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The infinite war
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Benefits for the conqueror
ny army with more than 5 castles can found a nation. And can hire mercenary by the NPC[Soon to be updated]
Currently you can collect tax from users hunting monsters in your territory, and also from purchase at the NPC shop.
Sharing incomes
hen the seize warfare is over, accumulated benefits will shared into your army members immediately. [Warehouse]

- Master : 10%
- Vice-master : 5%
- Mercenary : 20% / Currently connecting
- Army member : (Total income x (1- (0.1 + 0.2 + (0.05 x number of vice masters))) / number of army members
Character crash management
n seize warfare map part, there will be character crash preventing management will be done during 19 ~ 21(GMT).
Character changing
our character will switch into the character for seize warfare as soon as the warfare starts, and master and vice master will be indicated with special effect. When you are in the seize situation, your character's outfit can't be changed because of your items.

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