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In the past time, there was an advanced base of Thanatos witch were near by Nemesis at Taros. There ware over 10 thousands population, however, right now just few people live here because of desertification. At Paltale village that is only one place for human being in the Taros, few natives and some of magicians who study desertification out stay here. But the weather becomes too hot as desertification goes by, so they prepare to leave here.
At Taros, lots of vestige of wrecks and sea monster's bone evidently show that whole aria was the sea once. But right now, there is new monarch of here 'Baphomet' that feel comport with desert, also Beard Fish and Blue Turtle wait for their victim at the sea.

Ruigle castle
Ruigle castle has been used for the advanced base for Tanatos since it was very close to the border of Nemesis. Castle wall here is very solid made with special sand from local area, the castle remained until the end of the continent war because of this strong castle wall. However, as their supply route got cut by enemies, most of soldiers in their were struggled for hunger and surrendered at least. The castle is currently being used by the local lord.
Earth Dragon's grave
As if they want to prove it was sea before this desert area, there are lots of sea monster corpses here, but then one huge warm type monster's bone was discovered and attracted lots of magicians. The size of this monster was so huge, even a man can go into its eye part. The scholar who wrote the monster dictionary named this as the "Earth Dragon", it is still remain as a mysterious creature since no one has found any monster looks like it.
Paltar Town
You can easily find out that this town is not just an ordinary town with that town entrance made of hug animal bone. We cannot figure out what is the owner of this huge bone, but it is definitely true that this bone has some kind of power with it since no monster is trying to approach not even near the town. Even that vicious Baphomet gets sort of afraid when it's near the town. Town has made by those natives and magicians who studies Taros's desertification, but this town's future is not really bright with steaming hot whether here.
River of flame
So much hot climate here made sand actually similar to heated iron, now it is almost impossible to across the desert without camels. People call here as the "River of flame" since lots of people die trying to across this desert even with camels. But, people here still have that small hope this town will become cool beach town again.

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