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Enchant system

Enchant system is item ability upgrading system for our Deicide Online items (Weapon, Armor) that will upgrade basic attack or defense ability.

You can upgrade your items each abilities with these three enchant cards(Weapon, armor, option) which can be collected from monsters. You cannot purchase enchant card from NPC shop.

There's only one chance of enchanting for one enchant card, although you must be careful enchanting since the chance of success on enchanting will go down as you try many enchant cards for one certain item, and the item will disappear when you fail the enchanting.

When your enchanting attempt is success, number of success time will be displayed on your item as "+(Success time) Item name), upgraded ability won't be shown on the item.

(Ex: When your weapon item "Small Sword" one enchant successes, the item's name will change from "Small Sword" to "+1 Small Sword".)
Weapon enchant cardOnly available on weapon items, upgrade weapon's attack power
Armor enchant cardOnly available on armor items, increase armor's defensive ability








ImageNameMinimum damageMaximum damageAttack speedlvl


Ring Dagger
743Very fast30

Rondel Dagger1652Very fast45

Kidney Dagger2662Very fast60

Kukri3672Very fast75

Hunting Knife4581Very fast90

Cinquedea5591Very fast105

Kris68104Very fast105

Katar64100Very fast120

Scramasax77113Very fast120

Red knight dagger87123Very fast135

Black knight dagger96132Very fast150
ImageNameMinimum damageMaximum damageAttack speedlvl

Small Sword212Fast0

Short Sword616Fast15


Steel Sword1525Fast30

Brass Sword1828Fast30


Battle Kukri2737Fast45

Alloy Sword3344Fast60

Broad Sword3646Fast60

Bronze Sword4252Fast75

Brass Falchion4555Fast75

Bronze VikingSword5161Fast90

Bronze Falchion5464Fast90

Elf Long Sword6676Fast90

Refined Brass Sword6070Fast105

Blessed Sword6373Fast105

Refined Bronze Sword7585Fast105

Cursed Sword7282Fast120

Hippocampus Sword8494Fast120

Mithril Sword8191Fast135

Red Knight Sword93103Fast135

Black Knight Sword11274Fast150


ImageNameMinimum damageMaximum damageAttack speedLvL

Steel Axe114Normal0

Brass Axe519Normal15

Orc Axe822Normal15

Alloy Axe1428Normal30

Silver-plate Axe1731Normal30


Bronze Axe2741Normal45


Giant Axe3650Normal60

Bronze Great Axe4256Normal75

Mercenary Axe4660Normal75

Double-bladed Axe5266Normal90

Brass Giant Axe5569Normal90

Battle Axe6882Normal90

Blessed Double-bladed Axe6175Normal105

Great Double-bladed Axe6478Normal105

Mithril Axe7791Normal105

Orihalcon Axe7488Normal120

Mithril Double-bladed Axe86100Normal120

Orihalcon Double-bladed Axe8397Normal135

Red Knight Axe96110Normal135

Black Knight Axe105119Normal150

Blunt weapon

ImageNameMinimum damageMaximum damageAttack speedLVL


Metal Club913Fast15

Spike Club1216Fast15

Alloy Club1822Fast30


Steel Mace2731Fast45

Spike Mace3034Fast45

Mithril Mace3640Fast60

Alloy Mace3943Fast60

Orihalcon Mace4549Fast75

Elf Mace4852Fast75

The Mace of Titan5458Fast90

Daruem Mace5761Fast90

The Mace of Eis6973Fast90

Blood Morningstar6367Fast105

Golden Morningstar6670Fast105

The Morningstar of Titan7882Fast105

The Morningstar of Death Knight7579Fast120

The Morningstar of Eis8791Fast120

Orc Hammer8488Fast135

Red Knight Mace96100Fast135

Black Knight Mace105109Fast150

Two handed sword

ImageNameMinimum damageMaximum damageAttack speedLVL

Cracked Two-handed Sword116Slow0

Alloy Two-handed Sword420Slow15

The Sword of Murder824Slow15

Bronze Two-handed Sword1531Slow30

Refined Brass Two-handed Sword1834Slow30

Refined Bronze Two-handed Sword2541Slow45

Refined Steel Two-handed Sword2844Slow45

The Sword of Slaughter3551Slow60

The Sword of Massacre3854Slow60

Rusty Two-handed Sword4561Slow75

Mercenary Two-handed Sword4965Slow75

Holy Two-handed Sword5571Slow90

Dwarf Two-handed Sword5975Slow90

Two-handed Sword of Titan7288Slow90

Orihalcon Two-handed Sword6581Slow105

Mithril Two-handed Sword6985Slow105

Elf Two-handed Sword8298Slow105

Paladin Two-handed Sword7995Slow120

Cursed Two-handed Sword93109Slow120

Death Knight Two-handed Sword89105Slow135

Red Knight Two-handed Sword103119Slow135

Black Knight Two-handed Sword113129Slow150


Cat's-eye Staff
ImageNameMinimum damageMaximum damageMinimum magicMaximum magic


Jujube Tree Staff3658

Steel Staff4769

Emerald Staff69710

Cat's-eye Staff811811

Sapphire Staff1013912

Jade Staff12151013

Kunzite Staff14171114

Inca-rose Staff16191215

Garnet Staff18211316

Topaz Staff20231417

Diamond Staff23261518

Gold Staff25281619

Opal Staff28311720

Turquoise Staff31341821

Alexandrite Staff34371922

Zircon Staff37402023

Scorpion Staff40432124

Silver Stuff43462225

Tourmaline Stuff46492326

Earth Element Staff49522427

Luna Element Staff56592730


ImageNameMinimum damageMaximum damageAttack speedLVL

Halbard120Very slow0

Fighter Halbard125Very slow15

Double Horn Spear428Very slow15

Boar Spear1135Very slow30

Black Steel Halbard1438Very slow30

Harpoon Spear2145Very slow45

Wind Spear2549Very slow45

Mercenary Halbard3256Very slow60

Alloy Spear3559Very slow60

Night Killer Spear4266Very slow75

Mithril Spear4670Very slow75

Orihalcon Spear5276Very slow90

Alloy Lance5680Very slow90

Mithril Lance7094Very slow90

Orihalcon Lance6387Very slow105

Blood Steel Lance6690Very slow105

Cursed Trident80104Very slow105

Holy-spirit Trident77101Very slow120

Death Halbard90114Very slow120

Twin Horn Spear87111Very slow135

Red Knight Spear101125Very slow135

Black Knight Spear111135Very slow150


ImageNameMinimum damageMaximum damageRangeAttack speedLVL

Bow41014Very fast0

Short Bow71314Very fast15

Middle Bow101614Very fast15

Ranger Bow162214Very fast30

Composite bow192614Very fast30

Rapid Bow253114Very fast45

Refined Bow273314Very fast45

Refined Short Bow333914Very fast60

Refined Ranger Bow364214Very fast60

Dwarf Bow424814Very fast75

Paladin Bow455114Very fast75

Red Knight Bow535914Very fast90

Elf Bow647014Very fast90

High Elf Bow626515Very fast105

The Bow of Doris Sally596814Very fast105

Death Knight Bow737914Very fast105

The Bow of Lax Hilda707614Very fast120

The Bow of Eis828814Very fast120

Dark Elf Bow798514Very fast135

The Bow of Iris909614Very fast135

Red Hunter Short Bow9910514Very fast150

White Hunter Short Bow10411418Very fast150
ImageNameMinimum damageMaximum damageRangeAttack speedWeight

Devil's Cross bow2915Very fast-

Frost Crossbow41115fast-

Magma Crossbow61315fast-

Wyvern Killer81515fast-

Magical Crossbow101715fast-

Crossbow of Slaughter101415fast-

Assassin's Crossbow142115fast-

Warrior's Crossbow172415fast-

Holy-Spirit Crossbow172115fast-


Lobitan Crossbow253215fast-

Angel's Crossbow283515fast-

Double Dragon Crossbow313815fast-

Orange Bird Crossbow344115fast-

Hero's Crossbow374415fast-

Golden Crossbow404715fast-

Thief's Crossbow435015fast-

Scorpion Crossbow475415fast-

Ogre's Crossbow505715fast-

Augment's Crossbow546115fast-
ImageNameMinimum damageMaximum damageRangeAttack speedLVL

Dragon Hunter21218Normal0

King Giant61618Normal15

King Bysia Long Bow91918Normal15

Queen Bysia Long Bow152518Normal30


The Buglehorn of Devil253518Normal45


Devil Dance344418Normal60


Black Dwarf435318Normal75

Red Snake465618Normal75


Momate's Long Bow556518Normal90

Amber Long Bow677718Normal90

Lightning Long Bow617118Normal105

The Long Bow of Lax647418Normal105

Paladin Long Bow778718Normal105

Cursed Long Bow748418Normal120

Palace Long Bow869618Normal120

Warrior Long Bow839318Normal135

Red Hunter Long Bow9510518Normal135

White hunter Long Bow10411418Normal150








ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Wooden Shield255

Wooden Round Shield455

Steel Shield5620


Guard Shield91035



Brass Tower Shield151650


Bronze Tower Shield192080

Pirate's Shield212280

Alloy Shield232495

Pirate's Steel Shield252695

Gold Shield2728110


Red Knight Shield3233125

Black Knight Shield3637140

Upper Armor

ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Fighter's Shirt6610

Chain Mail9910

Brass Armor141425

Bronze Armor181825

Brass Plate Armor232340

Bronze Plate Armor272740

Steel Armor323255

Alloy Armor363655

Gold Armor454570

Mithril Armor545485

Orihrcon Armor646485

Elf's Armor6363100

Dwarf's Armor7373100

Titan's Armor7272115

Temple Knight's Armor8282115

Red Knight Armor9191130

Black Knight Armor100100145
ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Archer's Shirt5510

Ranger's Shirt9910

Bholder Leather Shirt141425

Buffalo Leather Shirt181825

Wyvern Leather Shirt232340

Wistaria Dryad's Shirt262640

Ashtree Dryad's Shirt323255

Valor Shirt353555

Snipe Shirt444470

Elf's Shirt535385

Dark Elf's Shirt636385

High Elf's Shirt6161100

Lex Hilda's Leather Shirt7272100

Doris Sally's Leather Shirt7070115

Iris's Leather Shirt8080115

Red Hunter's Tunic8989130

White Hunter's Tunic9898145
ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Magician's Robe5510

Imp Leather Robe8810

Gold Robe131325

Garnet Robe171725

Emerald Robe222240

Scorpion Robe252540

Inca rose Robe303055

Topaz Robe333355

Fairy Robe414170

Healing Robe505085

Fire Element Rove595985

Ice Element Robe5858100

Lightning Element Robe6868100

Wind Element Robe6666115

Bloody Robe7676115

Earth Element Robe8484130

Luna Element Robe9292145


ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Fighter's Pants338

Chain Pants668

Brass Stiff Leather Pants101023

Bronze Stiff Leather Pants121223

Brass Plate Pants161638

Bronze Plate Pants191938

Steel Pants222253

Alloy Pants252553

Gold Pants313168

Mithril Pants373783

Orihrcon Pants454583

Elf's Pants434398

Dwarf's Pants515198

Titan's Pants5050113

Temple Knight's Pants5757113

Red Knight Pants6363128

Black Knight Pants7070143
ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Archer's Pants338

Ranger's Pants668

Bholder Leather Pants9923

Buffalo Leather Pants121238

Wyvern Leather Pants161638

Wistaria Dryad's Pants181853

Ashtree Dryad's Pants242468

Valor Pants303083

Snipe Pants363683

Elf's Pants363683

Dark Elf's Pants444483

High Elf's Pants434398

Lex Hilda's Pants505098

Doris Sally's Pants4949113

Iris's Pants5656113

Red Hunter Pants6262128

White Hunter Pants6868143
ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseWeight

Magician's Pants338

Imp Leather Pants668

Gold Pants9923

Garnet Pants111123

Emerald Pants151538

Scorpion Pants171738

Inca rose Pants202053

Topaz Pants232353

Fairy Pants292968

Healing Pants343483

Fire Element Pants414183

Ice Element Pants404098

Lightning Element Pants474798

Wind Element Pants4646113

Bloody Pants5353113

Earth Element Pants5959128

Luna Element Pants6464143


ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Leather Shoes333

Chain Boots553

Brass Boots8818

Bronze Boots101018

Brass Plate Boots121218

Bronze Plate Boots141433

Steel Boots171733

Alloy Boots191948

Gold Boots242448

Mithril Boots292978

Orihrcon Boots353578

Elf Boots343493

Dwarf Boots404093

Titan's Boots3737108

Temple Knight's Boots4545108

Red Knight's Boots5050123

Black Knight's Boots5555138
ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Archer's Shoes333

Ranger's Shoes553

Bholder Leather Boots7718

Buffalo Leather Boots9918

Wyvern Leather Boots121233

Wistaria Dryad's Boots141433

Ashtree Dryad's Boots171748

Valor Boots191948

Snipe Boots242463

Elf's Boots282878

Dark Elf's Boots343478

High Elf's Boots333393

Lex Hilda's Boots393993

Doris Sally's Boots3636108

Iris's Boots4444108

Red Hunter's Boots4949123

White Hunter's Boots5353138
ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Magician's Boots331

Imp Leather Boots443

Gold Boots7718

Garnet Boots9918

Emerald Boots111133

Scorpion Boots131333

Inca rose Boots161648

Topaz Boots181848

Fairy Boots222263

Healing Boots272778

Fire Element Boots333378

Ice Element Boots313193

Lightning Element Boots373793

Wind Element Boots3434108

Bloody Boots4141108

Earth Element Boots4646123

Luna Element Boots5050138


ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Leather Gauntlet2212

Chain Gauntlet3312

Brass Gauntlet6627

Bronze Gauntlet7727

Brass Plate Gauntlet9942

Bronze Plate Gauntlet101042

Steel Gauntlet121257

Alloy Gauntlet141457

Gold Gauntlet171787

Mithril Gauntlet212187

Orihrcon Gauntlet2626102

Elf's Gauntlet2424102

Dwarf's Gauntlet2929117

Titan's Gauntlet2828117

Temple Knight's Gauntlet3232132

Red Knight's Gauntlet3636132

Black Knight's Gauntlet39
ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Archer's Gloves2212

Ranger's Gloves3312

Bholder Leather Gloves5527

Buffalo Leather Gloves7727

Wyvern Leather Gloves9942

Wistaria Dryad's Gloves101042

Ashtree Dryad's Gloves121257

Valor Gloves141457

Snipe Gloves171772

Elf's Gloves202087

Dark Elf's Gloves252587

High Elf's Gloves2424102

Lex Hilda's Gloves2828102

Doris Sally's Gloves2727117

Iris's Gloves3232117

Red Hunter's Glove3535132

White Hunter's Glove3838147
ImageNameMinimum DefenseMaximum DefenseLVL

Magician's Gloves2212

Imp Leather Gloves3312

Gold Gloves5527

Garnet Gloves6627

Emerald Gloves8942

Scorpion Gloves101042

Inca rose Gloves111172

Topaz Gloves131387

Fairy Gloves161687

Healing Gloves1919102

Fire Element Gloves2424102

Ice Element Gloves2222102

Lightning Element Gloves2727117

Wind Element Gloves2626117

Bloody Gloves3030117

Earth Element Glove3333132

Luna Element Glove3636147



Tracking AmuletObservationSearching the location of a user
Command : /search ID

Reincarnation AmuletResurrectionGive rebirth to dead user
(Cannot restore Exp points)
Command : /revive ID

Summoning AmuletSummoning party memberRecall party member
(Can be reused after 10 minute.)
Command : /recall

Invisibility AmuletInvisibilityMonsters cannot indicate the user when equipping this item
When attacking, only the monster getting attacked can indicate user

Trembling AmuletStun effectGive stun effect to enemy by certain probability

Channeling AmuletChanging damageWhen getting attacked, Mana goes down instead of health by certain probability

Inspection AmuletSneakingActivates sneaking skill when equipping the item, you can see the list of items your object is wearing

Strength AmuletAdditional stat pointAdditional stat points for strength.

Dexterity AmuletAdditional stat pointAdditional stat points for Dexterity.

Blessed AmuletAdditional stat pointAdditional stat points for Intelligence

Lion Endurance AmuletAdditional recovery rateIncreasing the HP recovery rate

Arcane Magic AmuletAdditional recovery rateIncreasing the MP recovery rate

Cursed AmuletChanging genderChanges gender while equipping the item

Keen Eyes AmuletExtra attack rangeGive more attack range for range attack or magical attack



Ring of SummoningRecallRecall a user to character's current location
(Can be reused after certain time)
Command : /recall ID

Ring of RemembranceRestore Exp pointsDo not loose Exp points when character dies
Ring automatically disappear

Barter Mastery RingDealer's blessingAble to purchase items from NPC shop in discounted price.

Homeward RingReturn to townTransported to nearest town. More than half amount of health necessary

Lion Endurance RingAdditional HealthCharacter's HP goes up when equipping item

Ring of Mind PlayerAdditional ManaCharacter's MP goes up when equipping item

Ring of WizardryAdditional magic attack damageCharacter's magical attack damage goes up while equipping item

Ring of PerfectionAdditional attack accuracyCharacter's attack accuracy goes up while equipping item.

Ring of VampirismHP drainDrain enemy's HP every time attack success by certain probability.

Ring of WarlockMana drainDrain enemy's MP every time attack success by certain probability.

Striping RingItem dismantling By certain probability, dismantle one item from equipping list. When inventory doesn't have enough room for item, only the item's defense goes down to 0.

Disturbance RingDisable movementStop enemy from moving by certain probability. Still able to attack the character.

Ring of FearDisable attackStop enemy from attacking by certain probability. Still able to move away.

Strength RingAdditional strengthAdd more stat points for strength.

Dexterity RingAdditional dexterityAdd more stat points for dexterity.

Blessed RingAdditional intelligenceAdd more stat points for intelligence.

Mana Barrier RingAdditional resistance Give more stat on resistance from magical attack


Bridle of Brown HorseMoving speed up to 6.5. Defense goes down for 20%1,000,000 Shild-

Bridle of Black HorseMoving speed up to 7.0. Defense goes down for 15%3,000,000 ShildTotal level 50

Bridle of White HorseMoving speed up to 7.5. Defense goes down for 10%7,000,000 ShildTotal level 75

HP Potion (S)Recover character's HP for 3050 Shild-

HP Potion (M)Recover character's HP for 70150 Shild-

HP Potion (L)Soon to be updated--

MP Potion (S)Recover character's MP for 3075 Shild-

MP Potion (M)Recover character's MP for 70175 Shild-

MP Potion (L)Soon to be updated--

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