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Tracking AmuletObservationSearching the location of a user
Command : /search ID

Reincarnation AmuletResurrectionGive rebirth to dead user
(Cannot restore Exp points)
Command : /revive ID

Summoning AmuletSummoning party memberRecall party member
(Can be reused after 10 minute.)
Command : /recall

Invisibility AmuletInvisibilityMonsters cannot indicate the user when equipping this item
When attacking, only the monster getting attacked can indicate user

Trembling AmuletStun effectGive stun effect to enemy by certain probability

Channeling AmuletChanging damageWhen getting attacked, Mana goes down instead of health by certain probability

Inspection AmuletSneakingActivates sneaking skill when equipping the item, you can see the list of items your object is wearing

Strength AmuletAdditional stat pointAdditional stat points for strength.

Dexterity AmuletAdditional stat pointAdditional stat points for Dexterity.

Blessed AmuletAdditional stat pointAdditional stat points for Intelligence

Lion Endurance AmuletAdditional recovery rateIncreasing the HP recovery rate

Arcane Magic AmuletAdditional recovery rateIncreasing the MP recovery rate

Cursed AmuletChanging genderChanges gender while equipping the item

Keen Eyes AmuletExtra attack rangeGive more attack range for range attack or magical attack



Ring of SummoningRecallRecall a user to character's current location
(Can be reused after certain time)
Command : /recall ID

Ring of RemembranceRestore Exp pointsDo not loose Exp points when character dies
Ring automatically disappear

Barter Mastery RingDealer's blessingAble to purchase items from NPC shop in discounted price.

Homeward RingReturn to townTransported to nearest town. More than half amount of health necessary

Lion Endurance RingAdditional HealthCharacter's HP goes up when equipping item

Ring of Mind PlayerAdditional ManaCharacter's MP goes up when equipping item

Ring of WizardryAdditional magic attack damageCharacter's magical attack damage goes up while equipping item

Ring of PerfectionAdditional attack accuracyCharacter's attack accuracy goes up while equipping item.

Ring of VampirismHP drainDrain enemy's HP every time attack success by certain probability.

Ring of WarlockMana drainDrain enemy's MP every time attack success by certain probability.

Striping RingItem dismantling By certain probability, dismantle one item from equipping list. When inventory doesn't have enough room for item, only the item's defense goes down to 0.

Disturbance RingDisable movementStop enemy from moving by certain probability. Still able to attack the character.

Ring of FearDisable attackStop enemy from attacking by certain probability. Still able to move away.

Strength RingAdditional strengthAdd more stat points for strength.

Dexterity RingAdditional dexterityAdd more stat points for dexterity.

Blessed RingAdditional intelligenceAdd more stat points for intelligence.

Mana Barrier RingAdditional resistance Give more stat on resistance from magical attack

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