The infinite war - Securing encampment base
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Securing encampment base
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Securing encampment base
Securing base is possible on every Saturday from 21:00 to 22:00.
There are 2 encampments you can secure at the location for securing encampment bases, every masters from armies can only secure one base.
You need 5 million Shild for securing one encampment, only masters can secure encampment bases.
Locations for encampment bases
Legyon 154 335 area, Gauna 258 367 area, Barknan 321 290 area, Zirene 132 380 area
Securing method
Basic option : You need to be the master or the vice-master of the mercenary guild. Or you will need to make a new guild.
Purchasing the castle
When there's no guild owning the castle, you can purchase the ownership of the castle with Shild.
You need 50 million Shild to purchase the ownership of the castle at the encampment securing location.

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