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It was one land that combining together before 'the First war of against Evils'. However after the war, Gourse was cracked into encounter of two powers. Especially, the Waterfall stand up in the middle of flat land is bountiful, but very strange at the same time.
It was known as the place that Elves lived before, but people in the Gourse do not believed in Elves at all. Nowadays most of people are using a land route, therefore no one is using this prospered Port no more.

While town
While town used to be a small island town a part of continent, but became like this as the result of first war against evil. This town is also called as the 'Lost Elf's town', it seems very authentic since there are some sort of alters look like Elf's legacy, and some kids here even have ears look just like Elves. People don't really seem to care or aware of this kind of weird myth or Elf story, but this might even sound more suspicious to most of others from outside.

Elf's alter
This alter is where you can find pass through the south bridge from Gourse, shaped as some sort of magical formation made of huge stones. While town people annually did a religious service here, it has became the town tradition, and travelers actually named this the "Elf's alter". But, people here in Gourse don't know anything about that.
Kudarin brother's bridge
Gourse town has two bridges, these bridges splits into two locations, but you still need to get in to one location in order to move on to other towns. After the first war against evil, people were afraid to make the bridge to pass through the south part of town since the location was swarming with scary monsters. With this causing lots of hard time people to go to some other places, finally Kudarin brothers town carpenters started to make bridges for town people. Though they have died by monsters before the bridge completion, people gathered together and complete the bridge and named it as the "Kudarin brother's bridge" in order to remember them.
Sky Falls
This huge place in the middle of Gourse is making marvelous view of falls with continuance water pumping. This place is also has it's own theory of made after the first war against evil, but whether it is true or not, people still thank Sky Falls for helping them making some extra shild by attracting tourists.
Zyrha harbor
This harbor was here from when Gourse region got united, unlike other harbors, this has been keeping its constant well being. Since most of people left to other locations to avoid the warfare, this harbor stands here only with its name, nowadays it is very hard to see people using sea transportation.

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