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Zirena, like Mozard used to have rich green field and bountiful shore. Lots of rich people lived by the seashore and export and export and import business was going here through the harbor, also it was very important point of strategic importance as well.
However, after the Year of Eis 839, the city was destroyed by enormous number of sea monsters. Then Wyverns and Giant Ants slowly get settled down in here, also still there are Red Turtles and Swellas in the sea. After the year of Eis 839, people think it is no place for human being and it's hard to find even travelers who passing by Zirene

Lubone Fortress
Lubone Fortress was actually built for other nation's invasion through the sea, but ironically destroyed by those sea monsters. Because the Moros kingdom didn't want to give no more back up for Zirene, all troops here were evacuated from the fortress, and other towns around got destroyed also. There are some horses still remain here, and it is really weird that they didn't got eaten. Also, there is a theory that monsters are afraid of something inside here since they look kind of afraid coming into the fortress.
Darif bridge
First thing appeared after Zirene changed into desert area was huge monster called Giant Ant. Since these ant monsters move as a group, it is serious threat for travelers to pass through here. It is relief for travelers that they have this Darif bridge for them. Not all are same, but most Giant Ants usually kind of afraid of higher places, so they don't really come up to road up on the bridge. Still travelers need to be very careful since this kind of rule does not work for those vicious Wyverns.
Wyvern bay
This bay does have real name, but it is actually going to be written as "Wyvern bay?± in history book also. Wyverns are taking this place as their base, making their own living out here. Wyverns love seaside, most of them lay eggs on a cliff near by seaside, and that is why this bay is the best place for them to live. Sometimes adventurers do try to steal Wyvern's egg, this is very risky work, but they will still give it a try because you can make decent money with Wyvern eggs.

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