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The Ultimate Fantasy Adventure


hat comes up first on your head when thinking of fantasy? Great warrior, wizard, Elf and dwarf, devil king and dragons, most of you probably think of fantasy as the mysterious unreal world with surrealistic things and phenomenon. And that's what most of recent MMORPGs are all about. But, don't you think that's just not good enough?

Lands and haunted monsters, what our Deicide developers thought we were missing here was an Adventure.
Just walking around and killing monsters as shown?| What our team thought that we needed was actual individual adventurism with not just spacious lands and dungeons, but with diversity of landscapes such as canyons, and valleys, and also lots of cliffs.
Various quests adventure along with mercenary work for money, adventure towards the world of marvelous scenery and monsters, that is what our Deicide really seeking into.


Deicide : the neo generation of online game society


onsolidate a place for our shelter and making living by farming, rise in arms for their shelter from the enemy, conquest other castles with colleagues, become one of the member of hierarchical society, working and fighting for their lords and masters, all these multiple living activities are what our Deicide is seeking for building neo generation online game society to give all of our users chance to feel the joy of playing advanced online game.

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