History of Deicide - The war against evil
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History of Deicide
The born of Karis
Enter of Karis
The war against evil
Story of Karis
Heros and legendary weapons
Asprila Heros (A story by old soldier)
Karis, Asprila, and Quede
Legends in songs (Song by a troubadour)
After world
Message to beginners
Siege warfare
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The war against evil

inally humans fond about the fact that Karis's vengeance is not over yet by one of their Oracles. His name was Ian magus, foresaw by elders to become the next great Oracle. Ian actually became more higher than just great, and have done many remarkable achievements.

One day, young Ian got the message from Above, it was the voice of Araim who gave away his body to save the planet Adum. Ian realize the conspiracy of Karis by this message, and felt the necessity of human union to fight against Karis. For that Ian started to gather strong force of Oracles and heroes to build divine kingdom called Crenencia, and get ready for the war against evil known as Karis.

Karis, surprised by this union of humans started to attack Crenencia before it gets to powerful, but Oracles and heroes and united with Ian was strong enough to protect Crenencia from Karis's force, and gave the first defeat to Karis. Furious Karis kept on attacking Crenencia, but humans were already got string enough to fight against and survive from his attack with their persistent life.

It was hard have same pope like Ian the first, but there were many good popes kept on coming up, and with those decent leaders and Dwarf's hidden sacred weapons and armors, Karis had to take a step back and pledge for his return. Finally, Karis had vanished back to his shelter after the 11th war against evil, and Crenencia had become the first divine kingdom to start its magnificent continent history.

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