History of Deicide - The born of Karis
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The born of Karis

mong those 84 thousands of species Araim made before his rest, there were only 7 species that have intelligence and personality. Powerful giant Titan tribe, Elf tribe for the balance of forest and nature, Dwarves the keeper of the ground, Dragons for fighting against the evil power, Iman??s for the purification of water, Elbarns for the order of space, and finally humans who will rule all those creatures on the ground.

At first, they were able to work together and get along with each other, but with the dangerous poison from Kairak's body, it was not that long until the tree of life faded because of that poison deep down from the bottom of planet Adum. As the tree of life fades, most tribes had problem with their basic needs for living, soon some of tribes even got their disposition changed or force exterminated by the strong poison from Kairak's body below the ground. Elves tried to stop the extermination by the powerful force of Kairak, but they just got completely destructed by the great poison of Kairak. Dwarves couldn't even get near to the root of this poison force, and most of Dwarves who survived from the poison also got killed by those weird creatures mutated by the poison of Kairak. Surprisingly, Kairak's descendants were still surviving and growing their powers by the energy from the tree of life and Kairak's body.

Tribes who now know about the true enemy were trying to fight with Kairak's descendants, but most of them got destructed, only those most powerful Dragons got survived from the great fight with descendants. However, even those piece keeping Dragons were also infected by the evil force since they were practically fighting inside of Kairak's body, and again they got into fight with each other, so only the small number of Dragons survived. Only good relief from this fight was that only one of Kairak's descendant got survived from this fight, and all other got killed by those tribes. Survived and got vicious Dragons took the only left child into their tribe, and that's how the last one of Kairak's descendant was able to survive and got stronger than ever.

The name of the creature was Karis.

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