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Eis 918 : Imacy kingdom disconstructed Araim shrine.

In the mean while, at last it happened to destroy shrines in Imacy kingdom. Imacy kingdom was located relatively outside of continent, so its damage from Karis was the least. But Imacy kingdom sincerely supported Crenencia as other countries and also was willing to send its national treasures to Crenencia. It had a lot more shrines than other countries and most people were believers. But after finishing wars spiritual governors turned into plunderer and they began to have a haughty bearings for instance not kneeling in front of king.

Imacy's king blamed such a rude behavior of those spiritual governors, on the contrary he got to be warning from Crenencia according to false reports by spiritual governors. Under this situation believes did not attend to shrines gradually, and then spiritual governors got to ask directly kingdom castle for some money. In the beginning king allowed them their asking. But their continuing rude asking under the situation that even Karis was not existed, made ordinary people and Imacy king, as well.

Although it was a mistake, a murdered spiritual governor ran away in a safe to Crenencia. By this case, all Araim shrines were removed and spiritual governors were expelled. Imacy kingdom revoked the agreement of affiliation with Crenencia and demanded to return the requisitioned arms. And in the around that time, in the other countries, closing shrines began to happen due to uncomfortable relationship with spiritual governors. But nobody noticed that happening was based on Karis's conspiracy.


Eis 919 : The 13th pope Peter Williams was inaugurated. Kobai and Peirun kingdom revoked the affiliation with Crenencia. Crenencia kingdom returned requisitioned arms from other countries.

Peter Williams was inaugurated as the 13th pope in the year of Eis 919. Few delegations to congratulation his inauguration visited and Kobai and Peirun kingdom declared revoking affiliate agreement. And even though the countries that did not revoke the agreement yet regard Karis's extinction to an accomplished fact and pressed Crenencia to give the ancient arms back. Crenencia delayed to give them back mentioning Karis's extinction was not approved. But as all countries in continent resisted against not giving them back, Crenencia politely gave them back to each country on December that year. But lots of ancient arms left in Crenencia. Crenencia was still powerful kingdom but not as a spiritual kingdom but strong country as a common meaning. Gradually numbers of Araim believers got to decrease, on the contrary the group of following Karis came into being.


Eis 925 : All official affiliation agreement between each country and Crenencia broke away. Pope assassination attempt occured

Crenencia that had arrogant thought of the first country over all countries suffered an indignity of breaking official alliance with all countries and many shrines got to close. What was worse, there were some shrines that closed due to no believers visited them. As countries intended to make sure of their territory, disputes around border areas did not ceased.

To make matters worse, at this time the accident of making an attempt on the 13th pope Peter Williams' life. The criminal was arrested but Crenencia Paper court kept him secret. The reason was that he was a higher positioned spiritual governor. Because that case could give the authority of Paper court it was kept secret but the rumor was spread already and was not able to handle it. At last the Papal court was also told that it was awful body to even murder for taking power just like other countries. So Crenencia was not respected by other ones and only had an image of some more powerful country than others..

Faithful heroes and spiritual governors got to leave, and some of them who left lost their lives or fell down their position from veiled enmity.

Eis 930 :An affair of blood shedding by fighting for succeeding the 14th papal rights. Crenencia were disrupted.

Crenencia had suffered risky situation. And the fighting for the 14th papal rights caused Crenencia to go to falling down in the year of Eis 930 at last. Peter Williams got an insult of incapable pope gave up his chair upon pressure and, papal court met blood shedding situation by succeeding the 14th pope. Even its ordinary people got angry at that affair and then Crenencia went to be disrupted. Crenencia's disruption was welcomed by other countries. One powerful country falling down could be their chance to make its territory their own one. The countries near by Crenencia border intruded into Crenencia domestic fighting rushing to choose one of the groups in Crenencia.

Eis 934 : Crenencia fell down and the 1st war occurred.

At last Crenencia perished and the countries intruded into Crenencia's domestic warfare claimed their privilege and divided Crenencia's territory. However, as even countries that did not intrude Crenencia's internal warfare began to join the territory affair and then the dispute went to a war. As the war was getting bigger the whole continent went into a war totally.

This war beginning with Crenencia's disruption lasted so long, and later it was called 'Continental War'. The countries that divided into many parts entered into an alliance. After the war ended they reborn as a new nation. Among such countries Nemesis was the first country that succeeded to reform as a powerful country.

Eis 936 : The 2nd continental war occurred and NemesisKingdom was born. Rael D. hiris enthroned Nemesis's first king.

As the 2nd war occurred, small countries gathered into a big country. It was Nemesis that was made under leading of Rael D, hiris. He was a king of small country but he emphasized that they seriously needed a big nation beyond an alliance between countries to leave to life among continental war and started to gather other countries near by. In three years, he rallied countries near by and accomplished huge country and he was enthroned as the first king. He continually occupied continent and almost likely united the whole continent. But the other countries that affected by Rael's acting got to prepare for rallying themselves. In that way the continent was divided into three countries gradually.

Eis 938 : The 3rd continental war occurred and Tanatos kingdom was born. Jank Meium Tanatos was enthroned as the first king.

The 3rd continental war entirely in the hands of Nemesis. Nemesis military under Rael's supervision which was prominent strategy based on huge military force swept the enemies. Against this matter the countries near by Nemesis alloyed countries in a hurry and they called it Tanatos. Jank Meium who was the king of Kobai kingdom which was the biggest one of them took a charge of a representative. Nemesis's unceasing invasion stopped for a while and Jank Meium was enthroned as the first king of a new kingdom, Tanatos.

Eis 945 : The 4th continental war occurred, Moros kingdom was born. Vail Faimun was enthroned as the first king of Moros.

As two huge countries established the 4th continental caused the rest countries to rally. The left countries had to unite into a new country only for not to be belonged to Nemesis or Tanatos. Unification between countries under Vail Faimun's leading gave a birth to Moros and Vail Faimun was enthroned as the first king of Moros. And then continental war was getting to be a field that huge three countries fought to occupy untaken areas yet for their privilege and Nemesis which was established first took the most advantage

Eis 950 : The 5th continental was occurred. Estansia continent consisted in three countries, Nemesis and Tanatos and Moros.

The 5th continental occurred and Estansia continent was united and divided into three kingdoms Nemesis and Tanatos and Moros. They might be split any time because of they rallied themselves for each interesting rather than each inherent character. But they could not even conceive the idea until the end of the war because it was an obvious fact that a country that declared independence would be taken by strong countries at once. In the mean while, the kings of three kingdoms showed their prominent ability of leading and decision, so even the kings of united countries respected them. In that reason these three countries reborn as one complete country.

Eis 954 : Rael D, hiris concluded a cease-fire agreement between Tanatos and Moros. Rael D, hiris gave a birth his son Quede hel hiris

The one who made long continental war was the hero of Nemesis Rael D, Hiris. He was so bold that he met the kings of Tanatos and Moros in person and talked with them and drew a conclusion of cease-fire agreement between three countries. With this Rael's effort long continental war ended and the next year Rael D, Hiris' son, Quede hel Hiris was born.

Naturally it was only somewhat cease-fire and small fighting were continue around border. So it was not attention much to people that small monsters began to appear in the mean while. It was same to black magicians who used some vicious magic.

Eis 955 :Laqia was born.

The next year of Qued hell Hiris was born Laqia was born in the south west area of Nemesis which previous Crenencia was located. She had enormous spiritual power as she was born and her power was getting stronger as she grew up. But her parents wanted their daughter to live an ordinary life and they tried to keep her ability secret. But Karis noticed this fact in advance than others and he killed Laqia's parents and Laqia ran away by herself and saved her life and lived alone. Laqia stayed some place for a while and a gym where Qued trained swordsmanship was there. They met each other by chance and Qued became Laqia's patron.

Eis 972 : Destruction of three countries cease-fire agreement.

Karis's conduct caused to break three cease-fire agreement which was lasted for sometime. But no body recognized that fact and trouble among each country was deepening and risky situation nearly to war lasted on. The kings who led three countries was so old that they could not involve to wars and successors of each country followed them and also the destruction of ease-fire agreement happened by the successors. Destruction of cease-fire agreement was only a good chance for them because they were ambitious as much as their fathers, and also they conceived a dream to unify the continent.

Eis 976 : A war was occurred between Nemesis and Tanatos.

It was unexpected happening that Tanatos attacked first Nemesis which was in advance of national power. Tanatos was belligerent but Tanatos had better attack the weakest country Moros if Tanatos did so for privilege. However for some reason it might a wise choice. If Tanatos invaded Moros, Nemesis could eat both of them out when they all fell down in tired without involving. But if Tanatos and Nemesis fought, it was obvious that Moros could not involve recklessly into the war.

A war broke out and unexpectedly Tanatos took advantage in the beginning. It thanked to lure Nemesis's elite unit leading by Qued hell Hiris into valley and killed all of them. But at the war Tanatos regretfully failed to catch Qued hell Hiris. Soon after Quede hell Hiris restored his military force and attacked Tanatos and Tanatos got to be in risky situation.

Eis 977 :Moros, participated in a war

Moros watching a war supported Tanatos was also unexpected happening. The weakest country, Moros surely was going to be in much trouble if it supported one country recklessly. In worse thing, Moros was on the loosing country. Moros supported to send helping soldiers and it made Nemesis stop fighting for a while.

Even historians could not understand Moros's involving to the war, on the contrary of understanding Tanatos's attacking Nemesis. Moros's participating to the war was no merit at all. But the king who decided such a conclusion at that time already died so the reason had been veiled forever. People only supposed that it was the conduct of Karis.

Eis 979 :Quede hel Hiris was enthroned in Nemesis kingdom.

Quede hel Hiris was enthroned during cease-fire for a while. As soon as Quede took over the right of fighting he prepared for war whose objections were Tanatos which defeated his own force entirely in the past and Moros which troubled him with unexpected participation. Those days there was enthrone also in Tanatos and Moros, at last new kings' first war was to start

Eis 982 :Nemesis occupied Tanatos.

In three years of breaking a war out, Tanatos was taken to Nemesis. It was the result of Quede hell Hiris' awesome leadership and cruel slaughter to death in the place he occupied. Quede hell Hiris suppressed Tanatos seeming like being in madness and slaughtered without any mercy. As such a cruelness Tanatos military fled away as soon as Quede's soldiers appeared, and ordinary people surrendered unconditionally. But Quede killed even surrendered soldiers and trampled on Tanatos, at last, in three years of war Tanatos could not help but surrender.

Eis 984 :Nemesis, occupying Moros and uniting continental. Granted each country the title of 'Lord of the manor'

Moros anticipated that Moros would be the next objection and prepared to defend, but blossoming Nemesis military force was beyond of Moros. Only in two years Moros got to surrender, and then Quede hel Hiris became the third hero uniting continent. Quede knew well about the ending of previous united kingdoms that tried to occupy whole continent excessively and on the contrary divided. So he remained the places under name of Nemesis and Moros, furthermore granted each country king the position of 'Lord of the manor' and let them rule their countries.

However he reinforced watchers and if he caught a slightest rebellion he trampled them thoroughly. This Quede's strategy was very effective, so Nemesis ruled continent most efficiently among united countries.

Eis 985 : Black witch Laqia appeared, Karis appeared

Seeming like to keep on peace due to unification of continent one more risk came on Estansia it was appearance of Karis.

In advance of appearance of Karis black magicians came on the stage. From the continental war started to show and now black magicians came out every place. But till then they did not show their existence. Now they showed their tendency to attack. Without any reason they attacked small villages or scared people letting zombies do so. In the mean while Laqia called black witch appeared. Laqia was almost a chief of black magicians. She used too much severe magic, enjoyed killing people without any feeling. So people feared her..

Of course there were black knight, Jonas Dill or black magician, Demion Karail but such a number of black magicians appeared here and there, and slaughtered was not usual at all. Chasing troop was organized for sweeping black magicians and particularly to catch the black with, Laqia who was pointed as a chief numbers of people gathered but rather killed or only saw her walking away.

One day a chasing troop consisted in nearly 50 members of spiritual knights, spiritual governors, worriers, and archers began to follow Laqia, at last they could drive her to the dead cliff. But the last scene they saw was Laqia laughing bewitchingly and Karis in black dragon image at the bottom of cliff..

Eis 986 : war against evil started under leading of Quede hel Hiris.

With the appearance of Karis continent fell down into panic. Spiritual governors ran away here and there and it was also not possible that expert spiritual governor like Ian Magus came out once again to rally them. As Karis appeared regularly monsters increased more and more and they regularly invaded people.

Quede hel Hiris approved Laqia's identity and decided to fight with Karis. Karis interrupted Laqia's spiritual awakening and kill Quede hel Hiris who prepared a war with Karis. That idea came true next year.

Eis 987 : war finished, Karis extinction, Nemesis king Quede died.

Eis 990 : The 7th continental war occurred.

Eis 994 :The 8th continental war occurred.

Eis 994 July :Kings of each country assassinated by unknown organization, countries collapsed.

Kings of Nemesis, Moros Tanatos assassinated by unknown group. Many people worried regarding these cases to a conspiracy of Karis, but king's relatives or the noble was busy only on fighting to take next right and authority. Like this as king's family was not interested in anything but fighting to take up the next authority, local lords of manors or castles stood up for establishing country. At last in sighing each country perished in a raw. People rushed to local castle lord and went into wars to be a leader for a new country birth. Wars occurred at the places in continent in a small scale. Unless prominent hero came out and unified continent, this bloodshed war looked like continuing on and on.

Eis 994 December

You are an adventurer who left your home town to test yourself after a coming-of-age ceremony. You were born in a small town but if you experience a lot and train and discipline yourself you will be in a big city and you can have rights and authorities, and be rich, too. This is at war and lords of manor or castle need a hero. More achievements you get better treatment and higher position you can get and who knows if you will be a lord of castle and more even to the king of unified continent. For that comes true, you should improve your ability and achievement. In this continent Estansia any body can use magic a little due to a mess of power from wars of gods and people. And you would practice swordsmanship and archery. If you train swordsmanship and you will be a warrior. If you practice archery then you will be an archer. And if you practice magic then you can be a black or white magician. It means that you can have any kind of job. It depends on you totally what you will practice or on which side you will be or what you will do. Now what you are saying? Estansia has been opened already. Why don't you leave for the world of freedom and adventure spread widely?

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