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Enchant system

Enchant system is item ability upgrading system for our Deicide Online items (Weapon, Armor) that will upgrade basic attack or defense ability.

You can upgrade your items each abilities with these three enchant cards(Weapon, armor, option) which can be collected from monsters. You cannot purchase enchant card from NPC shop.

There's only one chance of enchanting for one enchant card, although you must be careful enchanting since the chance of success on enchanting will go down as you try many enchant cards for one certain item, and the item will disappear when you fail the enchanting.

When your enchanting attempt is success, number of success time will be displayed on your item as "+(Success time) Item name), upgraded ability won't be shown on the item.

(Ex: When your weapon item "Small Sword" one enchant successes, the item's name will change from "Small Sword" to "+1 Small Sword".)
Weapon enchant cardOnly available on weapon items, upgrade weapon's attack power
Armor enchant cardOnly available on armor items, increase armor's defensive ability

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