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Before the War of against Evel, Vail used to be a transfer city from Zils or Gourse to big cities. But after this horrible catastrophe, the road has been closed and people couldn't use it anymore.
After catastrophe, sufferers from Zils and Gourse settled down in Vail and it became much bigger town. In the center of Vail, there are lots of rich people living at Poduram which is surround by rivers. Because of this advantage of river, Poduram is very safe, and monster cannot come over here.
Mostly many Beholders and Carnival Rats are widely distributed. At the Orc's forest that called this name because there were Orcs in the past, there are many Hatchlings which look like baby dragon go around in the forest and because of this monster people can not go there easily.

Pretty big town made of one complete island. You need to use one of three bridges in order to move on to other location. With this geographical peculiarity, there was some dynasties here, but couldn't keep them with lack of supply. Vail is in shape of sort of big magical formation, and Poduram town is in the middle of that.
Orc's forest
This Orc's forest was here even before the whole town was build, and there is a story of Orcs living here whom are older than humans. There's no more Orcs around here thanks to our nation's Orc sweeping work, but instead of them fire throwing Hatchlings has appeared, so people still need to be really careful. Also, this place is getting more dangerous these days because of those huge Beholders.
Divine River
These flows of water around Poduram can be called as a river, but more likely a lake. This river around whole Vail area strangely does not flow to the sea. It actually looks like some kind of artificial ditch around the city, weird thing is that this river is still crystal clear even though it doesn't have no way to circulate. Most town people used to use this water for drink, that's why people call it a divine river since it doesn't ever get contaminated.

It was one land that combining together before 'the First war of against Evils'. However after the war, Gourse was cracked into encounter of two powers. Especially, the Waterfall stand up in the middle of flat land is bountiful, but very strange at the same time.
It was known as the place that Elves lived before, but people in the Gourse do not believed in Elves at all. Nowadays most of people are using a land route, therefore no one is using this prospered Port no more.

While town
While town used to be a small island town a part of continent, but became like this as the result of first war against evil. This town is also called as the 'Lost Elf's town', it seems very authentic since there are some sort of alters look like Elf's legacy, and some kids here even have ears look just like Elves. People don't really seem to care or aware of this kind of weird myth or Elf story, but this might even sound more suspicious to most of others from outside.

Elf's alter
This alter is where you can find pass through the south bridge from Gourse, shaped as some sort of magical formation made of huge stones. While town people annually did a religious service here, it has became the town tradition, and travelers actually named this the "Elf's alter". But, people here in Gourse don't know anything about that.
Kudarin brother's bridge
Gourse town has two bridges, these bridges splits into two locations, but you still need to get in to one location in order to move on to other towns. After the first war against evil, people were afraid to make the bridge to pass through the south part of town since the location was swarming with scary monsters. With this causing lots of hard time people to go to some other places, finally Kudarin brothers town carpenters started to make bridges for town people. Though they have died by monsters before the bridge completion, people gathered together and complete the bridge and named it as the "Kudarin brother's bridge" in order to remember them.
Sky Falls
This huge place in the middle of Gourse is making marvelous view of falls with continuance water pumping. This place is also has it's own theory of made after the first war against evil, but whether it is true or not, people still thank Sky Falls for helping them making some extra shild by attracting tourists.
Zyrha harbor
This harbor was here from when Gourse region got united, unlike other harbors, this has been keeping its constant well being. Since most of people left to other locations to avoid the warfare, this harbor stands here only with its name, nowadays it is very hard to see people using sea transportation.

Zils, located in the southwest area of Nemesis, is a historical place although it's small town.
This area was the territory of Krinencia once, at the time of 'The 7th War against Evils', Deicide Zils and Deon de Patten killed Devil Fairak and put a full stop to the war here.
Once people lived this place with villages in some degree, but it has became a site for monsters, and people left gradually after Damakhan under Karis's command and monsters attacked here on the August 'the Year of Eis 961'.
In this place, there are still vestiges of village left, but it is impossible to find he trace of people no more since monsters got more violent and stronger because of the force of Damakhan.
There is no more nice rural scenery because of widely distributed monsters in places. However this is good for knights who want to upgrade their skills.

Before the War against Evils, Miras was the one of the most peaceful place. However, since the War occurred, monsters got trickle into this place, and started to disperse native people. So most of people left or remade their small shelters in places, and moved to bigger villages to protect themselves from monsters. Recently, there's only one village 'Vasis' left.
Hatchlings, Zombie Dogs and Evil Dogs are going around in this place. Therefore when inexperienced travelers go through here, they should be very careful

Miras as a gateway to other towns, used to be a unite of small towns. But sadly, due to those monsters' constant attack, people had to move to Vail or Legyon, nowadays Vasis is the only town where you can see living people. It is still a very big problem for Vasis people, and since it is also very hard to come into Vasis from other towns, Vasis's future is not that bright either.

Silva's ranch
Vasis town's one of elder Silva's ranch. There used to be many good wild horses here, sometimes even Moros royal family were riding horses from here. But, these days he just makes living by renting horses to travelers or selling to horse dealer in big cities in very cheap price.

Legyon was a remarkable point of strategic importance when it's the territory of Kingdom of Moros. There are still solders at the fort with crests of Moros on their chest even after the doom of Kigdom, and they do sometimes hunt monsters. There are still 'The cloud land' that is filled with a flock of wild sheep and also horse pasture for the royal castle
It's dangerous place filled with Goblins and King Beholders but in the southeast area the lake of Iris is the one of the famous tourist spot in the continent.

Legyon fortress
During the Moros kingdom's age, this Legyon legion used to be the gateway to the castle of Moros kingdom. There were not too many threats from enemies since the location was very rugged and there were lots of dangerous monsters, but still a very timid king Benea Pyman had to order to make special solid fortress. The fortress was big enough to cattle more than 20 horses, but there are very seldom time when people took a part in actual combat. Rumor is the king wanted to set up some weird plan of his, and this sounds actually very authentic since those guards here are still guarding the fortress even now when the kingdom has fall already.
Kingdom cattle
A cattle used to be taken care by Legyon fortress, most of horses for Moros kingdom supplied from here. After Moros kingdom falls, horses here just run around freely, and sometimes attacked by monsters. Soldiers actually don't really bother these horses running around, but still protect them from taken away by people here.
Tree of hanging
This place with two old dead trees here used to be a place for hanging people. They used to hang those criminals here, maybe because of that those two trees used to be very health, but soon they got old and eventually died and turned into creepy brown and black colors. Some people say that's because something is below those trees, but it impossible to find out what that is, and no one wants to try that either.
Cloud land
This land is a habitat for wild sheeps. Most of monsters here are undeads who actually don't have much hostility only against human, therefore sheeps here don't really have no threat for their lives. Because of those monsters there are not many predatory animals here, so maybe this could be the heaven for sheeps to live. Since it looks like clouds moving with those many sheeps, people call this place a cloud land.
Lake of Iris
This lake here with marvelous water fall is the place where people believe that heavenly archer Iris was disappeared. The proof of this theory is very authentic because basically almost every Eis's bow's rumors around Legyon is based on this lake. Also there are some people saying rumors that they have saw the ghost of Iris here. However, the lake is too deep, and sometimes unknown accidents happen here, so not many adventurers are trying to research here.

Before the doom of Moros Kingdom, the Sandark castle of Mohas was the closest one to the royal castle of Moros. However, this area is now heavenly place for Orcs, Orc archers and King Beholders. Widern town at the center of Mohas is famous for lots of the nice merchants. Even People who don't know about Mohas heard about the village ‘Widern'. Most of people in widern make their living by providing various goods to Sandark castle.

Sandark castle
Before the Moros kingdom falls this castle was called Mohas castle, but after the lord here Sandark declared an independency from the kingdom, this castle now call the "Sandark castle". This place was kind of different from Legyon fortress, but it was still a very important spot for strategically, so timid king Benea had to make a castle to watch those lords here. This place is actually very dangerous since there are many Orc archers here.

Widern town
This town makes living by supplying Sandark castle. This place was not really a good place or living with many monsters around, but since the lord here declared that he will buy products with high rate if you are near from the castle, wandering dealers started to settle here and actually made their own small town. The town is on very high place, but Sandark castle's soldiers are guarding here since there are lots of monsters.

Gaunna had a lot of attention than any others because it was located in the middle of the border area of Moros, Thanatos and Nemesis. There is a sleeping volcano looks like eruptible one in the middle of area, and lots of nobilities used to come to see the waterfall, which is a grand sight from the volcano. However, everybody must be ready to run away while enjoying this beautiful scenery, because there are Piranhas inside water and Hobgoblins, Zombies and Werewolves outside water. One thing for sure is that this area isn't just for sight seeing.
At time of Moros, Thanatos and Nemesis, this area was a unique place to connect three kingdoms at the border area. The kings of three kingdoms recognized this area as a neutral zone in the council and made ‘Portal' to travel other country for merchants and travelers because of local peculiarity that there are too many huge monsters, they have to make the borderline and the military base-camp couldn't be set up in this area. People have to get through this area to go to other country because they usually had to buy expensive portal-scroll or go through the dangerous waterway. Recently, everybody can travel without any problems but people traveling alone wouldn't like to travel this area because of many dangerous monsters.
Mount Ancasta
This mount Ancasta is in the middle of Gaunna a huge volcanic mountain, there were several explosions when the war against evil was at the peak, But, people actually call this mountain a dead volcanic mountain since there hasn't been no explosion in 100 years. Around the mountain is a lake made of lava, no actual fish lives, but some Pyranias's. Since there are many monsters around this mountain, there's a rumor that something below this mountain is drumming up those monsters.
The land of death
This place was actually a very luxuriant woods, but suddenly trees start to dry and die.
And monsters here died one by one, and soon all trees were dead and so did most of animals. To research the truth about this incident, many magicians were dispatched, but since the kingdom itself has fall, there was no reason for those magicians to continue their works. Some prophets are saying that these mount Ancasta and the land of death are signs of destruction of Estansia continent, what they are saying is that sealed Karis is sleeping below the mount Ancasta, and he will awake when when the day of destruction comes.
Elbarn's alter
This is known as an alter of ancient tribe called Elbarns made for their ascetic practices. There are only four of cleft rocks with unknown language, but people say that just before 100 years there were more than hundreds of rocks covering this place. But as always, no one knows where did those rocks have gone.
The bridge of confession
The only bridge in the middle of Gaunna legion. There is a river made to flowing water around the mount Ancasta, since the speed of river is very fast, there are lots of people falling while looking down the bridge. The first one who fell from here was a serial killer who killed five children, he was also looking down the bridge and fall because of vertigo, people have made the name since he seemed kind of like killing himself by regretting what he had done. This name of the bridge has transformed into some funny story in other countries, rumors saying that person who cross this bridge as 100 thousand will get any sin forgiven, but this is the perfect lying since there's no way people can count who crossed the bridge as the 100 thousand times.

Neris, formal territory of the Kingdom of Nemesis, is famous for the huge castle 'Carpard' and the town Lunga made Neris more famous because of the great merchants from here. Carpard had the biggest and strongest Army except the royal castle of Nemesis. Actually they used to win in most battle.
There are interesting places like the village for Merchants 'Lunga' and the Hermit's lake. However, Lunga has the difficulty to provide goods to Carpard as growing the number of large-size monsters like Skeletons and Stone Golems.

Carpard castle
This Carpard castle under the control of Nemesis nation used to be very famous for its huge scale and marvelous combat ability. Castle is easy to approach since it's located in the middle of land, but since the castle itself is very solid and made for good fighting position, there has been actually no footstep of enemies in the castle. The problem was that only thing lord here did was oppression, and tyranny, and it got actually worse when Nemesis has fell. People here want a hero to come and punish the lord here. That's because the lord here is too young to die old or sick.
Lunga town
This town makes living by supplying Carpard castle, all those dealers inside castle are also from here. Lunga town people have very good hand skills, even that finical lord Carpard also treats those dealers very well because of their hand skills. Therefore, Lunga town is actually called as the "Town of dealers".
Hermit's lake
30 years ago, a man had came to Lunga town, and not even the lord hadn't do nothing to stop that guy. The man wasn't talking to town folks, always just fishing at the upper side lake with his cloak on. Suddenly the man disappeared, and people were too busy to deal with the war to think bout him. Still there's no information about him at all, and the lake he used to go was named as the "Hermit's lake".
Neris's cheese is very famous even on continent-wise, since the price were too high, there were times when lords had to cattle cows by themselves. But, as the war goes on, it was impossible for lords to take care of something like cows. The king had to give up on rearing cattle since people didn't really want to look for expensive cheese, and soon enough, cows disappeared. People after the war needed actual meat much more than cheese.

Some adventurers, who have traveled the aria of Neris, found this dungeon on the Month of Araim(April) at the Year of Eis 995 and it is famous for a huge scale. Historically, it's known as discovered dungeon during the time of Jaberin Kingdom in the past, but nobody knows about the actual history of dungeon because there is no recodes left at all. And it is recalled 'Neca' by the Lord of castle 'Carpard' because the name was gone out of people's head.

It was formerly most prosperous town once, but after ‘the War against the Evil' it becomes Icy land because of the disintegration of Power and Mana. Many magicians and priest tried to return Harit as before, but they couldn't find the way. Unfortunately, most part of Harit covered with Ice. Moreover, Magma Golems, Saturoses, Ogres and even Ice Golem witch is seen at only glacial land settled down to here, then the last town at Harit became a gouts town.
The only thing that ruined old wooded fence shows it was a town once, but absolutely deserted. Luckily, there are bridges that connect each part and that is fortunate to adventurers. However, most of bridges are warped and destroyed by cold weather therefore travelers should be careful when they across the bridge. Especially, a lot of Harpies attack people and hours while they are crossing the bridge, so they have to watch out the attack from the sky.

Barknan, it is the land of glacial with terrible monsters such as Cyclops Troll Chimeras and Ice knights. Especially, the strongest monster Ice knights made most people moved out. In the past time, there were more various monsters but they've been disappeared with no reason. Beside, there is many monsters were confined in the lump of ice, which is called 'the cursed glacier'. It shows that the cursed glacier wasn't typical one because it is possible to find 'Beard Fish' in it, however it's wired that 'Ice-knights' which could only exist in the glacial land, Wyvern that is strong to coldness and even 'Golem' that doesn't care coldness and hot weather at all also was confined in this glacier.
Adventurers and travelers are afraid of putting one-step inside because they thought the cursed glacier could overtake them.




Suher was thriving. The castle, which was called harder one than the royal castle of Nemesis, is still well. But the beautiful forest was ruined during the war, and Harpys, Ice knight Leader and Succubus took the place for human and other animals.
What is worse, the fertile land has been changed into the glacier land. Barnan, the Lord of castle, always said that he'd like to leave this area as soon as possible if there was someone who took the responsibility of the castle instead of him.
However there would be no one who stayed here any longer even he/she could get the castle or whole land if he/she saw the huge monsters walking around here.

Oria castle
Castle ruled by lord Barnan, this could be the most well managed castle all around our Estansia continent because of its decent geographical location and outstanding defense system. Although, it has became a huge worry for lord Barnan since this outstanding castle wall is only being used for blocking monsters. They even need to fight in cold winter, soldiers and mercenaries are very angry about this.
Wahar town
This town maybe the most dangerous one around Estansia continent. It was impossible to protect this town even if Oria castle can send their troops constantly, therefore damages from those high level monsters were outrageous. The only reason why this town is still here is because lord Barnan didn't wanted to loose his only supply line. Lord barnan has been using money and authority to stop people from leaving, and this has been working so far.
Statue of grace
These couple of statues at the town entrance is very famous for saving town already several times. Every time when monsters are about to attack the town, these statues turn out red light, and some small monsters even ran away just for seeing these statues. That's why people can live their lives peacefully because of those statues of grace.
Tolem harbor
It is now actually kind of awkward to call this place a harbor, there has been no ship decked in here since the continent war. Tolem harbor turned into a fishing place, and people think it's very sad that this harbor will also freeze very soon.
Unicorn hill
Before the war against evil, there was an old man rearing Unicorns here. He always makes fence for security, and there were lots of adventurers get hurt by trying to take a look at the animal. It is not really sure that it was really a Unicorn, or the old man just put a horn on horses head, but weird thing is that Unicorn and the old man just disappeared. Currently only fences are there, but very hard to approach because of unknown force around there.

Mozard is very strange place that link the land of glacier Suher and the land of desert Zirene. Actually Suher was not a land of glacier and so does Zirene, therefore people worry about that Mozard will become a strange Land of half desert and other half glacier. This aria used to have a thriving business town and castle because of this green productive land, however after an increasing number of Harpy, Succubus and Ogre it becomes a wasteland.

Valnokil harbor
Unlike other harbors, Mozard's Valnokil harbor was used to be a harbor for battleships. Obviously any other normal ships were prohibited from going in or out, and that made civil people very angry. But, since sea monsters appear useless ships has been floating on the sea for decades, and there are only one or two ships remain here.

Bridge of victory
Biggest peculiarity of strategic point Mozard is the narrow waterway between one sea to other sea. Here you can see water suddenly flows real fast to narrowing spot, and this has been used very effectively for tricking enemy battleships. Once leaded enemy battleships mostly couldn't overcome the fast flow of water, and either sank or wounded. When these ships finally got to other side of the sea, they become typical remnants. Soldiers of Mozard were singing the victory song on this bridge, and this was the origin of this Bridge of victory.
Harpy's crag
It is very hard to know when Harpys started to settle here. They came her right after the continent war, and start to scare all of humans and make them leave from the mountain. Native Succubuses and Harpys made this crag their base, and start to attack humans. After all, most humans left here, and Mozard has also became the heaven of monsters as soon as troops here left.
Ogre Temple
At the north part of Mozard where lots of Ogres are living, there were lots of broken siege attack weapons, and Ogres here used to do such strange things like lifting weapons and bow to them. And this was why people named here as "Ogre Temple?±. But, actually real strange thing is the huge stone statues in side the wood right beside of this temple.

Zirena, like Mozard used to have rich green field and bountiful shore. Lots of rich people lived by the seashore and export and export and import business was going here through the harbor, also it was very important point of strategic importance as well.
However, after the Year of Eis 839, the city was destroyed by enormous number of sea monsters. Then Wyverns and Giant Ants slowly get settled down in here, also still there are Red Turtles and Swellas in the sea. After the year of Eis 839, people think it is no place for human being and it's hard to find even travelers who passing by Zirene

Lubone Fortress
Lubone Fortress was actually built for other nation's invasion through the sea, but ironically destroyed by those sea monsters. Because the Moros kingdom didn't want to give no more back up for Zirene, all troops here were evacuated from the fortress, and other towns around got destroyed also. There are some horses still remain here, and it is really weird that they didn't got eaten. Also, there is a theory that monsters are afraid of something inside here since they look kind of afraid coming into the fortress.
Darif bridge
First thing appeared after Zirene changed into desert area was huge monster called Giant Ant. Since these ant monsters move as a group, it is serious threat for travelers to pass through here. It is relief for travelers that they have this Darif bridge for them. Not all are same, but most Giant Ants usually kind of afraid of higher places, so they don't really come up to road up on the bridge. Still travelers need to be very careful since this kind of rule does not work for those vicious Wyverns.
Wyvern bay
This bay does have real name, but it is actually going to be written as "Wyvern bay?± in history book also. Wyverns are taking this place as their base, making their own living out here. Wyverns love seaside, most of them lay eggs on a cliff near by seaside, and that is why this bay is the best place for them to live. Sometimes adventurers do try to steal Wyvern's egg, this is very risky work, but they will still give it a try because you can make decent money with Wyvern eggs.

In the past time, there was an advanced base of Thanatos witch were near by Nemesis at Taros. There ware over 10 thousands population, however, right now just few people live here because of desertification. At Paltale village that is only one place for human being in the Taros, few natives and some of magicians who study desertification out stay here. But the weather becomes too hot as desertification goes by, so they prepare to leave here.
At Taros, lots of vestige of wrecks and sea monster's bone evidently show that whole aria was the sea once. But right now, there is new monarch of here 'Baphomet' that feel comport with desert, also Beard Fish and Blue Turtle wait for their victim at the sea.

Ruigle castle
Ruigle castle has been used for the advanced base for Tanatos since it was very close to the border of Nemesis. Castle wall here is very solid made with special sand from local area, the castle remained until the end of the continent war because of this strong castle wall. However, as their supply route got cut by enemies, most of soldiers in their were struggled for hunger and surrendered at least. The castle is currently being used by the local lord.
Earth Dragon's grave
As if they want to prove it was sea before this desert area, there are lots of sea monster corpses here, but then one huge warm type monster's bone was discovered and attracted lots of magicians. The size of this monster was so huge, even a man can go into its eye part. The scholar who wrote the monster dictionary named this as the "Earth Dragon", it is still remain as a mysterious creature since no one has found any monster looks like it.
Paltar Town
You can easily find out that this town is not just an ordinary town with that town entrance made of hug animal bone. We cannot figure out what is the owner of this huge bone, but it is definitely true that this bone has some kind of power with it since no monster is trying to approach not even near the town. Even that vicious Baphomet gets sort of afraid when it's near the town. Town has made by those natives and magicians who studies Taros's desertification, but this town's future is not really bright with steaming hot whether here.
River of flame
So much hot climate here made sand actually similar to heated iron, now it is almost impossible to across the desert without camels. People call here as the "River of flame" since lots of people die trying to across this desert even with camels. But, people here still have that small hope this town will become cool beach town again.

The Robitan is really famous for horse breeding center and people only can get there by going through Naca dungeon. The people just crazy about horse and even when horse race was high, people created their own team 'Robitan Hippocampus'.
However nowadays, there are strong monster such as Grey Wolves and Golems make frequent appearances then it makes horse dealer go in and out harder. Also at Robitan, there is famous village Twinvill that is home for the Group of 'Faith of White', that is one of main power to against Karise.

Twin vill
Twin vill is made with two similar looking island, connected by one bridge between them. This place was the base of the "White faith?± group, people visit here since this place famous for bearing twins. This place can be a perfect place for a fortress if they remove the bridge here. Fishing work here is very popular and trading business is also very active, so most of village people are pretty much wealthy.

Bubble harbor
Harbor in Twin vill, mostly used for commercial use, recently they are doing lots of horse transporting work since nowadays it is very hard to transport horses through land route because of monsters. Water is very deep, also geographically very easy to avoid strong wind, therefore this place has the best condition for a harbor.
The famous Robitan horse pasture is right here. Most of horses here dealt with highest prices, especially for those white horses. The biggest peculiarity for Robitan horses is that they are basically very huge, and still have great endurance which makes them able to run all day with full armored knights on. Back then, the hero king Quede was also riding with Robitan horse.
There is a sacred relic zone where you can still find the look of old days even though most of other part here are destroyed by Stone Golems. It is a weird that what kind of mysterious power this old and ruined relic has, but Stone Golems still act very careful when they pass through this place.
Summoner's Rock mountain
There is a rumor about this place that this mountain has been used for creating Golems around here and Robitan region. This rock mountain actually has some cut surfaces, and what they are saying is that the quality of mountain is pretty much same with the material building Golem's body. But still, it is almost impossible to find out how did they cracked this mountain and made Golems. Some people say the Dragon the staff of Karis has made those Golems with breath, but no one knows the truth about this.

Teban, like Lobitan used to be a famous horse breeding center. However, after an increasing number of horse-meat crazy Wyverns settled here, it became an undesirable place to live. It is a land of lava, grassland, hills and sand, with no land left for living things.
This wild place is now habitat for monsters only, and is shared by Wyverns and Magma Golems. Occasionally some adventurers come here hunting for Wyvern eggs, but they are more likely to become a delicacy for Wyverns than to return with trophies. These days, the area is off-limits to everybody.

Gald Fortress
This fortress was built before the kingdom has fall in order to secure people and horses from Wyverns. But today, most of troops and civilians have evacuated because of the chaos by the king's assassination incident. Sometimes tired travelers or adventurers take a rest here, but they also soon take off because the hollowness of this fortress.


The land of poisonous gas, extremely hot air and dreadful monsters, even some troubadours sang Riburn is just small sized hell and it really barren land. So when adventurers discover there is at town that people actually stay and even raiselivestock, they are shocked.
Lava that is running around whole area emits extremely hot heat, so people should be careful when they across the Bridge of Suffering. Also Trents, Witches and Magma Golems are walking account under the middle of daylight, therefore if any advancers want to travel here, they have to risk their neck.

Harviker castle
This historical castle from the age of ancient ages is actually more well known as the 'Sanctuary of glory'. This castle is also known as the sanctuary of Araim, but the atmosphere here is more likely the sanctuary of evil. Theory about here is that this castle used to be the evil sanctuary for Karis, but high monks had put a statue with hole power in order to cut down the evil power. This statue here actually made some miracles, especially when war times there was a water bleeding from the statue.
Flam village
Most of folks living here in flam village are sincere for Araim, they always leave their town behind and run to Harviker castle when monsters attack or other dangerous thing happens. Mysteriously, chasing monsters don't follow them to Harviker castle, and this makes people have more faith in their belief. But, since their faiths are too sincere there's a rumor saying people here are turning into weird way. We don't know what is true yet, but it is true that living here safely with fearful monster around them sure looks very strange.
The river of death
The lava of Belta mountain is called the river of death since it has flowing shape of the river. Because of this lava river, most of creatures or monster cannot go to sanctuary of glory or the flam village, and so does human. This perilous bridge is the only way to across the river, so some novels and knights are riding wyverns to cross this river.
The bridge of suffering
The only bridge to cross the river of death made of lava. Bridge has narrow width, and strong lava heat from the below, so most of the people had to be very careful when crossing this bridge. It is very dangerous with monsters attack or wind blows, therefore people call this the bridge of suffering and pray for their safe when crossing this bridge.

This virtual reality place was created on the March at 'the year of Eis 993'.
After doom of most kingdoms, there is no more power that could control trade and due to the lot of dissension among the merchant guilds and fraud cases between people, Barter Square was created by sacred council and the 'Faith of White'.
After the creation of Barter Square, it brings enormous advantages. After the increasing number of monsters, it was very hard to make trade between cities, so some indigenous products were very pricey. But it brings price stabilization and place where can meet other people from all over the continent because people get here easily by Portal.
There are well trained warehouse keepers who help other people to trade their goods more effectively and they also help people go back to the place where they come from. The scholars forecast that Barter Square makes whole continent's development 10 years faster and people will be stabilized with the growth of their business after the fairly long time of anarchy state
Warehouse Custodian
Only three people who can stay at this Barter Square for 24 hours, these three warehouse custodians are managing equipments for Wizards, Archers, and Warriors. These three people are also famous in continent also, they help people trade their goods effectively, complete deals and distribute profits. Works like these are very hard, but they do keep their job since payments are solid.
The only entrance and exit for this virtual space. It has very sophisticated and complicated pattern , this will enables people to go in and out with certain balance and let them go back to where they were in peace. Barter Square was supposed to be completed last year, but it had to took some more time to build this perfect Portal space.
Statue of trade
This statue was made to warn those abusive trades, four knights are guarding the middle knight watching trading people. There were actually some cases when people got jailed or executed by powerful guards trying to scam or fight with other people. Rumors are saying that there is some spell on these statues, in order to prevent abusive trades or fights.


Bygone is the first portal place to go 'Nil Spadia' which has the door of time travel for the past time. In Bygone is a village built on stilts over the water, called "Swap Village". In contrast to the dismal mood in Swap Village, it is a thriving business town where people can get the stuff for time travel. The reason why it's close to the time travel portal, normal people just avoid here, although it's quite big village.
Some people call here it 'The land of Griffin' because there is lot of Griffins that sometimes called Gripese lives here.

Swap town
In this town, most of merchants are selling various products for travel to the past. This town is actually kind of abandoned from most of people because of its swampy landscape.

Dark marsh
This swampy area made of dead people inside because of several wars against evil, has lost its own name long time ago, and called as dark glade or dark marsh. Filled with mosses and tall reeds, you can easily find lots of puddles.



Marsh Land is the second portal place to go 'Nil Spadia' which has the door of time travel for the past time. There was lake which called 'the Lake of Darkness' long time ago, however during the several 'the war of against Evils', millions and millions soldiers died here. And the lake slowly became swampland, and people think here is cursed. Also there are lost of dead soldiers are roaming around this doomed place and it's dangerous for time travelers.

Dark marsh
This swampy area made of dead people inside, used to be a lake before the war against evil. Filled with mosses and tall reeds






The third portal place to go 'Nil Spadia'
This place is actually a cemetery in Swap village for those dead soldiers who couldn't be buried in the water. There is a guard from Swap village for securing this cemetery, but it is getting more abandon because of those undead monsters such as Ghouls and Ghasts. Some knights have visited here to hunt those monsters, but end up killed by them.

Dark marsh area
This place used to be called as the dark lake, because of those dead soldiers from several wars against evil, the lake has changed its form into damned swampy marsh.

Dark cemetery
Cemetery for those dead soldiers who couldn't be buried in the water.

Cemetery of exorcism
Second cemetery for those dead soldiers who couldn't be buried in the water.

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