History of Deicide
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History of Deicide
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Asprila Heros (A story by old soldier)
Karis, Asprila, and Quede
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here was the "Absolute one" who rules gigantic universe, and below were many Gods called the "Balancer". Balancers were actively working through the whole universe for the Absolute one, and one Balancer who directs the birth of planets was "Araim". Araim always goes through numerous planets, and working on creating proper lives and plant the tree of life to devise their growth and development..

Then suddenly someday planets given life from Araim started to get destroyed, and Araim went on searching for the cause of the destruction. Short after, Araim heard the news from other Gods that unknown creature is grazing the tree of life. Where the outraging creature was the 127,200th planet "Adum" got life from Araim, and there Araim finally meets the devil "Kairak" from other dimensions.

Araim had fought with Kairak for 13 days and nights by universe time, and won at least. However, most of planet Adum's parts were already torn apart, impossible to continue its part as a planet. Araim had worried for a while, and finally decided to tear apart Kairak's body to fill up the those parts for planet Adum. Kairak's blood became the ocean, and the backbone had became range of mountains, its leather shaped into the land, and lastly its veins had became valleys and rivers.

With Kairak's body part fasten with the broken planet, planet Adum once again found its own shape again. Since it was impossible for any life can survive there with wicked body of Kairak's, Araim had to took his part of body in order to purify Kairak's toxicity on planet Adum. But still, it was far away from getting back the original condition of mana and strength for the planet itself.

Exhausted Araim from long fight and body sacrifice planted one more tree of life, and then brought back new lives on to planet Adum with his last strength.

Araim had promised his return when leaving off to his shelter, but it took almost 45 days by universe time, and 9 thousand years as the time of planet Adum when he got back from recovery.

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