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Eis 712 : Offense castle weapon development and cavalry soldiers appearance (Javerin Kingdom)


Advent of castle made by stones and log changed war's phase. Under the similar condition of military forces, even a little bit more military forces or organizing led to win. But after building castles, attacking force needed much more military forces. For that reason, technology of building a castle was going to be important point. Every country built its castle at the important spot, was able to block other country's attack in advance. However soon attacking castle weapons developed turning down the building castles and there were not safe castle any more.

Stones and logs flied from a catapult broke and fired castles, and sharpened end log broke castle's gate at once. Castles had hard times and any places were not safe any more. The country leading this kind of attacking castle weapon was Javerin. Later other countries dug out pond and filled water in for soldiers not to easily attack, however, they could not avoid of attacking from huge catapult and they throw the white flag. Javerin kingdom had not only the attacking castle weapon but totally different system from other countries that was cavalry soldiers. They had high mobility with trained wild horses. Javerin's cavalry soldiers joined bad status war rapidly and led the war advantageous. Furthermore they cut enemy's food providing road using their rapid mobility and so lots of countries gave up themselves with starving. Javerin kingdom was getting to be a leader of the continent on the base of such a high mobility and attacking castle weapons.

Eis 718 : The biggest scale donjon discovered under Javerin kingdom castle, beginning exploration


At the time that almost all caves and mines seemed to be discovered, the donjon discovered just under Javerin kingdom castle was really awesome happening. Furthermore its scale was so huge to expect to defeat the other countries with there ancient arms. Javerin kingdom organized the biggest exploration team historically and also added other country's team if they want to join. Exploration was going on carefully, things became out day after day. However there were weird monsters inside donjon and 10 members of exploration team lost their lives.


Eis 720 :Javerin kingdom, stop and close donjon exploration under castle. Specialized donjon exploration team lost 100 members in action.


Javerin kingdom's donjon exploration totally stopped. Javerin kingdom said that the reason was to take most valuable things, but many countries doubted the early stopping cause of Javerin kingdom planned to explore for 10 years. 100 members of donjon exploration team were lost during their exploring donjon caused to doubt. At that time the monsters inside donjon were not so big deal. Later people say that the donjon under Javerin kingdom's castle might had have the way through to the place where Karis was. Actually Paina kingdom where Karis appeared first was very near by the place of Javerin kingdom's castle.


Eis 726 : Javerin kingdom, second unifying continent. Fast continental unification with using high mobility cavalry


Javerin kingdom accomplished second unification of continent without helping of ancient heritages. Of course using the strategy of cavalry mobility and developing castle-attacking weapon helped a lot to lead this prominent result. In the mean while other countries trained attacking castle weapons and cavalry soldiers, however comparatively inferior status than Javerin's which were trained for years. And their castle-attacking weapons were so crude that they were only used for defending their own castle not for attacking other castles. Eventually not so big country, Javerin held the whole continent with strong power and high mobility and it would have been existed long time..


Eis 727 : After Javerin's king Pael Tan Hiris got assassinated, Javerin kingdom got disrupted by one year. Divided into 13 countries in the past. Development and alloy using iron ore.


Javerin's disruption only by one year of reunifying the continent was miserable. Javerin's king 'Pael Tan Hiris' who unified the continent was assassinated To make worse, Hiris's children were young yet, that they were too weak to struggle for a power. At last the people who helped Hiris with unifying the continent killed Hiris's children and broke out rebellion, in results the name Javerin disappeared into history. However rebels did not stand long. They were expert of fighting but not ruling a country. Eventually the continent was disrupted and divided into 13 countries.

At this time the age of iron was peaked. From that time alloying began to be developed. Alloy technology combining iron and other metals improved and much stronger metal than iron began to produce. Alloy was very solid and stainless and also very easy to manufacture. And furthermore it was much lighter and much harder than iron weapon or arms, so much favored. Especially in the case of cavalry soldiers, the heavier of a suit of armor and weapons, the less mobility, so the lighter metal, the better. Alloy satisfies the needs and cavalry soldiers got more powerful.

Eis 756 :Fist itroduction of mercenary (Isram kingdom)


Isram kingdom which was small but occupied the main part of continent settled down mercenary regime. Many people who were ready to belong to any countries in the reason of that they couldn't have the concept of their own country much because of frequent birth and dying of kingdoms. That's why most of them could turn their back on other own countries to others if money and food would provide. Isram kingdom recognized this point and gathered mercenaries with their iron ore. Iron ore was the current money at those days, Isram kingdom had the most of them in the continental. The mercenaries were subjected to the kingdom getting money and at war against Isram's enemy and was able to receive an allowance according to joining wars. When they got some money, they could leave, so applicants were full to brim. However some mercenaries did not leave even after getting money and stayed at wars as a mercenary. The reason was that they enjoyed fighting so stayed there to fight at war.

Although the kingdom disappeared from mercenaries' rebellion, the regime of mercenary was impressed to the rest countries. That's why after that time other countries trained professional soldiers applied the regime of mercenary and got stronger military force system and later the regime of mercenary was applied as one of the most important strategy.


Eis 760 : Ancient legacy 'immortal sword' discovered, appointed Isram kingdom's national treasure. Isram kingdom occupied the north of continent The fall of Isram kingdom from mercenary's rebellion


Discovering 'immortal sword' was significant meaning to Isram kingdom which depended on mercenaries cause of weak national power. The best sword 'immortal sword' was approved its destructive power and coerciveness as much as thousands of thousand militaries. It was able to make sound itself and it cut enemies after falling off its owner and with its intensive sharp destroyed enemies' weapon and morale. At that time most people entertained superstitious belief, so it was enough for them to be frightened. Many historical weapons and armors faded away cause of this 'immortal sword' and it happened on and on till appearing of 'immortal shield'.

Isram kingdom occupied the north part of continent, however it was still small country depending on mercenaries still then and was not enough powerful to rule the country which was extended rapidly. To make a worse, it was getting to pay no attention of managing mercenaries. Then some mercenaries rebelled against Isram kingdom, through this chance, many other countries rushed into Isram to take 'immortal sword', as last Isram and mercenaries were all gone.


Eis 767 : The biggest iron mine in the center of continent-Paina kingdom was closed cause of loosing miners on and on.


Paina kingdom got to occupy the biggest iron mine in the continent dreamt the third continental unification based on having high pure enormous iron ore. But soon after a few years it ended as dream as a word. The reason was that miners in mines happened missing accidents one after another. Those kind of accidents that miners were missing or dying accidents happened before but as happened so often almost every week, other miners got to be frightened to death. To make a worse, a rumor that strange sound came out of deepest in mine spread out and many miners left the mine..

Paina kingdom brought miners from other countries, its own miners as well, but they ran away soon. At last donjon exploration team needs to go into its deep side and approve its safety. However all of them 10 members got to be missing. After that, no miners went into miners. As closing miners the villages around miners also perished. As also rumor that ghost and monsters went around, the rest of people left all the villages and no one left there.

Eis 777 : Great devil, Karis appeared on the stage, Lots of hurting monsters appeared on the stage.


After 10 years of closing miners, one day the great devil quietly. No one believed Karis's being by known from one traveler but gradually travelers or explorers to see weird monsters around mine were getting more and people who claimed to see Karis or dragons by their eyes were getting more. At last It was revealed that was true not a rumor. Paina kingdom sent exploration teams again, and they did not return, and this time Karis himself visited Paina kingdom. Karis destroyed Paina kingdom and began to expend his power in earnest

Weird creatures which Karis created or came from other dimensions began to be more centered the place where Paina kingdom was, and expanded to whole Estansia continent and slaughtered everything at random. Karis
designated himself a god, and compelled submission, or refusal countries were to be slaughtered by Karis. Most countries surrendered, however Karis's slaughter was not stopped, and more monsters went around the continent and hunted people.


Eis 778 :Half of people who lived in Estansia continent died. 17 year old boy Ian Magus's awakening out side of Jemern kingdom on the south east continent. The first revolution from Araim


At most in one year, half of people in Estansia continent disappeared and the rest people were also not safe. People grinded their teeth with vexation at the Karis's act of barbarity and fled into mountains avoiding from the monsters Karis created, but no place was not safe. And then people seemed like to be annihilated totally

A few months later Karis disappeared and monsters, too. People shouted for joy at this surprising existing state of affair first, however their feeling of uneasiness was still there. After one year and another year there were no Karis's attacking and the monsters were almost gone and did not come out, so people regarded that the monsters totally disappeared.

In that way people took back their peace, but Karis was still existent and furthermore Karis was recharging his power at those time. Karis had intended to gather his followers among people and had planned to come back sooner or later. The time of his planning to come back would be when he was to be a more powerful than his father Kairac or Araim who killed his father Kairac.

In those days 17 year old boy Ian Magus who lived in Jemern kingdom in south east of the continent got to hear revelation from Araim for the first time. Ian Magus recognized the power of got and through the revelation he got to know that Karis was still existent and also what he had planned. Ian decided that he should gather people who had power as much as him and establish a new god's spiritual kingdom and stand against. So he began to prepare establishing a new god's spiritual kingdom with helping of some of his acquaintances.

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