The infinite war
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The infinite war
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Wealth festival of high levels
hat do you all think about most of siege warfare system? And how many of you actually participate in? Most of users are not really interested in this siege warfare system, or some of you might even think that's not worth much at all. Basically, most of in-game war systems are made of this siege warfare system. Begins at certain hour and place, both sides fight for one castle, but eventually always the one with more money, more users, and higher level wins. Once this war is over, winners can gather money and items as many as they want so they can win the next war again.
'Wealth festival of high levels!' That's what most of users think of this siege warfare. But, can we really call it a real war? Also castle is just for the appearance, and those plain combats are making the name siege warfare means even worse. This kind of warfare shouldn't be made at the first place, and there was none like this at the middle ages either.
Forget about established siege warfare
eicide does not intend to make no warfare happens in determined time and location.
Deicide's warfare is actual 'Infinite war' itself. As you all know, a war does not occurs on determined time. Deicide's war can occur at any certain time, and sides of attackers and defenders can also decided by the fair result of numerous field combats. You can also become a politic too. If you don't have enough power, go ahead and make alliance with other mercenaries or armies. Mercenary hiring is also possible. There can't be no more eternal rulers, and this is our Deicide's infinite war that the destiny of an army decided by all level users, not just high ones.
"Realistic warfare" Only in Deicide.
eicide has whole different quality in research of siege warfare than others.
As you all know, attacking castle only with manpower is so unrealistic. In Deicide, horse is not just for riding, but also for speedy attack. You can attack on the horse, and also there are siege attack machines for direct castle attack.
Users can attack enemies while riding horses, and control siege attack machines to attack the castle directly. Any low level users can participate on this warfare, and it's also free to move to other powers.
If you haven't really feel what it's like to play real war system in MMORPGs, then challenge right now. Live and real warfare is waiting for you.

Why the infinite war?
n most of MMOGPRGs, war system is always a incidental content with limited time frame. In Deicide, war is not just a in-game content, but the game itself. Also, you can play war system all the time 24/7.

There's no offense or defense, your side of position decided by continuous field battle. That is why you can be in combat situation all the time for 24 hours. Anyone can counterattack your side when you are look in for their weak point. You never know what will happen to you even if you are in high level, and at the same time, you can always win some special achievements even though you are in low level.

Everyone here starts as a mercenary. You don't need to shy or afraid of participating our war just because you don't know anybody, or not registered to a guild or party. What you need to do is to make right decision at the right moment about how are you going to take a part in our war system.

In our infinite war system, you can attend to a war even though you are not in certain mercenary guild, and you will also be paid by the result of the war you fought for. It is always free to retire from the guild you in.

You can't just relief just because you have seized a castle. The army master should always concern about constant field combats, and as well as being a reasonable politic and expending territories. When you are in war situation, everyone from beginners to veteran users should be ready equally, and that is why our Deicide's infinite war system is so unique and realistic.
Mercenary system introduction
eicide's mercenary system is very unique, but easy to understand. Any one can become a mercenary if character's level is over 25, when you are qualified you can become a mercenary by talking to the mercenary NPC at the castle door, or appointed by master or vice master of the army.

When you are working as a mercenary, you can obtain Shild by killing enemy army member ir mercenaries, and as well as Exps. This is no different than killing monsters to get Exps and Shild, but just better because you will get more Exps and Shild since you are distinguishing yourself at the battle.

Mercenary guild - A guild without a castle
Creating a mercenary guild
- A mercenary guild is made of the master, vice-master, and normal members.
- There's no limitation for guild member number, and only master of the guild can appoint vice-master.
Mercenary master>Vice mercenary master>Normal guild member
Major roles for master and vice-master of the mercenary guild
- Master of a guild can decide many important decisions for their guild. Such as, register and firing the member, disband the guild, securing location, appointing and dismissing the vice-master, making guild notification, auto member update, and leaving the master position.
- Vice-master can control member registration, guild notification, and leaving the vice-master position.
Army - A guild possessing a castle.
Creating an army
- A mercenary guild can become the army by seizing a castle.
Army organization
- Army organization system is basically same with the mercenary guild, except an army can have 2 vice-masters for a castle.
Army master>Vice army masters>Normal army member
2 vice-masters for a castle.
Major role of army master and vice-master.
- Masters of army are in charge of same commands as mercenary guild masters, and they can also decide to apply an alliance or secede from it.
- Vice army masters do have same role as vice-masters for mercenary guild.


Creating a guild
User needs to be more than level 25 to create a guild, you can create a guild at Vail's guild NPC. Necessary fund for creating a guild is 3 million Shild. Guild name should be in 32 character English.
01. Find the guild creating NPC at the 12 O'clock wise direction.
02. Click on the NPC, and you will see the guild creating interface.
03. Click on the [Creating Guild] button. You will see this "Enter your guild name" message.
* You must be over level 25 to create a guild.
04. Enter your guild name. They will ask you one more time if you want to create your guild as this name. The guild founder should have creating fund.
* You do need 3 million Shild in order to create a guild.
05. When you are done with this creating guild process, you will see this "Mercenary guild has been created." Message. At the head of your character will show the name of your guild and your position in the guild.
Seceding from the Guild(Mercenary/Army)
You can secede from your guild whenever you want, but once you secede from the guild, you cannot register to no guild until that week's seize warfare is over, and you will loose some of your GE Point.
(Volunteer seceding ? 3000 points, Banished from the guild ? 5000 points)
Disbanding the guild(Mercenary/Army)
Guild master can disband the guild without member's permission, this can be done at the guild NPC. After disbanding the guild, guild master's GE Point will go down for -30000. Once your guild is disbanded, you cannot create or join the guild until that week's seize warfare is over. You cannot disband your guild when your guild is in seize warfare, also when there's even one vice-master is there.

- An interface shows basic warfare situation information for every user. You can check Battle-Score based on your chosen castle(Army) for its enemies.
Battle-Score checking up process
01. Click the [Skill] icon, and choose [Living] skill.
02. Click the [Battle-Score] icon on the bottom part of living skills.
03. Drag that [Battle-Score] icon on to one of the short-cut slot(No.1).
04. Click the short-cut key(No.1) to activate the [Battle-Score] interface.
05. Choose the map where you want to see the war story.
06. That way, you will be able to check out the war situation on the map you chosen, and system will also show you hostile information for the army in that map.

Tax system
- Only the master of army(With castle) can control tax system.
- You can bring out the tax arranging window by clicking the [Tax rate] skill at the guild skill menu.
- Tax can be rearranged by the arrow on the window.
- You can arrange your tax rate from 5% to 20%.
- Choose your tax rate, and press OK button apply the rate.
- You can only arrange and apply tax rate right after the seize warfare.

Seize war requirement
ndividual battles in infinite war will be plussed to each castle's occupational points, and occupational points will be calculated considering the position of the enemy, and level. Seize warfare will go on as in the shape of infinite war between those guilds with castles or encampment, and the occupational points will be indicated lively on the in-game interface. Your position of offense or defense will be decided as points earned from the infinite war.

Ex) Castle A : Army with a castle, Castle B : Army with near castle against castle A, Encampment 1,2 : Mercenary guilds with encampments against castle A. Now the infinite war can begin when these 4 forces are ready for the battle, and after the infinite war, castles or mercenary guilds with the highest occupational point will take the defense position in up coming seize warfare.
Basic rules of seize warfare

ou can only start the seize warfare when there is an army with at least one castle. Mercenary guild master can purchase the empty castle ownership when there's no one owning the castle.
You can only attack your nearest castle for seize warfare, mercenary guild master with no castle will need to occupy an encampment in order to participate in the seize warfare.
It is impossible to disband the army with a castle, also army master character cannot be deleted either.

When the offense and defense sides get decided, finally the seize warfare can go on from GMT Time.

   Camp VS Castle War Time: Gmt Wed. 2:00-4:00 (period of Point: Gmt Sat. 23:00 - next week Gmt Wed. 2:00)
   Castle VS Castle War Time: Gmt Sat. 19:00-21:00 (period of Point: Gmt Wed. 4:00 - Gmt Sat. 19:00)
   Make Camp Time: Gmt Sat. 21:00-23:00 
   Limitation of Guild member:  50 members per guild 
   P.S.: type ]TIME in game, can get Gmt time. 

However, seize warfare cannot take place when opponent's occupational point is same as the point from the nearest castle. If both encampment opponents have same points, the one with the faster base securing time rate will get the defense position.

When the seize warfare starts, defense force will be transferred into the defense castle, and offense force will be transferred to the base town of the seize map.
Defense force character will be re-spawned at the side gate of the defense castle, and offense force will be re-spawned randomly on the seize map.

The seize warfare process
1 hour before the warfare starts and until the end of it, no guild or army skills can be used, only the member skill will be available to be used. Castle gate and equipments will be spawned at the starting moment of the seize warfare.

When the seize warfare starts, any characters other than defense force will be automatically transferred to near town map.
Seize warfare winning condition
irst ending require point is 35, and you can win the warfare with or without the seize time limit if you earn 100 points. If the offense part does not earn 100 points before time limit, the defense force will win the warfare. Points will be indicated as + for offense force, and - for defense force.

Benefits for the conqueror
ny army with more than 5 castles can found a nation. And can hire mercenary by the NPC[Soon to be updated]
Currently you can collect tax from users hunting monsters in your territory, and also from purchase at the NPC shop.
Sharing incomes
hen the seize warfare is over, accumulated benefits will shared into your army members immediately. [Warehouse]

- Master : 10%
- Vice-master : 5%
- Mercenary : 20% / Currently connecting
- Army member : (Total income x (1- (0.1 + 0.2 + (0.05 x number of vice masters))) / number of army members
Character crash management
n seize warfare map part, there will be character crash preventing management will be done during 19 ~ 21(GMT).
Character changing
our character will switch into the character for seize warfare as soon as the warfare starts, and master and vice master will be indicated with special effect. When you are in the seize situation, your character's outfit can't be changed because of your items.

Securing encampment base
Securing base is possible on every Saturday from 21:00 to 22:00.
There are 2 encampments you can secure at the location for securing encampment bases, every masters from armies can only secure one base.
You need 5 million Shild for securing one encampment, only masters can secure encampment bases.
Locations for encampment bases
Legyon 154 335 area, Gauna 258 367 area, Barknan 321 290 area, Zirene 132 380 area
Securing method
Basic option : You need to be the master or the vice-master of the mercenary guild. Or you will need to make a new guild.
Purchasing the castle
When there's no guild owning the castle, you can purchase the ownership of the castle with Shild.
You need 50 million Shild to purchase the ownership of the castle at the encampment securing location.

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