I. What is moderator ?

- Moderator is a volunteer helper in order to maintain healthy forum and website debating with proper manners, and also help users to use website, or debate with other users more easily.

II. Moderator In Deicide

- Our Deicide Moderator is someone granted special powers to enforce the rules of Deicide forum. Almost all moderators on all forums can move discussions to different sections of the forum, "close" or "lock" discussions to prevent users from continuing to discuss them, edit the content of individual postings, answer questions, and "pin" or "stick" discussions so they remain visible in their forum section even if no new postings are made to them; different forums may give their moderators further powers .

III. Deicide Moderators Responsibilities.

- Treat everyone with equal respect.
- Moderators are given several privileges to carry out their responsibilities.
- Maintain clarity and impartiality when resolving a conflict between two players.
- Use mature language to players of Deicide Online.
- Remain polite even when others would normally feel insulted.
- Post helpful messages on the forums.
- Immediately submit a bug report after encountering one
- Never use the Moderator privileges to further one's own benefit.
- Never share the Guardian account with anyone else.
- Notify the GMs before giving up the Moderator membership for personal reasons.
- Must put in at least five hours of service every week as a Moderator.

IV. The Roles & Powers

A. Moving Converstions
- Deicide forum is organized into various sections by topic to allow users to more easily read what interests them without having to sort through many topics of discussion they find boring. Moderators of Deicide are able to move a conversation to a section more suited to it.

B. Closing/locking threads
- Deicide forum allow our moderators to close a given thread to further posting, effectively ending the conversation. This allows the existing content to remain fully visible, so that readers can easily see the moderator's reasons for closing the thread.
- Deicide moderators can always end certain discussion or debate when there is proper reason to stop the session for Deicide users.

C. Editing posts
- There can be some inappropriate contents to be posted in our forums included among our users' postings.
- Moderators are usually able to remove that content while still leaving any legitimate content. Even if an entire post is removed via editing, users will still be able to see who originally posted it and when it was originally posted, so that users who view the thread later won't be confused by any references to it.

D. Pinning/sticking threads.
-It means that the threads at the top of the listing for a section will be the ones in which someone has most recently posted, and therefore posting in a thread will "bump" it to the top of the listing. However, pinned threads remain above unpinned threads at all times, no matter how old. This may be used to, for instance, keep a copy of forum rules at the top of every section of the board.

E. Deleting posts and threads.
- Extremely inappropriate postings can be deleted by Deicide Moderators.

F. Splitting and merging threads.
- If two threads exist on similar topics, or multiple topics are being discussed in one thread, the threads can be merged or the thread can be split.

G. Banning users.
- User controlling ability can be given to certain moderators.
However, this ability will be only given to those who are verified for their outstanding working status.

H. Moderator forum.
- Moderators will have their own forum and will be able to make posts where only moderators can enter. There, you will be discussing mostly about certain unscheduled management plans or Etc. for Deicide community.
- Moderators can also debate here how to make forum communities more active and strenuous.
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