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Eis 635 : Archer appeared first at the war with lances and sword and shield (Veintra kingdom)

The battle which was used with long distance attack soldiers was popular in close distance battle way.
With Veintra kingdom's starting every kingdom established archer forces and lance forces.

It was revolutionary as much as iron discovery that archers appeared at wars. They changed totally the previous close distance battle with long lance and sword used. Veintra kingdom created the idea first to join archers to wars. Until that time arrow was used only for hunting or defeating monsters which came down to village, but arrows were approved as sufficiently effective arms at wars by Veintra kingdom. As Veintra kingdom won lots of battles with archers'helping, other countries organized archer forces. Eventually there was becoming not only a close distance battle but also lots of various battle strategies.

As appearance of archer forces, countries that managed lance forces differently came out. Till that time they fought in the mixture of archers and lance forces and that kind of fight caused to decrease battle efficiency. With managing each force differently and choosing the best base were leading facts to win battles. In these reasons every country made records about the most efficient battle methods and made lots of battle strategies


Eis 640 :Ancient dwarves arms discovered in donjon of Veintra kingdom

Professional donjon exploration team organized with this event as a start.
Other countries also tried to take this ancient arms organizing donjon exploration team.

As bring in archer forces first, Veintra kingdom stepped into a strong powerful country, and then it was getting interested in donjon. Animals and monsters took many ancient dwarves'mines and caves; however, they thought much of their legacies caused by that ancient dwarves'technology was very prominent. This expectation was precise and Veintra kingdom innovated once again at wars.

There was a man who walked alone out of the cave of the west region in Veintra kingdom. He was bloody on his all body and his clothes were torn mostly and he got only a sword without its cover. However his sword was so bright even though it was in the middle of day and overpowered people who saw it without any reasons. He was a farmer who lived around the cave, and, he went into the cave to guide Veintra soldiers who explored caves by chance. But actually he didn't have experience to enter deep into the cave and strayed his way, and ran over monster, and ran away. The soldiers felt down one by one and to make matters worse, the farmer was lost by being out of his mind and went to deep place of the cave on and on cause of monsters'chasing

In the mean while, he noticed that the monsters did not follow him any more, and he was surprised at that no bugs were there as well as monsters at the end of the cave. A sword was there and he recognized that the bright sword prevented from monsters'access. Although he was totally out of fighting experiences he came out of it depending on the sword and dedicated it to king as soon as he came out of it

From this happening Veintra king commanded more active donjon exploration and he became to get many ancient arms. And also this kind of ancient arms held a dominant position at war against other countries. As the situation was going on like this, other countries began to explore the caves and mines inside their territories, and numbers of god's spiritual arms came out to the world.

Eis 652 :Veintra kingdom unite continent first.:Regulating using the ancient arms.

Veintra kingdom which was a pioneer to introduce ancient arms and archer forces to war finally accomplished unifying the continent. However, Veintra kingdom knew that ancient arms with god's power was too much powerful and wanted to prevent from rebellion using them, and began to regulate using ancient arms. And prohibited donjon exploration without permission and also made a regulation of taking ancient arms over kingdom when they were found. But at that time kingdom was not systemically established perfectly and it was too much work for Veintra kingdom to manage large continent Estansia, so some of regions already showed a sign of rebellion getting ancient arms secretly. But at the same time Veintra kingdom had some problems including the matter of succession to throne, that's why the kingdom could not take a proper measure even tough it noticed the sign.


Eis 678 :Veintra kingdom divided into 6 regions cause by the matter of succession to throne. Introduction of the first the lord of manor regime


Unfortunately Veintra's king died all of a sudden and princes became to struggle for power, and eventually the kingdom got to divided into 6 regions. A leading kingdom introduced the first lord of manor and attempted to prevent from dividing, but princes could not be satisfied as the lord of manor and also it was more difficult to realize cause by their equal military power. The ancient arms were divided and while they were fighting the countries which were subjected to Veintra kingdom became to prepare rebellion.

Eis 685 :Veintra kingdom ruined and divided into 13 countries.


Ancient arms appointed as each country symbol
Ancient arms used as throne certificate in throne succession ceremony

Eventually Veintra kingdom went to ruin due to domestic discord and all princes divided into 6 regions died from rebellion or fighting each other. The name of Veintra kingdom disappeared and others took back their own names instead. New kingdoms came out and the continent was again divided into 13 kingdoms. Ancient arms were also appointed as a symbol of each country and they were used a symbol of throne at the succession to throne. Each country kept a cease-fire with similar power among them by that ancient god's things were fairly divided into them. But the period was not long. Through development of fighting strategy and weapons, the balance of power among countries and it caused new wars.

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