How to use commands in Game
1.Type ]TIME to see Server time (GMT).s.
2.Type ]PAY to see information about the cash items in use on current character.
3.Type ]POINT while at war to see how many points your Guild has.
4.Type ]HOME while having 'Homeward Ring' equipped to go back to the nearest town (if no town is present on current map, the previous one will be selected.).
5.Type ]FIND 'playername' while having 'Tracking Amulet' equipped to see the coordinates of the respective player.
6.Type ]REVERSE 'playername' while having 'Reincarnation Amulet' equipped to resurrect a player.
7.Type ]HELP while wearing 'Summoning Amulet' and 3 of your guildmates will be summoned to your side.
8.As Guild Master, you can set a Guild Notice by typing “+” followed by your message. Example: “+I like Pandas.”
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