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The land of poisonous gas, extremely hot air and dreadful monsters, even some troubadours sang Riburn is just small sized hell and it really barren land. So when adventurers discover there is at town that people actually stay and even raiselivestock, they are shocked.
Lava that is running around whole area emits extremely hot heat, so people should be careful when they across the Bridge of Suffering. Also Trents, Witches and Magma Golems are walking account under the middle of daylight, therefore if any advancers want to travel here, they have to risk their neck.

Harviker castle
This historical castle from the age of ancient ages is actually more well known as the 'Sanctuary of glory'. This castle is also known as the sanctuary of Araim, but the atmosphere here is more likely the sanctuary of evil. Theory about here is that this castle used to be the evil sanctuary for Karis, but high monks had put a statue with hole power in order to cut down the evil power. This statue here actually made some miracles, especially when war times there was a water bleeding from the statue.
Flam village
Most of folks living here in flam village are sincere for Araim, they always leave their town behind and run to Harviker castle when monsters attack or other dangerous thing happens. Mysteriously, chasing monsters don't follow them to Harviker castle, and this makes people have more faith in their belief. But, since their faiths are too sincere there's a rumor saying people here are turning into weird way. We don't know what is true yet, but it is true that living here safely with fearful monster around them sure looks very strange.
The river of death
The lava of Belta mountain is called the river of death since it has flowing shape of the river. Because of this lava river, most of creatures or monster cannot go to sanctuary of glory or the flam village, and so does human. This perilous bridge is the only way to across the river, so some novels and knights are riding wyverns to cross this river.
The bridge of suffering
The only bridge to cross the river of death made of lava. Bridge has narrow width, and strong lava heat from the below, so most of the people had to be very careful when crossing this bridge. It is very dangerous with monsters attack or wind blows, therefore people call this the bridge of suffering and pray for their safe when crossing this bridge.

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