had to took his part of body in order to purify Kairak's toxicity on planet Adum. But still, it was far away from getting back the original condition of mana and strength for the planet itself.

Exhausted Araim from long fight and body sacrifice planted one more tree of life, and then brought back new lives on to planet Adum with his last strength.

Araim had promised his return when leaving off to his shelter, but it took almost 45 days by universe time, and 9 thousand years as the time of planet Adum when he got back from recovery.

The born of Karis

mong those 84 thousands of species Araim made before his rest, there were only 7 species that have intelligence and personality. Powerful giant Titan tribe, Elf tribe for the balance of forest and nature, Dwarves the keeper of the ground, Dragons for fighting against the evil power, Iman??s for the purification of water, Elbarns for the order of space, and finally humans who will rule all those creatures on the ground.

At first, they were able to work together and get along with each other, but with the dangerous poison from Kairak's body, it was not that long until the tree of life faded because of that poison deep down from the bottom of planet Adum. As the tree of life fades, most tribes had problem with their basic needs for living, soon some of tribes even got their disposition changed or force exterminated by the strong poison from Kairak's body below the ground. Elves tried to stop the extermination by the powerful force of Kairak, but they just got completely destructed by the great poison of Kairak. Dwarves couldn't even get near to the root of this poison force, and most of Dwarves who survived from the poison also got killed by those weird creatures mutated by the poison of Kairak. Surprisingly, Kairak's descendants were still surviving and growing their powers by the energy from the tree of life and Kairak's body.

Tribes who now know about the true enemy were trying to fight with Kairak's descendants, but most of them got destructed, only those most powerful Dragons got survived from the great fight with descendants. However, even those piece keeping Dragons were also infected by the evil force since they were practically fighting inside of Kairak's body, and again they got into fight with each other, so only the small number of Dragons survived. Only good relief from this fight was that only one of Kairak's descendant got survived from this fight, and all other got killed by those tribes. Survived and got vicious Dragons took the only left child into their tribe, and that's how the last one of Kairak's descendant was able to survive and got stronger than ever.

The name of the creature was Karis.


airak didn't just influenced plants, but also animals. Animals eaten those poisoned plants got violent, and some of them even mutated into weird creatures. Humans also very violent since their main meal was those plants, and there was nothing that can stop humans from destroying and eating other lives. Since most of species with intelligence have destructed from the fight against descendants of Kairak, humans were actually the most powerful existence at that reality. They were stood on the top of food chain, and finally seize the continent.

Humans started to fight with each other, and the whole continent was reek of blood. Because of Kairak's evil force and fight between humans, the smell of blood spread out to other dimensions through the distorted space, and spurred monsters from other dimensions to come over into planet Adum. These evil creatures got stronger by the moment with spread evil force, and started to fight with those humans the master of continent. Humans didn't really had enough force only with clubs and stones, and they certainly weren't strong enough for those powerful claws and teeth of evil creatures, it sure looked like the end of human race. But, since those creatures have eaten most of evil force from Kairak's body, humans were able to take the good influence from Araim's body. Finally, humans started to regain their powers, and some of those powerful humans were called as Oracles. Oracles were wise enough to realize Araim's blessing, and they started to pray for Araim. Just like that humans were once again, became the ruler of continent, and evil creatures had to take a step back and wait for more powerful back up for their vengeance. Humans had continue to keep their prosperity, and people call this the Golden age.

Enter of Karis

aris's entrance was actually the most horrible nightmare for human race. Karis grew his power quietly below the darkness for about hundreds of years. And just when he thought he was ready for the vengeance, he went up to the ground with hise devils and dragons.

It was the year of Eis 777, half of human on the planet have died by this attack. Oracles tried their best to stop this, but the power of Karis and his colleagues was not something you can even imagine. Almost every humans had ran away to Dwarf's caves or into the mountains, but since it was impossible to completely run away from Karis's radar, humans kept on dying, it was just a matter of time before all human race's doom.

But, then suddenly Karis just stopped attacking humans, and weird thing was Dragons and other evil creatures had stopped attacking humans. Humans didn't know at the time, but Karis knew that it could be possible for Araim's body parts realize about the situation and produce more powerful force than Karis. So Karis decided to let humans until hecan grow his power more than his father Kairak or Araim who beat his father. And instead of killing those humans, Karis had pacified those humans with Araim's power so he can grow his own power more faster, and just like that Karis started to put his spaniels into human race.

On the other side, humans thought it was the end of Karis's attack, and started to rehabilitate their lives. But once again they were just playing part for Karis, it took decades for them to realize they were being used by Karis.

The war against evil

inally humans fond about the fact that Karis's vengeance is not over yet by one of their Oracles. His name was Ian magus, foresaw by elders to become the next great Oracle. Ian actually became more higher than just great, and have done many remarkable achievements.

One day, young Ian got the message from Above, it was the voice of Araim who gave away his body to save the planet Adum. Ian realize the conspiracy of Karis by this message, and felt the necessity of human union to fight against Karis. For that Ian started to gather strong force of Oracles and heroes to build divine kingdom called Crenencia, and get ready for the war against evil known as Karis.

Karis, surprised by this union of humans started to attack Crenencia before it gets to powerful, but Oracles and heroes and united with Ian was strong enough to protect Crenencia from Karis's force, and gave the first defeat to Karis. Furious Karis kept on attacking Crenencia, but humans were already got string enough to fight against and survive from his attack with their persistent life.

It was hard have same pope like Ian the first, but there were many good popes kept on coming up, and with those decent leaders and Dwarf's hidden sacred weapons and armors, Karis had to take a step back and pledge for his return. Finally, Karis had vanished back to his shelter after the 11th war against evil, and Crenencia had become the first divine kingdom to start its magnificent continent history.

Story of Karis

"Yes, it was a fear. You know what it's like to face the real fear? Back then, I was working a miner working at Stiburn mine. I mean back then, it was all good. You think now is good days, but seriously everyone was always trying to buy our iron ores, and the price was sky high. And that's why most of miners around the continent gather around to take some part on the industry. But, then suddenly weird things started to happen. It was the rumor between miners that some of them are hearing some strange and scary sound from deep inside of our mine. At first, everyone thought it was just another rumor just to take more decent ores by themselves like other rumors."

"And then guess what. One day, I finally heard that weird sound, too. You know, it was kind of like the huge beast's breath. It sure was creepy. More than screaming sound of wounded Ogres. Anyway, we just took off to get away from that horrible sound came from the inside of mine. Other miners used experience similar sound and ran out frightened. Funny thing was that the sound was actually setting its form into a humming sound as if it was seducing us to go inside."

"And then finally there was an accident. Someone had went into the deep inside of mine to see what it's like, and never came back. We weren't able to hear about him again, but we didn't really care. It was like annual thing once in a few years. But see, things got worse. Same thing happened again and again almost like weekly. As the number of missing people grows, we finally realized that this sound was really trying to seducing us. Of course we had to ran away from that sound. That weird breathing sound got louder and louder, and it was really like the owner of the sound will come out to hunt us! Yes, it was the wisest decision I've ever made. Soon, most of other miners from outside of the city had gone missing, and no one wanted to work in that mine again even when the loyal explorer team had disappeared. And just like that, my second job was gone. And later, I heard about the mine was used as the headquarter of Karis's force.

"Yes, that's true. I was mining with his breath for several months. It still gives me the creep just by thinking about then. You know how Karis is? He can just sweep the whole town with one finger if he doesn't like that! Killing people with smile on his mouth! And you call him a GOD? Well, he's just a crazy devil. I believe in my God Araim. He is the real one. I'm going to Crenencia tomorrow and join the divine army over there. I think that is the only way I can revenge even a bit for those bastards. How about you? You coming, or not? What? You are such a coward! Well, you know. Maybe it's better with Crenencia than here. Well, mate. Take care of yourself. I'll surly hope this town won't get torn by the devil. For your sake. Hahaha.

Heros and legendary weapons

he flow of a total energy including the mana in Estansia began to get entangled, Due to the influence of one's body which seeded on to the earth of Adum. And due to the influence of an alangim one's body which have spread on to the earth of Adum, These extra ordinary group of people began to be borne among human race. Each of them had special abilities, and grow their reputation by fightin with evil creatures made by Karis. The papal of Crenencia used to thank their hard works with divine weapons made by Dwarves.

Ray mora : The"Little Tian" Ray mora was almost double figured than normal humans which is kind of remind people of those giant Titans. He was very famous for kill Ogre by twisting the neck when she was only 17, and he finally turned into a hero with the"Axe of discipline" given by Crenencia papal court. Axe of discipline had the ability to amplify the power of user, and the edge of the axe was sharper than dragon's teeth. It is very hard to enumerate Ray's achievements, but he's mostly remembered by saving Pope against Karis's forefoot at the 3rd was against evil. Although he died in 2 years because of that wound, the papal court had put the axe of discipline out into her grave so everyone can remember him. However, the grave was robbed in 2 days, and the axe of discipline had disappeared until the end of Crenencia kingdom.

Kira demain : There was a female warrior heroin, and it was"Kira Demain". At first she was very hard to recognize with her short height and small figure, but everyone had keep their eyes on her ever since she went into the unknown dungeon, and excavated those ancient relics after 3 days of fight with evil creatures inside.
One of those relics called the"Heaven's guillotine" was received by Crenencia papal court, but it was given to Kira demain in 2 years since the papal court also recognized her as a real warrior and a heroin. She had very small figure, but it was hard to see who can fight against her at the battle field. Although she dies by the poisoned needle by an evil creature at the 6th war against evil, her name"Kira demain" and weapon the heaven's guillotine was more well-known to devils than humans.

Zio blakey : There was a very well-known warrior for his swordsmanship, his name was"Zio blakey". He had this long dark black hair, and delicate figure kind of like female, but his eyes were extremely sharp. He got into the guard troops for Pope with his marvelous swordsmanship, and became the guard master in 10 years.
Zio Blakey has this very famous story of his, it was the story about young Zio Blakey meeting the huge number of bandits when he was traveling the continent. Some of bandits miss recognized him as a female and try to make him slave for them, but then suddenly when tens of Lycan sloves attacked both of Blakey and bandits. Bandits ran away without Blakey, but Blakey started to kill those Lyca sloves one by one until they ran away with only the ha;f of them left. All bandits who saw that fight had surrendered to Blakey, finally Zio blakey let them leave with only their underpants on.
Zio blakey used the ancient powerful sword"Dragon slayer" issued for guarding Pope, most of evil creatures ran away just by seeing it inside of sheath, and even Karis didn't want to fight with Zio with his sword on. He was the only hero who died old, later on his son also became the guard troops master, and used Dragon slayer.

Iris : Iris was a full body figured beauty with sliver gray hair and a hawk ears, she looked much like Elves in myth. She had very small body, yet manage to use huge bows without no problem, and there was almost no one who saw Iris missed her targets.
She has this small story about her bow skill which is about the fight with Fearful Beholders. Wizards with Iris spelled lots of magic skills and soldiers tried reap those Beholders, but none of their magic or attack worked, and most of them turned into stones because of Beholders' stone turning ability. Then Iris took all of her arrows out and shoot to Beholder's eye all at once. Tens of arrow went on to Beholder's eye and made it blind. Surprised Beholder tried to run away, but Iris's troops were able to kill that blinded creature. There's rumor about today's small Beholders that they was born from the blood of that giant Beholder killed by Iris.
There are too many stories of Iris, it's even hard to decide which to begin. After the 5th war against evil, Iris had received the ancient superior"Eis's bow" as a repayment for her works. And she actually shown the work why she deserves that bow by putting a hole on Karis's left wing.
Death of the Iris is very mysterious as his birth. Other than most of heroes, Iris's last record is written as missing in action. Iris had went to south east Moros called Legyon for curing her wounds after the 6th war against evil. Since then, no one has seen her again, and as well as Eis's bow.
There are many theories about Iris's location. Some as she had went back to other dimension, and some say she was the descendant of Elves. However, since Elves can't kill other life, it is better to think Iris as a hybrid Elf between humans and Elves.
And this is very weird theory that Iris had absorbed in to the Eis's bow. If that's true, person who finds the bow will even collect Iris's soul, and as weird as it sounds yet people still trying to find this bow, and it is making this Legyon city very famous for this Eis' bow legend.

Doris sally : Doris sally was a legendary archer with red hair and eyes, and also with mysterious bow named"Shining bow". His bow shined every time even in the dark, so most of evil creatures were busy trying to escape every time they see his shiny bow. Amazing thing was that this bow can recognizes its master, and made noise and vibe like if it was screaming.
Doris's bow shooting was actually an art. He was able to shoot five to six arrows in a blink, and it was like a one beautiful scenery seeing him back stepping and shooting down monsters all at the same time. Crenencia papal court tried to give him some divine bows, but Doris actually let them down because of his precious bow. He was also a freed soul. He didn't want to be related with any countries or guilds. Doris went on almost every wars against evil, but mostly spent his time by traveling around the continent when we were in piece.
Dori also had disappeared while traveling, rumors say that he got killed by a water monster or died because of heart attack since his shining bow is still floating on near lake.

Rex hilda : In the history of Crenencia, there are 3 most outstanding archers, and Rex Hilda definitely is one of those three. Tall and big figured Rex Hilda was well-known for his power than speed or accuracy. His bow was twice as big as normal bows, the weight was also too heavy for most of normal stout guys to lift. His used steel arrow which can kill any big monsters at one shot. He was always at the head on the battle, and most of enemy leaders were busy hiding from him.
He has lots of remarkable activities, one of them was in the 9th war against evil, Killing 2 trolls with one arrow. It will be easy to figure out how powerful he was since it was even hard to scratch one troll with normal bows and arrows. He fought until the end of 11th war against evil and given a honorable position, but just when he tried to leave for more adventure he got killed poisoned by a thief with anger.
At his funeral, people tried to put his bow into his coffin, but it was too big to fit in there. There was an event on Rex's town that shooting similar size bow as Rex's, there was two who could draw that bow.

Kate bennet : The only female saint knight in the whole continent. Some Oracles in Crenencia often become a saint knight, but at the 8th war against evil, she became the first female saint knight to surprise everyone. Kate bennet's family has been a swordsman family for a long time, she also learned swordsmanship through her young ages, and didn't stop training even after she became the Oracle. She had passed saint knight test, but couldn't become one until the 8th war against evil because of objection from senators. After lots of heroes were gone, and with the death of Dion D Patton the leader of saint knights and pope Asprila Zills, Crenencia papal court finally allowed her to become one of their saint knights. Despite of lots curiosities and jealousies, she fought greatly as any other saint knights can, and begun to earn respects from people. With her sword"Gillian" she was well-known as her splendid swordsmanship.
Kate was usually very quiet, but always fight with almost looking madness, and always shed a tear when the fight was over. She was working as an Oracle in normal days and fought when there's a war. And suddenly found death in her house holding her sword in her arms. There are few theories about her death, but none of them are known as truth.

Demion Carlisle : Dark wizard with black robe. He used to be Crenencia's much expected Oracle, but when his parents and lover died because of superior department, furious and torn heart Demion made deal with Karis to become more powerful and fight aginst Crenencia. Still, he always felt guilt very much when killing innocent people.
He came back to Crenencia's side when Karis died, but still fought as the dark wizard for Moros kingdom. He had went up to kingdom wizard position, but he almost got killed because of some captious people. Denion killed those 6 and live for more than 20 years while chased by Moros kingdom. Several years later, Demion came back as the shape of a zombie, but killed by Moros army since he consciousness at all. It was very weird that he became zombie by someone whe he's the most powerful dark wizard in the whole continent.

Jonas deil : Magical knight with red armor. Used to be a saint knight, but got a critical wound to death from the war against evil. People thought he was dead, so he was left in desolated ground with bloody smell around. Jonas went to the very end of his life, but he had manage to get back with the deal of Karis giving soul and taking the body back. Good thing was that it was almost the end of the war against evil, so he didn't really had chance to kill his own people.
Even after Karis's death, he still had this evil blood of Karis in his body, so he had to fought for every wars in between kingdoms. With Karis's body and blood, there was no one who can fight against him, and he always took the best war reputation than anybody.. But, there was no use of him after war time, and soon he became the public enemy. It was almost impossible to kill Jonas with unbelievable power and regenerating ability, but almost 100 of Oracles, saint knights and archers had finally managed to kill him. Though they killed Jonas, a lot of them were also had to suffer from the wound.
Later on, a thief found Jonas's"Sword of madness", and sold it to a merchant, both thief and merchant got killed or suicide in a week after the deal. Sword of madness got a new name as the Sword of curse, and after that no one knows where that sword is since no one wants to have that either.

Asprila Heros (A story by old soldier)

"So, what is it that you want to listen this time?"

"Umm.. story about Saint knight Dion and Asprila"

"Hmm, didn't I told you that story few days ago?"

"I want to hear it again, granpa! One more time!"

"Ha Ha, all right. Ok so, about hundreds of years ago, one evil monster called Karis used to oppressing around the continent. And Crenencia kingdom fought against it with other kingdoms. Karis was too strong, so lots of men had to die. If it wasn't because of those heroes and wise popes, a lot more people would have been killed.

"And there was this brilliant hero with outstanding divine power, he was "Dion D. Patten"He became the the saint knight when only when he was 20, and became the pope guard master in 5 years. When he flourish his spear, most of monsters were not even able to stay with shape. It was also because of his marvelous divine power. At the time, the pope of Crenencia was the one and only female pope "Asprila Zills". Most of female oracles were relatively wicker than males, but Asprila was the only one who can manage to have same divine power and leadership as most of other male oracles. Oh, it was just her name that was same as the witch Asprila later on. Asprila Zills was a very pure soul, and great pope. And just like that Dion and Asprila had managed to built Crenencia more powerful than ever, so they can fight through the 7th war against evil successfully.

But, then you know how humans, they always like to make rumors Since Dion and Asprila was too close, people started to make rumors about them. Like they were in love or something. It would have been better if those two just acted normal, but things got worse when feeble-minded Asprila stoped showing herself from outside events.Then one day, one woman fell off from the tower of Crenencia kingdom castle, it was Asprila Zills. She was trying to prove her innocent by killing herself. Crenencia was overthrown, and people stopped making rumors, but Dion also killed himself 15 days after Asprila's death. He was cried to deth because of the sorrow from Asprila's death. And people once again start to buzz around about their story. But, they were wrong. Asprila and Dion never was in love. They were more like brother and sister in God's hand......."

"Wow, I never new that."

"Oh well, your mother is calling you again. Hurry, you better finish your study.."

"He He. Ok Granpa. I'll come back tomorrow."

"All right. HaHa."



"Yes, some of those rumors were true. Asprila Zills was pregnant with someone's baby. If not, she wouldn't have killed herself. You will see someday, but I know their love was pure and sincere. Just like old saying, love ccan be important than countries or Gods. Oh yes, it might be true that they tried to reborn as prince Quede and witch Asprila to finish their unfortunate love. After all, two couples were very alike. In a very sad ending wise."


ith their enemy Karis was dead, humans once again loose control of their lives, eventually whole Crenencia got corrupted with other countries obeying them. As soon as the war against evil ends, traitors have taken parts from heroes and loyalists, humans begun to get ready for another war. Crenencia also lost its trust as a leading kingdom of others. Finally Crenencia had doomed by itself, the continent war begun as other countries try to take some part of Crenencia for their own.

And this is just what Karis wanted. Without Crenencia, there was no more wall blocking Karis from its vengeance, and just like that Karis start to raise again without anyone knowing the fact. Oracles of Crenencia called as white wizards survived from the continent war begun to disappear, and suddenly bunch of evil magicians called dark wizards started to arise. In the mean while, there was a new life born in the south west of where we call now Nemesis. This baby was born with God's power, and her parents new she was going to have more power than the first pope Ian Magus.

When the baby was two years old, parents of the baby had this same dream together, and it was a scenery of a female warrior standing on the body of Karis with a sword on her hand. The scenery suddenly changed into a mad witch crying out loud standing on lots of dead bodies like Karis. They both knew it was their baby's future, but they didn't want none of them to be realized. They just wanted their child to be safe with her life.

Parents tried their best to hide child from showing her ability, but it couldn't last that long. The existence of their child was detected by Karis's followers, and that was the end of her parents. The alone child had ran away, but Karis didn't chased her. Karis knew that eventually she will get effected by the evil environment, and then she will come to Karis by herself.

It was true, she came to Karis by herself, and became the tragedy began to spread all over to planet Adum.

Her name was Asprila. "So, what is it that you want to listen this time?"

Karis, Asprila, and Quede

he born of Nemesis' prince "Quede hell Hiris was very unfortunate for Karis. And Queded become the guardian of Asprila was same thing, just worse. With Quede on her side, Asprila was getting divine than ever, and this was absolutely against what KAris had on his mind. For that Karis had set up an evil plan to get rid of Quede, and finally successed to take Asprila's soul. But, Karis's evil plan to awake the dark side of Asprila's soul had to stop for a while when Quede found out that Asprila was alive, tensed Estansia continent started to get ready for the next war against evil with Quede leading them. After was furious Karis took all of his army to attack the kingdom of Nemesis directly...

Legends in songs (Song by a troubadour)

The highest tower and wall had collapsed

Dragons fire burning everything

Warrior with Dragon slayer and Immortal shield

Didn't stop fighting with demons.

Quede was the name of warrior
The prince of Nemesis with misfortune

Quede was the name of warrior
The man who loved a witch

Evil Karis sneered at him

How dare a human try to beat me?

Asprila threw a fire to Quede

But, fire melted, and the witch had fall

Asprila was the name of witch
Crenencia's virgin of misfortune

Asprila was the name of witch
The witch who loved prince

Karis was shouting

Kill him Asprila!, kill him!

Asprila but threw the fire to Karis with smile on her mouth.

Karis ate Asprila with anger

Karis is the dumb devil
The stupidest devil in the world.

Karis is the dumb devil
That's why they killed him

Later on no Karis, Asprila nor Quede

had shown themselves

Warrior, Witch, and the dumb as well

They are all gone and never coming back

Men say oh great warrior Quede
Women say oh great witch Asprila

Children say what a dumb Karis
And that's what those troubadours say
Oh what a sad continentEstansia

After world

ith Quede's death, Nemesis went on a panic for a while, and forces from Moros and Tanatos took their chance to be independent. Estansia continent once again separated into three kingdoms, but all they have left was the fight between each other. But there are still lots of evil creatures invading from other dimensions, and Karis' descendants also kept on hating and attacking humans, especially those Dragons and devils.

What we need right now here in Estansia continent is a new powerful hero. Uniting the continent, and sweeping Karis' descendants with other human races will be the dream of your own. In this unrest continent of Estansia, your dream must be realized to prevent no more invasion from those pure evil like Karis. As your power grows, people will praise you, and make more towns and status to remember your great works. Troubadours will also sing a song to tribute your hero story to next generations.

How about that? Don't you think it's worth challenging?

Welcome to our Estansia stranger, the continent of eternal freedom and possibility.

Message to beginners

"Who are you? Another country bumpkin? Where are you from? Oh, Laqui? You really did passed that hard age ceremony? Well, I made a mistake then. Laqui's warriors are always welcome to our town..."

"Our town is well known as the most dangerous place here in Moros. Wars and monster's attack do not end here since this town is very close to the border of Nemesis and Tanatos. You will have hard time surviving here with against human skills. Because monsters have totally different attack pattern than humans. One thing I can tell you is that those monsters will only go for your neck or heart. So we need to protect our weak points, and look for theirs."

"So, you have some money? E do have cheap weapons and armors, but they are not for free you know. If you don't have enough money, then you should start your career by working as a mercenary or taking small favors to earn your own living here. You might have the great dream of being the ruler of this continent, well yes, it won't be just a dream if you have enough power and leadership. Because that's what this unstable world wants for their dominator. We never know how long this kind of disorder will continue, but what you need for most is the power. A power to be able to look after yourself than to have party member who can aim his sword at you."

"Well, how about let me give you a job? You will get some decent job information from the village headman of Delly town near here. Yes, it is a very hard job, but who knows? You are a warrior from the famous Laqui town. You might get some good reputation from that job, don't you want to try? Ha ha, I knew it. That's what Laqui warrior should do. All right, here's your map, and this is Delly town. Be careful when finding the town, it's on the peak of mountain. And don't forget to be aware of those evil creatures. May God e with you."
"HuHu, there goes another young life. Yes, you do want to become a king of a country. Or maybe you even want the whole continent. However, there should be only one winner in this continent. And I'm sure it's almost impossible for you to be the one.. Oh, and by the way, that road is actually full of bandits than monsters. A lot of travelers got killed by them. And I'm the head of that gang. HaHaHa.!!"

Siege warfare

hen skirmishers were here, we were already in great fear. Archers were busy finding their location, the lord of the castle kept on encouraging his soldiers. We've tried to nail those skirmishers down, but it was impossible to hit them with those fast horses. We knew that there will be a huge attack coming up.

Our enemy was the famous female commander Faery from Nemesis known as the Gargoyle killer. When those skirmishers make their sign, Faery will start running towards us forcibly. And her strong army will also com towards us to follow their general. Our information says they actually have three catapults size of a dragon. Giant rocks with fire will thrown to our castle, and those strong soldiers of Nemesis will swarms to us"

It is almost impossible for us to fight against those Faery's warriors since we only have archers and wizards. When that castle gate opens, it will be the perfect time for us to surrender. Our lord seemed to knew about this better and everybody, and have recruited knights and soldiers. But you know, who will fight for that vicious Faery? I also wanted to leave for sure, but I had to stay. If I just leave here, then who's going to at least try to save my family and friends? Well, I know. It was stupid. But, maybe others might thought just like me.

Ah Ah, oh my?| Are they already here? The whole wood is swaying. I can see those catapults now. Oh, they are big. Should be bigger than dragons. Isn't that like bigger than legendary Karis? Ahhh. Fires are coming! Our castle is starting to fall down. Well, it will be over before we can start to do something. Look at our brave lord. What is he thinking shooting something out of range? Ahhhh! I almost got shot. Are they shooting arrows at us? Darn it! They even have archers and wizards. This is huge. We are not going to be able to defend this castle if they keep shooting those arrows at us. Well. I should have learned some sword skill. So I can at least try to fight with them from down there.

Ahhhh! Fire stone again! This is going to torn down our castle. What is our lord thinking? Shouldn't he order retreat so we can save at least some of our knights? Wait, does he still has that hope of backup force? With those army of Faery's, we won't win even if backups are here now. Yes, that's right. You should take care of those soldiers when you can. That's why they all left! I don't even think he deserves to be our lord. Anyone will loose his castle with that kind of politic. Anyways, look at that Faery. She's on the haed of everything! That's what a leader should be!. Take care of your soldiers, and recruit some dependable knights. That is the way to go higher."

Oh, well, I shouldn't be thinking this right now. Why don't I just surrender and join Faery's army? Poor me.. I used to dream about being a king of a country, you know. I don't know how those others try so hard. It's like they don't even sleep to get what they want."

Wow, our lord got hit by the arrow. It's over now. Well, I knew it. I should hide for awhile, and just join Faery's army. Ahh, too many enemies since my sides are almost gone. Let's run away first! Darn it. Darn it!"

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