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The chronicle of Deicide
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Eis 567 : Iron discovery, the beginning of farming

Deepening regional fighting with the beginning of farming.

The value of iron was not recognized when it was discovered first. The reason was that it was so solid that they could not make it something in a right shape in the technology those days. However, its importance was climbing as farming began. It was not easy to make tools to dig the tough soil that had stones in it out with the existing metal by that time. Those tools were easily broken or bent and the necessary for harder and stronger metal was going up. Farmers used iron tools more and more gradually and iron ore from the mine which Dwarves dug was high degree of purity as much as no need to smelt it. That's why the fighting for taking mines often broke out.

As people got to know grain is affected by not only the sun and water, but also soil itself, big struggling happened to occupy better area to farm. From that time they began to recognize that they needed bigger power than their family or village to defend their farming land.

Eis 575 : The first country established[Ium]

Establishing country was already foreseen. Those who wanted to be more powerful to get better land were going to subject to big group. And a nation that was a huge group was established in the center of the most fertile plain land in the Estansia continent. It was not enough to be called a nation due to an initiative one, and in the beginning there were not many castles and army. Farmers and hunters led to control people who came from other places and most their job was that they extended their influence to a place whose land was fertile when it was needed. However, it was very historical to originate a concept of king. In that reason it was recognized as a nation. After establishing Ium people of the other lands felt risk and they began to build the similar nation system like Ium.

Eis 589 : The whole continent was divided into 10 nations. Small troubles were deepening for taking good farming land

The nations that established those days began to accomplish their systems gradually. As the concept of king was getting firmed, the men of king and soldiers and general farmers classes were occurred. The farmers had to pay the tax with fixed foodstuffs or iron ore to protect their farming land and to be allotted their new one. And also they helped king and soldiers with fighting when dispute happened. These kinds of small disputes were deepening. Ium which was the first established nation often made troubles of matter of farming lands with other late nations based on superior military force. These kinds of provocation were working, however, gradually other nations began to encounter Ium's provoking and history met a new phase.

Eis 598 : Breaking out the first large scale war between nations (Cyra and Ium)

The war developed iron weapons rapidly
The classes of king, and nobles, and ordinary people were divided and settled.

10 years later the first huge scale war broke out. Two countries near Ium's border united in the name of Cyra and faced against Ium's provoking. That war was severe because of their equal military force. There were lots of casualties, however no winner and no loser were there. But second war was not occurred due to big damage both countries got and they had to do their best to empower their military force.

In the mean time the rest minor countries began to arise and lots of small scales wars happened everywhere and day after day. These wars caused to rapid development of weapons, and every country had to do their best to make more hard and fierce weapons and arms. The type of sword was standardized and various useful arms came out a lot.

As times went by farmers became to concentrate farming, and there became specialized soldiers, the division of people's classification in kingdom was deepened. The classes of king, nobles, knight, ordinary people were settle down and the manners of kingdom originated in their own way. Functions were formed so as to lead many people and so many legends adventure stories were made for making king hero and god in the class of noble. And the higher class of people often emphasized the necessary of social class division to have the initiative against ordinary people.

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