History of Deicide - Enter of Karis
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History of Deicide
The born of Karis
Enter of Karis
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Story of Karis
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Asprila Heros (A story by old soldier)
Karis, Asprila, and Quede
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After world
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Siege warfare
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Enter of Karis

aris's entrance was actually the most horrible nightmare for human race. Karis grew his power quietly below the darkness for about hundreds of years. And just when he thought he was ready for the vengeance, he went up to the ground with hise devils and dragons.

It was the year of Eis 777, half of human on the planet have died by this attack. Oracles tried their best to stop this, but the power of Karis and his colleagues was not something you can even imagine. Almost every humans had ran away to Dwarf's caves or into the mountains, but since it was impossible to completely run away from Karis's radar, humans kept on dying, it was just a matter of time before all human race's doom.

But, then suddenly Karis just stopped attacking humans, and weird thing was Dragons and other evil creatures had stopped attacking humans. Humans didn't know at the time, but Karis knew that it could be possible for Araim's body parts realize about the situation and produce more powerful force than Karis. So Karis decided to let humans until hecan grow his power more than his father Kairak or Araim who beat his father. And instead of killing those humans, Karis had pacified those humans with Araim's power so he can grow his own power more faster, and just like that Karis started to put his spaniels into human race.

On the other side, humans thought it was the end of Karis's attack, and started to rehabilitate their lives. But once again they were just playing part for Karis, it took decades for them to realize they were being used by Karis.

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