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Seize war requirement
ndividual battles in infinite war will be plussed to each castle's occupational points, and occupational points will be calculated considering the position of the enemy, and level. Seize warfare will go on as in the shape of infinite war between those guilds with castles or encampment, and the occupational points will be indicated lively on the in-game interface. Your position of offense or defense will be decided as points earned from the infinite war.

Ex) Castle A : Army with a castle, Castle B : Army with near castle against castle A, Encampment 1,2 : Mercenary guilds with encampments against castle A. Now the infinite war can begin when these 4 forces are ready for the battle, and after the infinite war, castles or mercenary guilds with the highest occupational point will take the defense position in up coming seize warfare.
Basic rules of seize warfare

ou can only start the seize warfare when there is an army with at least one castle. Mercenary guild master can purchase the empty castle ownership when there's no one owning the castle.
You can only attack your nearest castle for seize warfare, mercenary guild master with no castle will need to occupy an encampment in order to participate in the seize warfare.
It is impossible to disband the army with a castle, also army master character cannot be deleted either.

When the offense and defense sides get decided, finally the seize warfare can go on from GMT Time.

   Camp VS Castle War Time: Gmt Wed. 2:00-4:00 (period of Point: Gmt Sat. 23:00 - next week Gmt Wed. 2:00)
   Castle VS Castle War Time: Gmt Sat. 19:00-21:00 (period of Point: Gmt Wed. 4:00 - Gmt Sat. 19:00)
   Make Camp Time: Gmt Sat. 21:00-23:00 
   Limitation of Guild member:  50 members per guild 
   P.S.: type ]TIME in game, can get Gmt time. 

However, seize warfare cannot take place when opponent's occupational point is same as the point from the nearest castle. If both encampment opponents have same points, the one with the faster base securing time rate will get the defense position.

When the seize warfare starts, defense force will be transferred into the defense castle, and offense force will be transferred to the base town of the seize map.
Defense force character will be re-spawned at the side gate of the defense castle, and offense force will be re-spawned randomly on the seize map.

The seize warfare process
1 hour before the warfare starts and until the end of it, no guild or army skills can be used, only the member skill will be available to be used. Castle gate and equipments will be spawned at the starting moment of the seize warfare.

When the seize warfare starts, any characters other than defense force will be automatically transferred to near town map.
Seize warfare winning condition
irst ending require point is 35, and you can win the warfare with or without the seize time limit if you earn 100 points. If the offense part does not earn 100 points before time limit, the defense force will win the warfare. Points will be indicated as + for offense force, and - for defense force.

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