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The Robitan is really famous for horse breeding center and people only can get there by going through Naca dungeon. The people just crazy about horse and even when horse race was high, people created their own team 'Robitan Hippocampus'.
However nowadays, there are strong monster such as Grey Wolves and Golems make frequent appearances then it makes horse dealer go in and out harder. Also at Robitan, there is famous village Twinvill that is home for the Group of 'Faith of White', that is one of main power to against Karise.

Twin vill
Twin vill is made with two similar looking island, connected by one bridge between them. This place was the base of the "White faith?± group, people visit here since this place famous for bearing twins. This place can be a perfect place for a fortress if they remove the bridge here. Fishing work here is very popular and trading business is also very active, so most of village people are pretty much wealthy.

Bubble harbor
Harbor in Twin vill, mostly used for commercial use, recently they are doing lots of horse transporting work since nowadays it is very hard to transport horses through land route because of monsters. Water is very deep, also geographically very easy to avoid strong wind, therefore this place has the best condition for a harbor.
The famous Robitan horse pasture is right here. Most of horses here dealt with highest prices, especially for those white horses. The biggest peculiarity for Robitan horses is that they are basically very huge, and still have great endurance which makes them able to run all day with full armored knights on. Back then, the hero king Quede was also riding with Robitan horse.
There is a sacred relic zone where you can still find the look of old days even though most of other part here are destroyed by Stone Golems. It is a weird that what kind of mysterious power this old and ruined relic has, but Stone Golems still act very careful when they pass through this place.
Summoner's Rock mountain
There is a rumor about this place that this mountain has been used for creating Golems around here and Robitan region. This rock mountain actually has some cut surfaces, and what they are saying is that the quality of mountain is pretty much same with the material building Golem's body. But still, it is almost impossible to find out how did they cracked this mountain and made Golems. Some people say the Dragon the staff of Karis has made those Golems with breath, but no one knows the truth about this.

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