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Gaunna had a lot of attention than any others because it was located in the middle of the border area of Moros, Thanatos and Nemesis. There is a sleeping volcano looks like eruptible one in the middle of area, and lots of nobilities used to come to see the waterfall, which is a grand sight from the volcano. However, everybody must be ready to run away while enjoying this beautiful scenery, because there are Piranhas inside water and Hobgoblins, Zombies and Werewolves outside water. One thing for sure is that this area isn't just for sight seeing.
At time of Moros, Thanatos and Nemesis, this area was a unique place to connect three kingdoms at the border area. The kings of three kingdoms recognized this area as a neutral zone in the council and made ‘Portal' to travel other country for merchants and travelers because of local peculiarity that there are too many huge monsters, they have to make the borderline and the military base-camp couldn't be set up in this area. People have to get through this area to go to other country because they usually had to buy expensive portal-scroll or go through the dangerous waterway. Recently, everybody can travel without any problems but people traveling alone wouldn't like to travel this area because of many dangerous monsters.
Mount Ancasta
This mount Ancasta is in the middle of Gaunna a huge volcanic mountain, there were several explosions when the war against evil was at the peak, But, people actually call this mountain a dead volcanic mountain since there hasn't been no explosion in 100 years. Around the mountain is a lake made of lava, no actual fish lives, but some Pyranias's. Since there are many monsters around this mountain, there's a rumor that something below this mountain is drumming up those monsters.
The land of death
This place was actually a very luxuriant woods, but suddenly trees start to dry and die.
And monsters here died one by one, and soon all trees were dead and so did most of animals. To research the truth about this incident, many magicians were dispatched, but since the kingdom itself has fall, there was no reason for those magicians to continue their works. Some prophets are saying that these mount Ancasta and the land of death are signs of destruction of Estansia continent, what they are saying is that sealed Karis is sleeping below the mount Ancasta, and he will awake when when the day of destruction comes.
Elbarn's alter
This is known as an alter of ancient tribe called Elbarns made for their ascetic practices. There are only four of cleft rocks with unknown language, but people say that just before 100 years there were more than hundreds of rocks covering this place. But as always, no one knows where did those rocks have gone.
The bridge of confession
The only bridge in the middle of Gaunna legion. There is a river made to flowing water around the mount Ancasta, since the speed of river is very fast, there are lots of people falling while looking down the bridge. The first one who fell from here was a serial killer who killed five children, he was also looking down the bridge and fall because of vertigo, people have made the name since he seemed kind of like killing himself by regretting what he had done. This name of the bridge has transformed into some funny story in other countries, rumors saying that person who cross this bridge as 100 thousand will get any sin forgiven, but this is the perfect lying since there's no way people can count who crossed the bridge as the 100 thousand times.

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