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Neris, formal territory of the Kingdom of Nemesis, is famous for the huge castle 'Carpard' and the town Lunga made Neris more famous because of the great merchants from here. Carpard had the biggest and strongest Army except the royal castle of Nemesis. Actually they used to win in most battle.
There are interesting places like the village for Merchants 'Lunga' and the Hermit's lake. However, Lunga has the difficulty to provide goods to Carpard as growing the number of large-size monsters like Skeletons and Stone Golems.

Carpard castle
This Carpard castle under the control of Nemesis nation used to be very famous for its huge scale and marvelous combat ability. Castle is easy to approach since it's located in the middle of land, but since the castle itself is very solid and made for good fighting position, there has been actually no footstep of enemies in the castle. The problem was that only thing lord here did was oppression, and tyranny, and it got actually worse when Nemesis has fell. People here want a hero to come and punish the lord here. That's because the lord here is too young to die old or sick.
Lunga town
This town makes living by supplying Carpard castle, all those dealers inside castle are also from here. Lunga town people have very good hand skills, even that finical lord Carpard also treats those dealers very well because of their hand skills. Therefore, Lunga town is actually called as the "Town of dealers".
Hermit's lake
30 years ago, a man had came to Lunga town, and not even the lord hadn't do nothing to stop that guy. The man wasn't talking to town folks, always just fishing at the upper side lake with his cloak on. Suddenly the man disappeared, and people were too busy to deal with the war to think bout him. Still there's no information about him at all, and the lake he used to go was named as the "Hermit's lake".
Neris's cheese is very famous even on continent-wise, since the price were too high, there were times when lords had to cattle cows by themselves. But, as the war goes on, it was impossible for lords to take care of something like cows. The king had to give up on rearing cattle since people didn't really want to look for expensive cheese, and soon enough, cows disappeared. People after the war needed actual meat much more than cheese.

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