Special Feature

Deicide is the fantasy MMORPG that will make you the hero of mythical novel.



eicide starts 10 years after from the time when Quede and Asprila had vanished from people's sight.From now on, story will follow your journey and the war against the evil.
All of your traces will be the main theme of our Deicide novel, and some marks will remain as a myth in Deicide history.
Make your own legendary novel, cartoon, and achievement.
Remember, you are the reason why Deicide exist.


Feel the magnificent effect of Deicide's sound system!


ne of other beauty of playing Deicide is the sound system.
Along as detailed game graphic, our solid 3D sound system will make you fall into a state of ecstasy with the satisfaction of your five senses.
Now, be aware of those stillness of bird's singing and rough sound of stepping fallen leaves, your enemy could be right beside waiting for you.

Deicide's game BGM has superbly produced by oscar winning composer Nick Ingman famous for his "Lord of the ring", "Shakespeare in love", and "The hours" O.S.T.

Now, laid back and feel the sensational sound of our Deicide's BGM.


Deicide will be the true leader of future MMORPGs.


eicide does not just seek for the showy game graphic like recent games, like that is the most important thing as a MMORPG.
We will show you what is the ultimate MMORPG by maximizing those actual in-game enjoyment.


Duel with host by Deicide's original war against the evil.


f you are trained well with war again mankind, it's time for open the Pandora of God's world. Deicide has divided two unique war systems as the continental war between players, and the war against the evil between players and game masters as dark elves.
[Do not put your sword into the statue of Devil Karis in devil's dungeon!]

As the seal of Karis gets broken by the sword of monarch, continent will be covered with darkness, hybrid devils will invade our Estansia contient as the door of dark continent opens.
In this war against the evil, you will face game masters in shape of dark elf and dark angels as commander of evil force.

You will be the one.
The one who can overcome evil invasion, and conquer the dark continent!


Characteristic in-game transportation

xciting thrill like as riding real horse! Thrill of riding chariot, and fight with the realistic ballista will make your game more and more interesting. You can also become the ultimate dragon night riding wild wyvern and guard the monarch.
In Deicide, you will be able to control and fight with your own supportive transportation methods, not just some common showy riding machines in other MMORPGs.
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