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Legyon was a remarkable point of strategic importance when it's the territory of Kingdom of Moros. There are still solders at the fort with crests of Moros on their chest even after the doom of Kigdom, and they do sometimes hunt monsters. There are still 'The cloud land' that is filled with a flock of wild sheep and also horse pasture for the royal castle
It's dangerous place filled with Goblins and King Beholders but in the southeast area the lake of Iris is the one of the famous tourist spot in the continent.

Legyon fortress
During the Moros kingdom's age, this Legyon legion used to be the gateway to the castle of Moros kingdom. There were not too many threats from enemies since the location was very rugged and there were lots of dangerous monsters, but still a very timid king Benea Pyman had to order to make special solid fortress. The fortress was big enough to cattle more than 20 horses, but there are very seldom time when people took a part in actual combat. Rumor is the king wanted to set up some weird plan of his, and this sounds actually very authentic since those guards here are still guarding the fortress even now when the kingdom has fall already.
Kingdom cattle
A cattle used to be taken care by Legyon fortress, most of horses for Moros kingdom supplied from here. After Moros kingdom falls, horses here just run around freely, and sometimes attacked by monsters. Soldiers actually don't really bother these horses running around, but still protect them from taken away by people here.
Tree of hanging
This place with two old dead trees here used to be a place for hanging people. They used to hang those criminals here, maybe because of that those two trees used to be very health, but soon they got old and eventually died and turned into creepy brown and black colors. Some people say that's because something is below those trees, but it impossible to find out what that is, and no one wants to try that either.
Cloud land
This land is a habitat for wild sheeps. Most of monsters here are undeads who actually don't have much hostility only against human, therefore sheeps here don't really have no threat for their lives. Because of those monsters there are not many predatory animals here, so maybe this could be the heaven for sheeps to live. Since it looks like clouds moving with those many sheeps, people call this place a cloud land.
Lake of Iris
This lake here with marvelous water fall is the place where people believe that heavenly archer Iris was disappeared. The proof of this theory is very authentic because basically almost every Eis's bow's rumors around Legyon is based on this lake. Also there are some people saying rumors that they have saw the ghost of Iris here. However, the lake is too deep, and sometimes unknown accidents happen here, so not many adventurers are trying to research here.

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