History of Deicide - Asprila
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History of Deicide
The born of Karis
Enter of Karis
The war against evil
Story of Karis
Heros and legendary weapons
Asprila Heros (A story by old soldier)
Karis, Asprila, and Quede
Legends in songs (Song by a troubadour)
After world
Message to beginners
Siege warfare
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ith their enemy Karis was dead, humans once again loose control of their lives, eventually whole Crenencia got corrupted with other countries obeying them. As soon as the war against evil ends, traitors have taken parts from heroes and loyalists, humans begun to get ready for another war. Crenencia also lost its trust as a leading kingdom of others. Finally Crenencia had doomed by itself, the continent war begun as other countries try to take some part of Crenencia for their own.

And this is just what Karis wanted. Without Crenencia, there was no more wall blocking Karis from its vengeance, and just like that Karis start to raise again without anyone knowing the fact. Oracles of Crenencia called as white wizards survived from the continent war begun to disappear, and suddenly bunch of evil magicians called dark wizards started to arise. In the mean while, there was a new life born in the south west of where we call now Nemesis. This baby was born with God's power, and her parents new she was going to have more power than the first pope Ian Magus.

When the baby was two years old, parents of the baby had this same dream together, and it was a scenery of a female warrior standing on the body of Karis with a sword on her hand. The scenery suddenly changed into a mad witch crying out loud standing on lots of dead bodies like Karis. They both knew it was their baby's future, but they didn't want none of them to be realized. They just wanted their child to be safe with her life.

Parents tried their best to hide child from showing her ability, but it couldn't last that long. The existence of their child was detected by Karis's followers, and that was the end of her parents. The alone child had ran away, but Karis didn't chased her. Karis knew that eventually she will get effected by the evil environment, and then she will come to Karis by herself.

It was true, she came to Karis by herself, and became the tragedy began to spread all over to planet Adum.

Her name was Asprila. "So, what is it that you want to listen this time?"

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