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The infinite war
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Wealth festival of high levels
hat do you all think about most of siege warfare system? And how many of you actually participate in? Most of users are not really interested in this siege warfare system, or some of you might even think that's not worth much at all. Basically, most of in-game war systems are made of this siege warfare system. Begins at certain hour and place, both sides fight for one castle, but eventually always the one with more money, more users, and higher level wins. Once this war is over, winners can gather money and items as many as they want so they can win the next war again.
'Wealth festival of high levels!' That's what most of users think of this siege warfare. But, can we really call it a real war? Also castle is just for the appearance, and those plain combats are making the name siege warfare means even worse. This kind of warfare shouldn't be made at the first place, and there was none like this at the middle ages either.
Forget about established siege warfare
eicide does not intend to make no warfare happens in determined time and location.
Deicide's warfare is actual 'Infinite war' itself. As you all know, a war does not occurs on determined time. Deicide's war can occur at any certain time, and sides of attackers and defenders can also decided by the fair result of numerous field combats. You can also become a politic too. If you don't have enough power, go ahead and make alliance with other mercenaries or armies. Mercenary hiring is also possible. There can't be no more eternal rulers, and this is our Deicide's infinite war that the destiny of an army decided by all level users, not just high ones.
"Realistic warfare" Only in Deicide.
eicide has whole different quality in research of siege warfare than others.
As you all know, attacking castle only with manpower is so unrealistic. In Deicide, horse is not just for riding, but also for speedy attack. You can attack on the horse, and also there are siege attack machines for direct castle attack.
Users can attack enemies while riding horses, and control siege attack machines to attack the castle directly. Any low level users can participate on this warfare, and it's also free to move to other powers.
If you haven't really feel what it's like to play real war system in MMORPGs, then challenge right now. Live and real warfare is waiting for you.

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