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The infinite war
Why the infinite war?
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Why the infinite war?
n most of MMOGPRGs, war system is always a incidental content with limited time frame. In Deicide, war is not just a in-game content, but the game itself. Also, you can play war system all the time 24/7.

There's no offense or defense, your side of position decided by continuous field battle. That is why you can be in combat situation all the time for 24 hours. Anyone can counterattack your side when you are look in for their weak point. You never know what will happen to you even if you are in high level, and at the same time, you can always win some special achievements even though you are in low level.

Everyone here starts as a mercenary. You don't need to shy or afraid of participating our war just because you don't know anybody, or not registered to a guild or party. What you need to do is to make right decision at the right moment about how are you going to take a part in our war system.

In our infinite war system, you can attend to a war even though you are not in certain mercenary guild, and you will also be paid by the result of the war you fought for. It is always free to retire from the guild you in.

You can't just relief just because you have seized a castle. The army master should always concern about constant field combats, and as well as being a reasonable politic and expending territories. When you are in war situation, everyone from beginners to veteran users should be ready equally, and that is why our Deicide's infinite war system is so unique and realistic.
Mercenary system introduction
eicide's mercenary system is very unique, but easy to understand. Any one can become a mercenary if character's level is over 25, when you are qualified you can become a mercenary by talking to the mercenary NPC at the castle door, or appointed by master or vice master of the army.

When you are working as a mercenary, you can obtain Shild by killing enemy army member ir mercenaries, and as well as Exps. This is no different than killing monsters to get Exps and Shild, but just better because you will get more Exps and Shild since you are distinguishing yourself at the battle.

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