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System Requirement
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Available PC system requirement for Deicide installation
You need to check your personal computer system before installing Deicide. Please check if your system meets the Deicide installing requirement.
CPU : Intel Pentium Ⅲ - 600MHzCPU : Intel Pentium Ⅲ - 1GHz
Memory : 128MMemory : 512M
With the recommended system set up you will be able to feel the marvelous graphic and effects. It is possible to play our Deicide with minimum system set up, lowering graphic option also suggested. Currently, only the graphic resolution adjusting is possible, other option will be supported in near future.
Graphic set up for Deicide
Graphic card for playing Deicide are following.
Geforce2 level 3D acceleratorRadeon 7000 level series 3D accelertor
Video memory : Minimum 32M / 64M recommended
Currently, other than these list of graphic card haven't been tested, further supporting test will be updated soon. Therefore, we would like to inform you that it can be hard to operate Deicide in other graphic card set up, hope our users could excuse the inconvenience.

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