History of Deicide - Asprila Heros (A story by old soldier)
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History of Deicide
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Asprila Heros (A story by old soldier)
Karis, Asprila, and Quede
Legends in songs (Song by a troubadour)
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Asprila Heros (A story by old soldier)

"So, what is it that you want to listen this time?"

"Umm.. story about Saint knight Dion and Asprila"

"Hmm, didn't I told you that story few days ago?"

"I want to hear it again, granpa! One more time!"

"Ha Ha, all right. Ok so, about hundreds of years ago, one evil monster called Karis used to oppressing around the continent. And Crenencia kingdom fought against it with other kingdoms. Karis was too strong, so lots of men had to die. If it wasn't because of those heroes and wise popes, a lot more people would have been killed.

"And there was this brilliant hero with outstanding divine power, he was "Dion D. Patten"He became the the saint knight when only when he was 20, and became the pope guard master in 5 years. When he flourish his spear, most of monsters were not even able to stay with shape. It was also because of his marvelous divine power. At the time, the pope of Crenencia was the one and only female pope "Asprila Zills". Most of female oracles were relatively wicker than males, but Asprila was the only one who can manage to have same divine power and leadership as most of other male oracles. Oh, it was just her name that was same as the witch Asprila later on. Asprila Zills was a very pure soul, and great pope. And just like that Dion and Asprila had managed to built Crenencia more powerful than ever, so they can fight through the 7th war against evil successfully.

But, then you know how humans, they always like to make rumors Since Dion and Asprila was too close, people started to make rumors about them. Like they were in love or something. It would have been better if those two just acted normal, but things got worse when feeble-minded Asprila stoped showing herself from outside events.Then one day, one woman fell off from the tower of Crenencia kingdom castle, it was Asprila Zills. She was trying to prove her innocent by killing herself. Crenencia was overthrown, and people stopped making rumors, but Dion also killed himself 15 days after Asprila's death. He was cried to deth because of the sorrow from Asprila's death. And people once again start to buzz around about their story. But, they were wrong. Asprila and Dion never was in love. They were more like brother and sister in God's hand......."

"Wow, I never new that."

"Oh well, your mother is calling you again. Hurry, you better finish your study.."

"He He. Ok Granpa. I'll come back tomorrow."

"All right. HaHa."



"Yes, some of those rumors were true. Asprila Zills was pregnant with someone's baby. If not, she wouldn't have killed herself. You will see someday, but I know their love was pure and sincere. Just like old saying, love ccan be important than countries or Gods. Oh yes, it might be true that they tried to reborn as prince Quede and witch Asprila to finish their unfortunate love. After all, two couples were very alike. In a very sad ending wise."

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