History of Deicide - Story of Karis
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Story of Karis

"Yes, it was a fear. You know what it's like to face the real fear? Back then, I was working a miner working at Stiburn mine. I mean back then, it was all good. You think now is good days, but seriously everyone was always trying to buy our iron ores, and the price was sky high. And that's why most of miners around the continent gather around to take some part on the industry. But, then suddenly weird things started to happen. It was the rumor between miners that some of them are hearing some strange and scary sound from deep inside of our mine. At first, everyone thought it was just another rumor just to take more decent ores by themselves like other rumors."

"And then guess what. One day, I finally heard that weird sound, too. You know, it was kind of like the huge beast's breath. It sure was creepy. More than screaming sound of wounded Ogres. Anyway, we just took off to get away from that horrible sound came from the inside of mine. Other miners used experience similar sound and ran out frightened. Funny thing was that the sound was actually setting its form into a humming sound as if it was seducing us to go inside."

"And then finally there was an accident. Someone had went into the deep inside of mine to see what it's like, and never came back. We weren't able to hear about him again, but we didn't really care. It was like annual thing once in a few years. But see, things got worse. Same thing happened again and again almost like weekly. As the number of missing people grows, we finally realized that this sound was really trying to seducing us. Of course we had to ran away from that sound. That weird breathing sound got louder and louder, and it was really like the owner of the sound will come out to hunt us! Yes, it was the wisest decision I've ever made. Soon, most of other miners from outside of the city had gone missing, and no one wanted to work in that mine again even when the loyal explorer team had disappeared. And just like that, my second job was gone. And later, I heard about the mine was used as the headquarter of Karis's force.

"Yes, that's true. I was mining with his breath for several months. It still gives me the creep just by thinking about then. You know how Karis is? He can just sweep the whole town with one finger if he doesn't like that! Killing people with smile on his mouth! And you call him a GOD? Well, he's just a crazy devil. I believe in my God Araim. He is the real one. I'm going to Crenencia tomorrow and join the divine army over there. I think that is the only way I can revenge even a bit for those bastards. How about you? You coming, or not? What? You are such a coward! Well, you know. Maybe it's better with Crenencia than here. Well, mate. Take care of yourself. I'll surly hope this town won't get torn by the devil. For your sake. Hahaha.

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