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Creating a guild
User needs to be more than level 25 to create a guild, you can create a guild at Vail's guild NPC. Necessary fund for creating a guild is 3 million Shild. Guild name should be in 32 character English.
01. Find the guild creating NPC at the 12 O'clock wise direction.
02. Click on the NPC, and you will see the guild creating interface.
03. Click on the [Creating Guild] button. You will see this "Enter your guild name" message.
* You must be over level 25 to create a guild.
04. Enter your guild name. They will ask you one more time if you want to create your guild as this name. The guild founder should have creating fund.
* You do need 3 million Shild in order to create a guild.
05. When you are done with this creating guild process, you will see this "Mercenary guild has been created." Message. At the head of your character will show the name of your guild and your position in the guild.
Seceding from the Guild(Mercenary/Army)
You can secede from your guild whenever you want, but once you secede from the guild, you cannot register to no guild until that week's seize warfare is over, and you will loose some of your GE Point.
(Volunteer seceding ? 3000 points, Banished from the guild ? 5000 points)
Disbanding the guild(Mercenary/Army)
Guild master can disband the guild without member's permission, this can be done at the guild NPC. After disbanding the guild, guild master's GE Point will go down for -30000. Once your guild is disbanded, you cannot create or join the guild until that week's seize warfare is over. You cannot disband your guild when your guild is in seize warfare, also when there's even one vice-master is there.

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