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Suher was thriving. The castle, which was called harder one than the royal castle of Nemesis, is still well. But the beautiful forest was ruined during the war, and Harpys, Ice knight Leader and Succubus took the place for human and other animals.
What is worse, the fertile land has been changed into the glacier land. Barnan, the Lord of castle, always said that he'd like to leave this area as soon as possible if there was someone who took the responsibility of the castle instead of him.
However there would be no one who stayed here any longer even he/she could get the castle or whole land if he/she saw the huge monsters walking around here.

Oria castle
Castle ruled by lord Barnan, this could be the most well managed castle all around our Estansia continent because of its decent geographical location and outstanding defense system. Although, it has became a huge worry for lord Barnan since this outstanding castle wall is only being used for blocking monsters. They even need to fight in cold winter, soldiers and mercenaries are very angry about this.
Wahar town
This town maybe the most dangerous one around Estansia continent. It was impossible to protect this town even if Oria castle can send their troops constantly, therefore damages from those high level monsters were outrageous. The only reason why this town is still here is because lord Barnan didn't wanted to loose his only supply line. Lord barnan has been using money and authority to stop people from leaving, and this has been working so far.
Statue of grace
These couple of statues at the town entrance is very famous for saving town already several times. Every time when monsters are about to attack the town, these statues turn out red light, and some small monsters even ran away just for seeing these statues. That's why people can live their lives peacefully because of those statues of grace.
Tolem harbor
It is now actually kind of awkward to call this place a harbor, there has been no ship decked in here since the continent war. Tolem harbor turned into a fishing place, and people think it's very sad that this harbor will also freeze very soon.
Unicorn hill
Before the war against evil, there was an old man rearing Unicorns here. He always makes fence for security, and there were lots of adventurers get hurt by trying to take a look at the animal. It is not really sure that it was really a Unicorn, or the old man just put a horn on horses head, but weird thing is that Unicorn and the old man just disappeared. Currently only fences are there, but very hard to approach because of unknown force around there.

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