History of Deicide - Humans
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History of Deicide
The born of Karis
Enter of Karis
The war against evil
Story of Karis
Heros and legendary weapons
Asprila Heros (A story by old soldier)
Karis, Asprila, and Quede
Legends in songs (Song by a troubadour)
After world
Message to beginners
Siege warfare
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airak didn't just influenced plants, but also animals. Animals eaten those poisoned plants got violent, and some of them even mutated into weird creatures. Humans also very violent since their main meal was those plants, and there was nothing that can stop humans from destroying and eating other lives. Since most of species with intelligence have destructed from the fight against descendants of Kairak, humans were actually the most powerful existence at that reality. They were stood on the top of food chain, and finally seize the continent.

Humans started to fight with each other, and the whole continent was reek of blood. Because of Kairak's evil force and fight between humans, the smell of blood spread out to other dimensions through the distorted space, and spurred monsters from other dimensions to come over into planet Adum. These evil creatures got stronger by the moment with spread evil force, and started to fight with those humans the master of continent. Humans didn't really had enough force only with clubs and stones, and they certainly weren't strong enough for those powerful claws and teeth of evil creatures, it sure looked like the end of human race. But, since those creatures have eaten most of evil force from Kairak's body, humans were able to take the good influence from Araim's body. Finally, humans started to regain their powers, and some of those powerful humans were called as Oracles. Oracles were wise enough to realize Araim's blessing, and they started to pray for Araim. Just like that humans were once again, became the ruler of continent, and evil creatures had to take a step back and wait for more powerful back up for their vengeance. Humans had continue to keep their prosperity, and people call this the Golden age.

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