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Eis 805 : Under Ian Magus's leading, Crenencia kingdom establishment.


After 30 years, at last Ian Magus let Crenencia kingdom be known to whole continent. In the meanwhile Ian gathered people who were able to use god's spiritual power and heroes against Karis with noticing the necessary of god's spiritual kingdom. There were so many people who bore a grudge against Karis and numbers of people applied and to surely suitable person Ian persuaded him with showing his own spiritual power to him. When the establishing of new god's spiritual was known, people were not concerned about that news and it was natural. The reason was the time Karis had disappeared for about 30 years. Ian requested each country to cooperate for against Karis, but their responding was cold.


Eis 806 : Ian Magus enthroned as a fist pope. The first Araim's sanctuary established The first war against evil occurred between Crenencia and Karis


The next year Ian was enthroned as a Crenencia first pope and for the first time he built Araim's temple inside kingdom palace. Surprising at this affair,Karis returned and he gathered his men to destroy Crenencia. In the mean time quite the monsters according to Karis's command came back to the world again all together and they headed to Crenencia stirring up a riot here and there

But Karis despised Crenencia too much that he rushed to Crenencia at once without carrying ordinary big scale monsters, his right hands dragons or devils as well. And that caused the first defeat Karis had ever been. Karis who regarded human being's power not strong was astonished at their stronger power than expected and also he got wounded from small but very strong powerful group of using Araim's power. Most of the monsters he brought disappeared like melting and Karis couldn't help but withdrawal.

The news of Karis's defeat spread quickly to the continent and each country sent greeting message to Crenencia pope Ian and got to promise to cooperate with supporting military forces. And also they favored Crenencia with lending the ancient weapons which were appointed as their national treasure and also sending very expert worriers.


Eis 810 :Ian Magus, organizing donjon exploration team through Araim's second revelation. At the 7 donjons discovered lots of ancient spiritual arms 'Eis's bow', 'immortal shield' etc.

Ian Magus won the first battle and a few years later he heard second revelation from Araim. It was a strategy to defend Karis' attacking with more power. Ancient arms with enormous god's spiritual power were still left hiding in dwarves' caves, which were here and there in the continent. Ian Magus got to know the right place where ancient weapons were from the revelation and he went forward to organize the donjon exploration team and gathered ancient arms.

Crenencia's donjon exploration team discovered ancient arms with god's spiritual power like 'Eis's bows', 'immortal shields' that spread in undiscovered donjons over the continent with each country's cooperation. The immortal shield that was able to defend immortal swords, Eis's bow that was able to pierce anything, dragon slayer that was approved as the best sword in the continent were discovered at this time, and those things were Crenencia's awesome strategy for fighting against Karis till the last 11th war against evil.

Eis 812 :Crenencia, named the continent Estansia

As Crenencia put the structure of kingdom in a good order he named the continent Estansia. This meant to resist against that Karis named the continent 'the land of Karis', and also intended to excite Karis to a anger. Some countries called the continent Estansia over the past, and they were with the mane Estansia, and people called it Estansia.


Eis 818 : The second and third war against evil occurred All the kingdoms in Estansia continent affiliated with Crenencia Araim shrines established in the major parts of kingdom. Ancient arms appointed as a national treasure were requisitioned to Crenencia

Attacking from Karis occurred again, so second and third war against evil broke out in succession. This time Crenencia defended Karis's attacking beautifully. It was thanked to the ancient arms. And one more thing thanked to god's spiritual ancient weapons was that strong monsters including dragons Karis brought could not show their power as they were. All kingdoms approved Crenencia and declared official affiliation with Crenencia watching its victory.

In addition, each country began to construct Araim's shrine at the major places and also accept Crenencia's demand to requisition of kingdom's national treasures. In return, they were promised from Crenencia to immediate supporting when they were attacked by Karis.

However other countries were comparatively free from Karis, because Karis

Attacked only Crenencia instead of other countries. Each kingdom showed their best faithfulness of sending children whose spiritual power through the shrines was approved and who had heroic feature. The reason of that was they recognized well if Crenencia fell down, then next turn was to be themselves.

Eis 822 : The fourth, fifth war against evil occurred.Introduction Wybern to war

fourth and fifth war against evil occurred and battle was going on and on and met a new phase. New weapons came out and new war strategy was put on the stage. Karis also brought new monsters and used new fighting strategy. At every war Crenencia won hardly at the last moment. As particularly having hard time with strong monsters like dragons and devils, Crenencia introduced wybern into the wars. Letting worriers or castle knight ride on the wyberns and let them attack.

This is successful unexpectedly. The reason of that was a ground army had burden of fighting on the air until that time was able to concentrate the war on the ground and they felt comfortable. However a little bit higher condition had Crenencia was got to be equal because of strong monsters brought by Karis and the tense atmosphere kept on at wars.

Eis 825 :Some of Crenencia damaged by impact from comet seemed like Karis's conduct. The death of pope Ian Magus Defending spell-wall began to form in Crenencia kingdom

Some parts of Crenencia kingdom destroyed in the year of Eis 825 by the conflict of comet into the continent. This was absolutely Karis's conduct. As comet consisted of huge ice conflict with Crenencia many people of papal court died and even pope Ian Magus died. Crenencia was led to confusion and elected temporary second pope but the shock of Ian Magus's death spread over the continent.

Second pope suggested to build defensive fence around whole kingdom castle against Karis's another attacking. Spiritual It was the plan that governors gather their power together and made the from of wall to prevent from physical or mental impact. From next year after finishing reconstructing kingdom castle all spiritual governors got together and made spell-wall and it lasted 5 years to accomplish it. And from that time it was able to protect Crenencia from Karis's attack.

Eis 830 :Due to the 2nd comet conflict 14,000 dead and 30.000 wounded.

Mythril and Oriharcon discovered at comet

Seeming like ignoring the effort of spiritual governors to make defending spell-wall, Karis conducted comet conflict to other general cities. The side effect of second comet conflict was bigger and the size of comet was bigger, too. In the result, damage was fatal. The number of the dead was 14,000 and the wounded was 30,000 and the missing was not countable. People began to gather near by castle with defending spell-wall, Crenencia had to spend much time to administrate military forces for restoring damage parts.

But the comet conflict did not bring only a bad result. It consisted of ice loaf and also of various metals. And there, people discovered awesome metal, Mythril°ú Oriharcon. Naturally they were not lighter than dragon's teeth and scales, but comparatively light and hard so they seemed to be able to be useful for protecting body from general monsters. But Mythril and Oriharcon were found only in shooting stars or comets and scarcely found in natural ground. That's why its mass-producing was impossible. Later, new caves dwarves dug discovered and people got lots of Mythril°ú Oriharcon there, these began to be used after tenth war against evil.


Eis 834 :The 6th war against evil broke out. 3rd pope, Laqia Zills came up on the stage after 2nd pope died.

The 6th war against evil was kept a record of the worst defeated war historically to Crenencia due to a lack of empower military forces and training them cause of restoring damage from comet impact. Although protecting Karis's provocation the damage was so big and to worse, pope was died.

The 3rd pope was ¡°Laqia Zills',the first woman pope historically. Laqia Zills

devoted all her mighty to restore the damage, and prepared the 7th war against evilwith training soldiers and enlarged military forces with castle spiritual knight 'Dion D. Patten'. No more comet attacking but Karis kept on annoying Crenencia unceasingly by creating new monsters and sending them.


Eis 839 : Sea monsters like sea dragon, dragon turtle came out. The cities around sea side destroyed cause of sea rode area restriction by sea monsters

The most prominent change between The 6th and 7th war against evil was appearance of sea monsters. Till that time there were not so much aggressive monsters except fish that was not so offensive in the sea, and then sea dragon one kind of the dragons and also huge flesh-eating turtle. It was not dragon but it breathed so it was named as dragon turtle, its breathing was powerful as much as general dragons.

Strong sea monsters sacrificed many fishers and the rest of them left seaside. And also most of seaside trade cities that dealt business by using sea road were destroyed. River side was not safe, either. Huge crocodiles and weird fish began to appear, so people could not go into the rivers to swim.

As the sea road was blocked Crenencia also got a blow somewhat. It meant that it did not have any other way but receiving commodities by dangerous ground roads. But there were more monsters on the ground than sea, so Crenencia was driven into a corner. But fortunately with the 3rd pope, Laqia Zills's wise coping with the situation, the damage was to be shortened very much. Laqia Zills recognized well that the last choice of Karis would be an attack Crenencia, and she did her best to make her military forces be stable. That was effective at the 7th war against evil.


Eis 845 :The 7th war against evil broke out , zombie came out. The 3rd pope Laqia Zills committed suicide.

The 7th war against evil was recorded as the most successful winning war historically. With the effort of Laqia Zills and Dion D. Patten the less light damage to Crenencia, the more great damage to Karis. According to Crenencia's superior military force Karis was in danger even at his own base of operation. That's why Karis created Zombie and the situation between Crenencia and Karis turned to be equal

Zombie's great power were awesome because that people were so frightened at resurrected dead people that they couldn't fight as they could. Dead fellow soldiers who died at war attacked in the dead body, many soldiers having a dread ran away.

Especially dragon zombie who resurrected after dragon's dying got an immortal body with the power then he was alive, so it was to be the most monsters. Karis was so captivated by the great power of dragon zombie that he killed alive dragons on purpose and made more dragon zombies.

In the mean while, it happened that the 3rd pope Laqia Zills committed suicide in Crenencia. The reason of that was not opened clearly but the story that the rumor that the pope had relationship with convoy chief was spread and she wanted to approve her innocence was told later. After not so long of that happened, the convoy chief and spiritual knight at the same time, Dion D. Patten died from fasting, weird rumors was spread on and on. But at the paper court did not comment any word. But after that case, Crenencia made a rule of excluding female in the election of pope basically.

Eis 851 : All kingdom legislated cremating to protect zombie.

Because of appearance of zombie whole continent was frightened. It happened so often that buried dead bodies arose and went over villages and so lots of people who were in mental panic increased. For this matter, Crenencia sent each country agendas which commended to cremate instead of burial, and made it enact. According to this regulation each country encouraged cremating and if some buried against regulation, they got punished into prison or fined.

But zombie could be made by animals not only men, so the numbers did not decrease. It was awful existence bothering people all war against evil long. Skeletons were originated at this time, in the case of zombie's only bones left without any flesh or originated with only bones in all hostility, many times zombie was created. Skeletons were also not easily died, and only killing way was that very strong spiritual soldier himself killed them or much strong warrior crashed them out with club.

Eis 853 : Transfering magician team began to be organized to rapid clearing monsters

As monsters after zombies and skeletons appeared every spot in continent, Crenencia met the situation of not send supporting military. So for rapid clearing monsters, Crenencia had to establish transferring magician team to defend them.

The magician team was organized and established centered of Crenencia, it was extended to the major places of continent. The transferring magician team made numbers of spiritual soldiers and knights move to other place at a moment and with it effective defense was to be possible and also move village people who were attacked to other safe places, too. In that reason the team strategy was used all the way of war against evil. However, the organization of transferring magician team was not easy, it took more than 15 years to accomplish the teams over the continent.

Eis 858

The donjon exploration teams which explored donjon discovered in 23rd found at 8th war against evil occurred continent died from mysterious disease and then contagious disease out broke and spread near village and about 40,000 people died for 2 years. From that accident the contagious disease was named as 'curse of Karis'

The 8th war against evil broke out The exploration team that explored the 23rd donjon in the continent died from mysterious disease.At around village contagious disease broke out and spread into whole continent.About 40,000 died for 2 years. That contagious disease named as 'curse of Karis'

8th war against evil finished without big loss to both of them. But like the past comet impact people got big damage not from Karis, from diseases. It was the year of Eis 858, that happening started from the mysterious disease death of exploration team which explored new discovered donjon. All members of the exploration team got strange spots on their bodies and transferred to close village and all of them suffered from high fever and then died by 15 days.

Problem occurred after that happening. The people who took care of the sick soldiers began to get the same disease and lied down. Village was covered with the dead bodies all of a sudden, and living people ran away avoiding from getting sick but many if them were already caught in the disease. At last from the contagious disease over the continent about 40,000 people died for 2 years. That was historical horrible contagious disease and its damage was so big, because even spiritual soldiers could not cure it.

Later, people called it 'curse of Karis' but there was no evidence that Karis made that disease spread.


Eis 863 : In the year of Eis 863, 9th war against evil broke out. Procuring strong powerful attacking arms reforming attacking castle arms for only the war against evil


At the 9th war against evil, reforming attacking castle arms like catapults which was used for breaking castles in the past time to the ones for only war against evil was succeeded. Crenencia that took superior offence power for a while introducing wybern to wars couldn't help but deliver it to Karis again due to appearance of dragon zombie or bone dragon, and did not have alternative answer.

At this moment a inventor got an idea from attacking castle arms like nearly thrown catapult were able to break buildings in high place and tried to reform them for war against evil. This attempt got an enthusiastic favored response at once they were posted at a war. These reformed arms fell down the place monsters got together and the monsters fell down without showing their power as they were. Big monsters like dragon zombie got used to fall down under the so big catapults. This kind of attacking castle arms gave Karis a big burden, too.


Eis 871 : Completion of establishing transferring magician team at the major place in continent. Only clearing magic things mercenary troop not belonged to Crenencia came on the stage.


In the year of Eis 871, As completing to establish transferring magician team at the major places in the continent, at the same time only clearing monsters mercenary team came on the stage. These were from spiritual governors and also some were from worriers. They had belonged to Crenencia but later they separated from it because of oppressive atmosphere. They got money from clear monsters at the small villages where spiritual knights and governors in Crenencia could not reach.

In the time of that Crenencia could not protect affiliated countries safely, in stead of Crenencia, these small mercenary teams' job were to be welcomed. From it, Crenencia got free from moving here and there to clear monsters, and was able to concentrated its efforts on wars, each country got to feel relieved from monsters' appearing.

Eis 878 : The 10th war against evil broke out. Lots of Mythril and Oriharcon discovered from donjon exploration made by dwarves. Much stronger arms and shields increased by improvement of casting technology. The first arms and shields made by Mythril and Oriharcon appeared.


As Mythril and Oriharcon were discovered in the dwarves' caves which were found by chance in the middle of the 10th war against evil, wars met different phase. Armors made by Mythril and Oriharcon were softer and harder than general armors and they increased the mobility of cavalry soldiers and archers. And defending monsters were getting easier with much stronger swords. Much stronger arms and shields were produced due to improvement of casting, although that technology was not reach to manufacture Mythril and Oriharcon.

Now Crenencia gradually took superior position at the war against Karis according to Mythril and Oriharcon arms and shields used from the late of the 10th war against evil.


Eis 889 : Daruem which had harder crystal structure discovered. Daruem's industrial development and arrowhead's applying to arms.


Discovered huge Daruem was misfortune to Karis. Originally Daruem was regarded as a little hard stones spread on the places of comet. Because that it was so hard to cast and found as very small lumps, however its crystal structure was very hard. People said that Daruem was hardening metal piece in clumps crashing at the war between Araim and Kairac or Kairac's broken scales, but it's substance has not be known yet.

For the first time Daruem was not attracted regarding just like stones on the street, later as it was getting to be known as harder than Oriharcon, people began to study the practical use of Daruem. Although Daruem was too tiny crystal structure to cast it, but also some insisted that it could be develop for business due to so beautiful if it was washed well. It was meant that it could be used as in place of currency. And also they used it in place of arrow head, they could pierce any hard skin of monsters. . And if you put it on chain-mail like an accessory it could work well as a awesome shield.

It's weak point was too hard to use it as armors or shields. Just like dragon's skin was so hard but too heavy that people did not wear it as shields. Daruem ¤¸was faced with the same problem. However after that time, but after that Daruem still brought lots of aftereffects of commerce without relating to arms or shields.


Eis 898 :The 11th war against evil broke out. Karis sequestered himself from the world being in critical wound.


Now force of arms in Crenencia with much more harder armors and sharper swords was getting power over Karis's defending ability. And that was approved well at 11th war against evil. Karis lost all his men and had to run away as he himself was wounded, and the worse he got to flee from his original place by Crenencia's chasing troop

Karis retired from the stage in to darkness, Crenencia closed Karis's headquarters. Continent admired Crenencia again, and so Karis did not appeared for a while.


Eis 899 : Appointing the month of 13, 13th as a celebrating day of one year of conquest of Karis. Appointing the month of 13 in next year as the festival month.


At the last time of 11th war against evil Karis had not appeared and monsters also disappeared. People thought that Karis became extinct from the wound he got at the war. Strangely tiny monsters did not come out so awesome peace period went on since long time. Crenencia fixed the day of 13 in the month of 13 as a celebrating day for disappearing Karis for one year, and appointed the month of 13 next year as a festival month.

Although the day of 13th in the month of 13 became a forgotten memorial day but the month of 13 has been succeeded as a festival month yet. For several year after that, monsters and Karis as well had not appeared and people believed extinction of Karis.

However as common enemy disappeared people began to have other things in their minds. It was not beyond of the ability of Crenencia's Papal court. At those days the authority of pope was all mighty so each person struggle for taking the position. And also spiritual worriers were busy to greedy to satisfy their own greed. Gradually Crenencia was called the shameful name of another group of Karis from saving world heroes gathering.

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