History of Deicide - Siege warfare
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Siege warfare
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Siege warfare

hen skirmishers were here, we were already in great fear. Archers were busy finding their location, the lord of the castle kept on encouraging his soldiers. We've tried to nail those skirmishers down, but it was impossible to hit them with those fast horses. We knew that there will be a huge attack coming up.

Our enemy was the famous female commander Faery from Nemesis known as the Gargoyle killer. When those skirmishers make their sign, Faery will start running towards us forcibly. And her strong army will also com towards us to follow their general. Our information says they actually have three catapults size of a dragon. Giant rocks with fire will thrown to our castle, and those strong soldiers of Nemesis will swarms to us"

It is almost impossible for us to fight against those Faery's warriors since we only have archers and wizards. When that castle gate opens, it will be the perfect time for us to surrender. Our lord seemed to knew about this better and everybody, and have recruited knights and soldiers. But you know, who will fight for that vicious Faery? I also wanted to leave for sure, but I had to stay. If I just leave here, then who's going to at least try to save my family and friends? Well, I know. It was stupid. But, maybe others might thought just like me.

Ah Ah, oh my?| Are they already here? The whole wood is swaying. I can see those catapults now. Oh, they are big. Should be bigger than dragons. Isn't that like bigger than legendary Karis? Ahhh. Fires are coming! Our castle is starting to fall down. Well, it will be over before we can start to do something. Look at our brave lord. What is he thinking shooting something out of range? Ahhhh! I almost got shot. Are they shooting arrows at us? Darn it! They even have archers and wizards. This is huge. We are not going to be able to defend this castle if they keep shooting those arrows at us. Well. I should have learned some sword skill. So I can at least try to fight with them from down there.

Ahhhh! Fire stone again! This is going to torn down our castle. What is our lord thinking? Shouldn't he order retreat so we can save at least some of our knights? Wait, does he still has that hope of backup force? With those army of Faery's, we won't win even if backups are here now. Yes, that's right. You should take care of those soldiers when you can. That's why they all left! I don't even think he deserves to be our lord. Anyone will loose his castle with that kind of politic. Anyways, look at that Faery. She's on the haed of everything! That's what a leader should be!. Take care of your soldiers, and recruit some dependable knights. That is the way to go higher."

Oh, well, I shouldn't be thinking this right now. Why don't I just surrender and join Faery's army? Poor me.. I used to dream about being a king of a country, you know. I don't know how those others try so hard. It's like they don't even sleep to get what they want."

Wow, our lord got hit by the arrow. It's over now. Well, I knew it. I should hide for awhile, and just join Faery's army. Ahh, too many enemies since my sides are almost gone. Let's run away first! Darn it. Darn it!"

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