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Mozard is very strange place that link the land of glacier Suher and the land of desert Zirene. Actually Suher was not a land of glacier and so does Zirene, therefore people worry about that Mozard will become a strange Land of half desert and other half glacier. This aria used to have a thriving business town and castle because of this green productive land, however after an increasing number of Harpy, Succubus and Ogre it becomes a wasteland.

Valnokil harbor
Unlike other harbors, Mozard's Valnokil harbor was used to be a harbor for battleships. Obviously any other normal ships were prohibited from going in or out, and that made civil people very angry. But, since sea monsters appear useless ships has been floating on the sea for decades, and there are only one or two ships remain here.

Bridge of victory
Biggest peculiarity of strategic point Mozard is the narrow waterway between one sea to other sea. Here you can see water suddenly flows real fast to narrowing spot, and this has been used very effectively for tricking enemy battleships. Once leaded enemy battleships mostly couldn't overcome the fast flow of water, and either sank or wounded. When these ships finally got to other side of the sea, they become typical remnants. Soldiers of Mozard were singing the victory song on this bridge, and this was the origin of this Bridge of victory.
Harpy's crag
It is very hard to know when Harpys started to settle here. They came her right after the continent war, and start to scare all of humans and make them leave from the mountain. Native Succubuses and Harpys made this crag their base, and start to attack humans. After all, most humans left here, and Mozard has also became the heaven of monsters as soon as troops here left.
Ogre Temple
At the north part of Mozard where lots of Ogres are living, there were lots of broken siege attack weapons, and Ogres here used to do such strange things like lifting weapons and bow to them. And this was why people named here as "Ogre Temple?±. But, actually real strange thing is the huge stone statues in side the wood right beside of this temple.

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