History of Deicide - Message to beginners
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History of Deicide
The born of Karis
Enter of Karis
The war against evil
Story of Karis
Heros and legendary weapons
Asprila Heros (A story by old soldier)
Karis, Asprila, and Quede
Legends in songs (Song by a troubadour)
After world
Message to beginners
Siege warfare
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Message to beginners

"Who are you? Another country bumpkin? Where are you from? Oh, Laqui? You really did passed that hard age ceremony? Well, I made a mistake then. Laqui's warriors are always welcome to our town..."

"Our town is well known as the most dangerous place here in Moros. Wars and monster's attack do not end here since this town is very close to the border of Nemesis and Tanatos. You will have hard time surviving here with against human skills. Because monsters have totally different attack pattern than humans. One thing I can tell you is that those monsters will only go for your neck or heart. So we need to protect our weak points, and look for theirs."

"So, you have some money? E do have cheap weapons and armors, but they are not for free you know. If you don't have enough money, then you should start your career by working as a mercenary or taking small favors to earn your own living here. You might have the great dream of being the ruler of this continent, well yes, it won't be just a dream if you have enough power and leadership. Because that's what this unstable world wants for their dominator. We never know how long this kind of disorder will continue, but what you need for most is the power. A power to be able to look after yourself than to have party member who can aim his sword at you."

"Well, how about let me give you a job? You will get some decent job information from the village headman of Delly town near here. Yes, it is a very hard job, but who knows? You are a warrior from the famous Laqui town. You might get some good reputation from that job, don't you want to try? Ha ha, I knew it. That's what Laqui warrior should do. All right, here's your map, and this is Delly town. Be careful when finding the town, it's on the peak of mountain. And don't forget to be aware of those evil creatures. May God e with you."
"HuHu, there goes another young life. Yes, you do want to become a king of a country. Or maybe you even want the whole continent. However, there should be only one winner in this continent. And I'm sure it's almost impossible for you to be the one.. Oh, and by the way, that road is actually full of bandits than monsters. A lot of travelers got killed by them. And I'm the head of that gang. HaHaHa.!!"

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